The times of troubles for the sinners comes for the sinners, not to torture the ones in the Truth.

The First Seal

Disclosure 6: 1-2

And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures saying, as a peal of thunder,

Come and see!

And I heeded and I saw, and look!  A white horse, and the one sitting upon it having a bow, and a crown was granted to him, and he went forth unto victory, both conquering and in order that he might conquer!

- Disclosure 6: 1-2

Let’s examine these verses scripturally.  Note, we strongly recommend assisting your study of these pages with looking up the mentioned scripture references in the Purer Scriptures for the REMNANT (PSR) translation, which includes such information in footnotes and cross-references to assist one in understanding it. Here we use accurately transliterated terms so it may not be for the novice:

Who is the rider on this horse?

Remember that our Savior Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` is ALSO foretold to ride a white horse in Disclosure 19: 11-14, but note: this one seen in the First Seal is NOT Yâhuwshúa`!

Disclosure 19: 11-14 -

And I saw the mid-skies opened up, and look!  A white horse [ZkharYâ´hu 10: 3], and He Who sits upon it was called Trustworthy and True, and for rectification He shall judge and shall make war!
And His eyes are as a blaze of lightning, and upon His head many crowns having a name written which no one discerns except Himself, [MattithYâ´huw 11: 27]
And clothed about in a garment sprinkled all about in blood [Yshá`Yâhuw 63: 1-6]; and His name is called The Word of Yâ-hwéh!
And the armies in the mid-skies were following Him upon white horses, clothed in white and pure fine linen.  [Purified humans (Chanówkh 2: 1)]

But for the sake of logical deduction, let's consider why it is this OTHER rider on a white horse at the First Seal CANNOT be Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`:

The opening of the seals is preceded by a worldwide sign at a definite time, described in Disclosure chapter 5, which has not happened yet (as of when this page was posted).  Thus, eschatologists alleging this event to have already happened are mistaken, even if many of the events described have significantly similar foreshadows. Therefore it is not some past or remote past event this speaks of.

The seals set up the world for His judgment scroll to be opened, and the Lamb Himself is the One doing the opening of the seals.  Now why should the Lamb, Yâhuwshúa`, ride out on His white horse before His remnant has been rescued and gathered?  For judgment?  No, His judgments won’t begin until all 7 seals are opened.  For execution of the will of the Father? No, Yâhuwshúa` rides out on His white horse at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb for that.  And in this First Seal, the purpose of the rider is stated:  To go “forth unto victory, both conquering and in order that he might conquer!”  Why would Yâhuwshúa` break ranks to ride forth “unto victory” into this exceedingly sinful dry tree world, which is ripe for judgment, not ripe for His persuading them?  The secret of Yâ-hwéh (Yshá`Yâhuw 6: 9-10, MattithYâ´huw 13: 14-15, Romans 11: 25) would need to be prematurely cancelled because otherwise He'd succeed to only persuade 144,000 of them, and that's already going to happen, therefore this ride would be pointless. So, isn’t this going “forth unto victory, both conquering and in order that he might conquer!” more in line with Dâ´niyyË´’l 8: 23-25 and described here in Disclosure 13: 7-8 about the mouth of the Beast?

And was granted to it to make war against the people of the pure ones, and to conquer them.  And authority was granted to it, over every tribe and people and tongue and heathen mass. And all who dwell upon the earth - of whom the names, from the founding of the world, have not been written in the Scroll of Life of the slaughtered Lamb – shall prostrate themselves in homage to it!

And a crown (1) was granted to him.  Doesn’t Yâhuwshúa` already have many crowns? (Songs 8: 5, ZkharYâ´hu 6: 11, `Ivríym 2: 9, Disclosure 19: 12)

Knowing who are the white horse also helps us to realize that this white horse will be truly MUCH larger at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, when the Profession of Yâ-hwéh includes ALL Yisrâ’ë´l and the converted heathen masses, than at the First Seal when at most 144,000 will be His white horse. 

No, this rider is ’Ashshúwr (Successful One), the king who will struggle (Yârë´v) against Yâ-hwéh (Howshë´a` 10: 6), it is not Yâhuwshúa`.

Yet one might ask, why wouldn't He come and display Himself and convince everybody merely by His appearance and display of Power? The question has already been asked eloquently by Yshá`Yâhuw, in chapter 64, and Yâ-hwéh already answered it in chapter 65, see the PSR.

What is the white horse?

