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The home page for the 144,000 Remnant
Debunking the lies and revealing the truths to the entire English and Spanish-speaking world (according to my own personal language limitations - proclaiming Yahweh and the name and Identity of Yahuwshua, false names and titles including yeshua, yahusha, yahuwsha, yahawah, yehweh, yehwehshuo, yehshua, yehushuo yashua, messiah, yeshua messiah, yahshua, yeshua, yahushuah, yaohushua, yahshuah, yehoshua, yahwehshua, jehovah, yehowah, yahuah, yahowah, yahuwah, yaohu ul, christ, xristos, xristianous, krishna, sect of the nazarenes, lord, god, almighty, messiah, baal-gad, fortune, baal, señor, herr, domine, dominus, master, joshua, and all its associated variations, with explanations about scriptural prophecy and the antichrist and the name of the beast adding to 666, the two witnesses being really the 144,000 plus the great throng predicating the Testimony to the two heathen groups, the beast of the land and the beast of the sea, aliens are not extraterrestrial, they are demons, join Team Yahuwshua and join the REMNANT, Paradise, including hebrew about yeshua, jehovah, jesus, chezvs, yehoshua, yahhovah, yahweh, lord, baal, señor, herr, domine, dominus, the virgin birth, michael, apostasy, falling away, prophecy, end prophecy, judgment day, day of the lord, seven seals, seven trumpets, missing j, anson rainey, alcohol, pork, leviticus 11, antisemitism, word of god, word of yahweh, racism, tribalism, false doctrines emanating from so called "sacred name" groups calling themselves beth or house yahweh, assembly yahweh, community yahweh, congregation yahweh, bin yahweh, and their near-miss names and rejection of the Truth about yahweh elohim and exploring the truths and myths of christianity, christian hellenism, jews, jewish, kosher, torah, replacement theology, yaaqov, jacob, Israel, Yisrael, zionism, legalism, antichrist, beast, image of the beast, 666, abomination of desolation, great tribulation, hell, sheol, paradise, heaven, gospel, with a free scripture translation, restored scriptures, with apocryphal books, noncanonical, the Truth versus the Lie, truth about scripture versions, such as the king james version, kjv the establishment authorized version, and more.