Yâhuwchânâ´n is who is watching in the spirit, so he will see spiritual metaphors.  The four living creatures heard are described in Chapter 5 before this, are the same Kruwvíym described in YchezqË´’l Chapter 1 and 9 and 10.
The Lamb is Yâhuwshúa`, described in Chapter 5 before this, as having been slaughtered.  This metaphorical view of Him as the Lamb also applies to the white horse.  Therefore it is not a literal material horse animal being described.

But if one examines many pre-advent scriptures, there seems to be something disapproved about horses, with their spiritual concept.  They are criticized as representing spirits stronger than man on which man depends and invokes, instead of Yâ-hwéh.  Here are a few references in PSR illustrating this (Songs 20: 7, 33: 17, Howshë´a` 14: 3, MiykhâYâ´hu 1: 13, 5: 10).

But what about these white horses?  Why do we ride behind Him on a white horse, following Him on white horses?  Because His horse is defined in ZkharYâ´hu 10: 3

My anger shall have been kindled against the pastors and I shall hold them responsible concerning the goats, because Yâ-hwéh of hosts shall have passed His flock in review, the house of the Profession of Yâ-hwéh (Yâhuwthâ´h), and He will set them as the horse of His Excellence in the battle.

Yâhuwthâ´h means “Profession of Yâ-hwéh” when translated (1 Moshéh 29: 35)The white horse of Yâ-hwéh is the house of the Profession of Yâ-hwéh, so OUR white horses are the Profession of Yâ-hwéh. And by then, when He rides this horse, this ZkharYâ´hu 10: 3 says He shall have already passed His flock in review, which means His house will have already been put in order - thus that would be after the Sixth Seal at least, so at the First Seal, His flock will still contain the goats mentioned (1 Këph 4: 17).

Therefore, as Yâhuwshúa` is not the rider of the first horse, and even less likely that of the next horses, we have understood the rider of each of the first four seals to be the same man, the coming impostor, the image of the Beast, made with the self (néphesh) of Yehuwthâ´h (“judas”), so then how will he be riding on that white horse?  Will he be professing Yâ-hwéh?  Or will he be riding the house (a group of people) which has the profession of Yâ-hwéh, or doing both things?

Take a step back and look at what is happening now in this world:  The name of Yâ-hwéh has been long absent, as well as the name Yâhuwshúa`, which is called the hidden name.  But the name Yâ-hwéh is His name forever, for all generations!  But recently, the name Yâ-hwéh is being brought out into public view, though not the name of Yâhuwshúa`, we see the “Yehuwthím” and their rabbis talking to their jewish congregations about accepting “yeshua” because 'his coming is imminent' (green font denotes it’s something we know to be false).  What is going on?  Some Christians realize their rabbis who lead them are speaking of the coming impostor they plan to accept, not Yâhuwshúa`.

Yehuwthâ´h who betrayed Him certainly did know the name Yâ-hwéh, and he personally was well-acquainted with Yâhuwshúa` and His true name also; he cannot claim ignorance! So he will come back professing the name Yâ-hwéh, but NOT because he believes in Him, rather, because in his pride, he envies Yâhuwshúa` and would want to take all that is His and war against Him, so his plan is violate the rules written in the book of YchezqË´’l to invade the Separated Pure Place in order to steal his own spiritual body transformation and eternal life inheritance early while being still wicked, and recruit and gather everyone he can to worship him and not Yâhuwshúa`, which goes along with the plot [e.g. Songs 21: 11, Romans 2: 8, Philippoçíym 1: 16] and conspiracy against Him mentioned nearly everywhere in scripture.
So in order to think to accomplish this conspiracy which the co-conspirators also want him to do, they are leading his people which go by his same name Yehuwthâ´h to rebuild this material building which they call a "temple", to create the setting for his plot.  But for this wicked scheme to work, they must build it in His name, Yâ-hwéh, as the building is supposed to be built for His name.  If they’d build it for any of the other name corruptions, they know this scheme would not work.  Though Yâ-hwéh does not house Himself in material buildings, He would not even consider the building as it is described in YchezqË´’l if it were built for another name.

Therefore the impostor rides at first on the Profession of Yâ-hwéh, though quite involved with Sâţâ´n, the dragon, who has transferred his throne and great authority to him (Disclosure 13: 2).  But what about riding the “house of the profession of Yâ-hwéh”, which is the white horse?  This impostor will need to ride on the people who profess Yâ-hwéh, though not those who profess Yâhuwshúa`’s name, because those who do profess Yâhuwshúa` can see.  So the ones he’d ride would be those professing false names for the Son, who are still blind (MattithYâ´huw 6: 22). On this website we have been calling such people “near-miss namers”, who have accepted substitutes for Yâhuwshúa`, and this will soon include the jews which follow those rabbis who will also say Yâ-hwéh, but substituting “yeshua”. Therefore BEWARE, because at this point, the First Seal, this very charismatic and persuasive but malevolent man will be using everyone who might believe in the name Yâ-hwéh, but who do not profess Yâhuwshúa`’s true name for his ends! Can you see how happily those near-miss namers who call themselves “messianic Jews” will be rejoicing when the “Yehuwthím” join them in their false testimonies?  Instead, fear, as this is a sign of just how lost they are for having accepted a false name for Yâhuwshúa`, because they will resemble the very flock which Yâhuwshúa` divorced, who are waiting on their own supplanter anointed!

Now besides this being a logical conjecture, examine these verses which predict this:

1 Yâhuwchânâ´n 2: 4 -The one alleging: “I acknowledge Him” (the Righteous One, Yâhuwshúa` the Anointed [v. 1]), but isn’t observing His commandments, is a liar; and the Truth is not within this one.

1 Yâhuwchânâ´n 2: 22-24 - Who is the liar, if not he who is denying that Yâhuwshúa` is the Anointed One?  And this one is an anointed of the Lie (mâshíyach ha-shéqer), he who is denying the Father and the Son. And everyone denying the Son neither has he believed the Father!  The one professing the Son also acknowledges the Father. Therefore ye, let that name which ye heard from the First stay in you.  For if that name which ye heard from the First might stay within you, ye also shall stay within the Son and within the Father.

1 Qorinthiym 12: 3 -

Wherefore I make known to you that no one speaking by Yâ-hwéh’s spirit says Yâhuwshúa` is to be put out (anathema)!  And no one can say:

Yâ-hwéh [According to the Peshitta Aramaic translation, which used codes to record where this name was located.], He is Yâhuwshúa`

except by the spirit of the Pure One;

Thus, this white horse ridden by the anointed of the Lie, are those ones whose spirit leads ANYONE to mention the name Yâ-hwéh, but which misleads them to not profess Yâhuwshúa`’s true name and who in fact will oppose it, in the same ways mentioned in the above verses: by denying Yâhuwshúa` is the Anointed One, by denying Yâhuwshúa` by not professing this name we heard from the First, by saying Yâhuwshúa` is to be put out, and not saying He is Yâ-hwéh! Thus, they have the same spirit of the anointed of the Lie, as defined in the above scriptures.

And if you look at near-miss namer groups mentioning the name Yâ-hwéh, you will find all these things happening already, therefore those are well-suited to be a ‘white horse’ to be ridden by the Simile of the Envy who despised Yâhuwshúa` and turned Him over to be killed.

So what is this bow he carries?

The bow is the bow of battle, also called the bow of the Lie in scriptures.  If you have read other parts of this website and/or PSR, you know the Lie means false names for our Sovereign Yâhuwshúa`.  Here are a few scriptures explaining what this bow is, as they appear in PSR with the cross-references (without footnotes):

Song 64

Complaint against the workers of the word of the Lie

For the conductor, a song of Dâwíth.

Heed, mighty Ones, my voice in my complaint, may You guard my life from the terror of the enemy,

May You conceal me from the secret council of the ones doing evil, from the throng of the workers of wicked trouble (lawlessness) [MattithYâ´huw 7: 23],

which are who have sharpened their language like a sword, [as] their bow they have bent it, their arrow is an acrid word,

to shoot it from concealment at the ordinary quiet sort of person; they shoot him suddenly and they do not fear.

They have enforced for themselves an evil word, they document their having hidden traps, they say,

“Who will notice them?”

They diligently devise evil distortions (lawlessness) [MattithYâ´huw 7: 23], [saying],

“We have completed the plot which we have been plotting!” [Songs 21: 8-12, Glad Tidings of Phílippos 68]
though the existent One (’iysh) shall approach and the resolution is profound,

then the mighty Ones shall shoot an arrow at them suddenly, it shall become their wounds,

and their language is what will bring ruin against them, all of the ones who perceive them will retreat away fleeing

and all of humanity shall stand in awe and they shall report the Work of the mighty Ones and His deed shall cause them to have insight;

The justified will rejoice in Yâ-hwéh and shall take refuge in Him, and all of the ones upright in heart shall boast praise.

ZkharYâ´hu 9: 10 -

And I shall cause the chariot [~follower organizations bound to impostors] to be cut off from ’Ephráyim, and the horse [~impostors (MiykhâYâ´hu 1: 13, 5: 10, Songs 20: 7, 33: 17)] from Yruwshâláim, and the bow of the battle shall be cut off [bow of the Lie (10: 4, Songs 64, YirmYâ´huw 9: 2)], and He [your King (v. 9)] shall dictate shâlówm (peace, reconciliation, completeness, well-being) for the heathen masses [~Times of the heathen masses (Disclosure 11)], and His rule shall be from sea unto sea and from the River as far as the ends of the earth,

ZkharYâ´hu 10: 4 -

From Him will emerge the Angle [~ "Corner"], from Him will emerge the nub [~of the key of Dâwíth (Yshá`Yâhuw 22: 23-25)], from him will emerge the bow of the battle [~of the Lie (9: 10, Songs 64, YirmYâ´huw 9: 2)], from him will emerge the tyrant taskmaster extorter of tribute altogether! [~the impostor (9: 8)]

YirmYâ´huw 9: 1-8 -

Who is one who would give Me a traveler’s lodge in an uninhabited land so I might abandon My people and I might walk away from them? because all of them are adulterers, an exclusive assembly of traitors,
and they tread to bend their language, their bow of the Lie
[49: 35], and it is not for fidelity they triumph in the Land because from one wickedness to another wickedness they proceed, but Me they do not acknowledge;[2 Timótheos 2: 15-16]
declares Yâ-hwéh.
Let each one beware of his friend and do not trust on every brother because every brother surely is an impostor and every friend goes around informing slander;
And each one will imitate his friend, but they do not speak the Truth, they taught their languages to speak the Lie, they weary themselves to do it distortedly.
You are to be oppressed by the interest on a loan
[Glad Tidings of Phílippos 63] in the midst of the treacherous deceit; by treacherous deception they refuse to acknowledge Me;
declares Yâ-hwéh.

Yâ-hwéh responds to the Wickedness
thus says Yâ-hwéh ():
here am I, smelting them, and I will prove them because what would I do due to the presence of the wickedness of the daughter of My people?
Their language of treacherous deceit is a deadly arrow, it speaks peace in his mouth, with his friend it speaks, but within his insides it sets up his trap;
Shouldn’t I hold them accountable about these things?

declares Yâ-hwéh,
Or shouldn’t My Self be avenged on a heathen mass that is like this?

Therefore, this Impostor will promote the name Yâ-hwéh while riding on people who profess Yâ-hwéh also but do NOT profess Yâhuwshúa`, in order to win over the people going by his own altered name, Yehuwthâ´h, in order to build their material “temple” they are being goaded to build (Howshë´a` 5: 12), while he is armed with the bow of the Lie, the bow of the battle, because the impostor secretly seeks to supplant Yâhuwshúa` because of his envy (YchezqË´’l 8: 3-5).   So why does he appear to carry a bow but no arrows are mentioned?

Because he himself is the MANIFESTATION of all the arrows shot by the bow of the Lie.


What is this crown that is granted to him?

It is the crown of the King of Yisrâ’ë´l.  This would be the crown of the British Monarchy, but it could also include the crown of the “Holy Roman Empire”, but nonetheless, the crown mentioned in this verse will represent the crown of the king of Yisrâ’ë´l.   “Holy Roman Empire” is a name of scorn referred to in Disclosure 13:1, as they have killed more Christians than even pagan Róma and are very far from purity and their Pontiffs have historically been the most corrupt of any series of leaders anywhere!  One must simply know “church” history to see this.   To understand this better, understand that Sâţâ´n was also named Hëylë´l (Foolish Boaster), though he had scribes falsely "translate" this as "light-bringer" (Lucifer), and the term “holy” is derived from his name Hëylë´l, so therefore “holy” means “Solar” (the real translation of thówsh is pure).   And Rome/Roma has a meaning in `Ivríyth, see Strong’s #07317, “haughty”.   Therefore “Holy Roman Empire” really means “Solar Haughty Empire”.

But isn’t Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` the King of Yisrâ’ë´l?  Yes indeed!  But look at what happened:
During the time period of the Judges, Yisrâ’ë´l complained that they wanted a king just like the heathens around them did, rejecting Yâ-hwéh as their King, and they still wanted a different king even when warned about how terrible such a king would be, as we also are warned in YchezqË´’l 45: 13-15.

1 Shmuw’Ë´l 8: 15 - “And he [the king that will reign over you (v.11)] shall take a tithe [10%] of your grains and your vintages and he shall give it to his officials and to his servants.”
1 Shmuw’Ë´l 8: 17-18  - “He will take a tithe [10%] of your flocks and ye, ye will be his for slaves.  And ye shall cry out for help on that day from the presence of your king that you chose for yourselves, but Yâ-hwéh will not respond to you on that day.”

And although Shmuw’Ë´l was angry, Yâ-hwéh reassured him it wasn’t Shmuw’Ë´l they were hating, it was Yâ-hwéh Himself.  Therefore He did as they said, He gave them a pair of substitute kings, Sh’ówl and Death (see below).  Note that Shâúwl is spelled EXACTLY the same way as Sh’ówl but with different vowel-points.  But what about Death?  The impostor’s name MEANS Death for all those believing in him, followed by Sh’ówl, according to the Fourth Seal (which we haven’t gotten to yet here, Disclosure 6: 8).

Examine this from PSR Howshë´a` 13: 10-15

The true King vs. the Supplanter king

I shall always be/have always been your King then [Songs 74: 12], and He will save you against all of your enemies, even your judges to which you said,
Give to me a king and rulers! [1 Shmuw’Ë´l 8: 5]
Then I gave to you a king in My anger [Shâ’úwl/Sh’ówl] and which I shall have taken away in My wrath – [Death (10: 15, Disclosure 6: 8, 19: 20)]
the depravity of ’Ephráyim which is being compacted together, his Mistake which is lurking hidden!
The labor-pains of a woman giving birth, they will come to him
[’Ephráyim], he is an unwise son, when it is the time of the event [6th Seal], he will not present himself at the birth-opening of the sons:
from the hand of Sh’ówl I will ransom them, from Death I will redeem them. Where, o Death, is your sting? [sin (1 Qorinthíym 15: 56)]  Where, o Sh’ówl is your victory? [the force of the Law (1 Qorinthíym 15: 54-57), Nikódemos 21: 2] Remorse, it will be hidden from My eyes
because among brothers he
[Death] will cause a separation.  An ancient Spirit will come, Yâ-hwéh ascending out from the Word [Nikódemos Chapters 17-27], then his [Sh’ówl’s] source will be put to shame and his spring shall be dried up [Death], He is Who will plunder his [Sh’ówl’s] stores of all of the pleasant vessels! [Songs 68: 16-18, To the ’Epheçíym 4: 8]

This scripture is also saying Christians will not be ready for Yâhuwshúa`’s return, and will die at His coming in judgment (at the 6th seal), nevertheless He will resurrect them (at the 7th trumpet). This is because of the Secret of Yâ-hwéh, the hardening of their hearts against believing on the name of Yâhuwshúa`, prevents them from being justified from their sins until they resurrect at the 7th trumpet (1 Qorinthíym 15: 52, Disclosure 10: 7).
But we also see here in this scripture (Howshë´a` 13: 10-15) that Yâhuwshúa`, the Word of Yâ-hwéh, ascended in spirit out of the Word and descended into Sh’ówl and set captivity free [Songs 68: 16-18, Epheçíym 4: 8], which is explored in great detail in the Glad Tidings of Nikódemos, Chapters 17-27, and this is also mentioned by Këph in 1 Këph 3: 18-19.
So besides this reference, how does Yâhuwshúa` feel about being substituted as King, since some people think He might not feel so strongly about it, not remembering what He said while on earth?

Luwqá 19: 11-28 -

King Yâhuwshúa` is to return with rewards and judgment

  1. But as they were hearing these things, He added a parable because He was near Yruwshâláim, and they thought that the reign of Yâ-hwéh was about to be manifested.
  2. He therefore said: “A certain great Man, born of nobility, traveled unto a distant region to accept for Himself kingship and to return.
  3. And having called ten of His bondmen, He gave to them ten minas [1 mina = 10 1/3 oz.], and said to them: do business until I come.
  4. But His townsfolk hated Him, and commissioned an embassy after Him, saying: “We do not wish this One to reign over us.
  5. And it came to pass at His arrival, having received the kingship, that He ordered these bondmen to be called to Him, to whom He gave the silver, in order that He might know what each one had earned in business.
  6. And the first approached, saying: “My Sovereign, Your mina has gained an additional ten minas.
  7. And He said to him: “Well done, good bondman!  Because you were trustworthy with very little, you shall be having authority over ten talents!”  [Gold: 91 kg/talent, silver: 45 kg/talent]
  8. And the second came, saying: “My Sovereign, Your mina has rendered five minas.
  9. And He said also to this one: “And you, be over five talents!”
  10. But another came, saying: “O Sovereign, here is Your mina, which I had laid away in a linen cloth.
  11. For I feared You, because You are a rough Man: You pick up that which You did not place, and You reap that which You did not sow.
  12. And He says to him: “I will judge you from your mouth, harmful bondman: you discerned that I am a rough Man, picking up what I did not place and reaping that which I did not sow;
  13. So why didn’t you give My silver to the bank, so I might have collected it, coming together with interest?”
  14. And He said to those standing by: “Take the mina from him, and give it to the one who has the ten minas.”
  15. And they say to Him: “O Sovereign, he has ten minas.
  16. “For I say to you that to everyone who has [My testimony – the deposit], shall be given; but from the one who doesn’t have [My testimony – the deposit], even that which he has shall be taken from him.
  17. Moreover, those My haters who were unwilling for Me to reign over them, bring them here and slaughter them in front of Me.
  18. And having said these things, He went on in front, going up unto Yruwshâláim.

So let us remember this, because anyone favoring this substitute king is one of these townsfolk who hate Yâhuwshúa`, and cooperating with the supplanters (meaning of Ya`aqóv).

Supplanter kings get supplanted

The British monarchy thus currently represents the supplanted kingship over Yisrâ’ë´l held by the tribe of Yâhuwthâ´h although through the line of the alternate twin son of Yâhuwthâ´h, Térach, because the firstborn Phérets line of Dâwíth through Shlomóh ended at TsithqiyYâ´huw, whose sons were slaughtered before his eyes (YirmYâ´huw 52: 10), but whose daughters were taken by YirmYâ´huw (“jeremiah”) (YirmYâ´huw 43: 6) to the British Isles and one of them, Tea Tephi, married one of the male royals of the Térach line of Yâhuwthâ´h and this is the current genealogical line of the British monarchy.  Thus, the British monarchy are cognizant and aware of YchezqË´’l 21: 27 that they are to be overturned and the crown and the turban of the high priest (also usurped by them) shall be given to Him to Whom the right belongs, and Yâ-hwéh shall grant it to Him (Yâhuwshúa`). HOWEVER, they will be "deceived" to give it to the IMPOSTOR prior to it being granted to Him to Whom the right belongs, thus it is two overthrows:

Thus says Yâ-hwéh your mighty Ones,
Depose the turban of the high priest, pick up and take away the crown!  This one [turban] is not this other one [crown]. The lowly are to be exalted and the exalted are to be brought low. An overthrow, another overthrow, another overthrow!  I shall place it [turban] also upon this one [crown], it shall not happen until the coming of Him to Whom the right belongs, and I shall grant it to Him; [1 Moshéh 49: 10]

This impostor will likely use this Christian treacherous smooth-talk to impersonate this One and obtain this kingship. This royal line is referred to often as the Cedars of Lvânówn (the Whiteness), particularly the fortified inaccessible height. In fact Shlómoh named his arsenal the house of the Cedars of Lvânówn (1 Kings 7: 2, 10: 17).  Their downfall is mentioned in various places:

Yshá`Yâhuw 10: 33-34 -

Look!  The Sovereign Yâ-hwéh of hosts is lopping off boughs with awful crashing and the elevated ones of the height are being chopped down and the exalted ones are being laid low.
And He will clip the thickets of the forest with iron, and the Whiteness (Lvânówn) in majesty shall fall.

ZkharYâ´hu 11: 1-2 -

Open, oh Whiteness (Lvânówn), your doors so the Fire may consume your cedars! [6th Seal]
Hëylë´l (Foolish boaster “Day-star” [luminary orb]) is within the top one because the cedar shall have fallen [British Monarchy/ House of Yisrâ’ë´l], of which the majestic ones, they shall have been devastated; wail ye, oh oaks of Bâshâ´n (fruitful), because the fortified wooded height shall have been taken down!

As the British monarchy not only sees itself as the continuation of the line of Dâwíth (“in a roundabout sort of way”), it also took upon itself the turban of religious head of the Anglican Church, and in both of its supplantations, it is called the king of Shomrówn (“samaria”), which symbolizes it spiritually (see MiykhâYâ´hu 1).  But examine this additional prediction about how the British monarchy’s supplanted duties (as the king of Shomrówn) will be transferred to the impostor (here called the heifer, also seen as the heifer of three years in Yshá`Yâhuw 15: 5, the three years being with regards to the 42 month duration granted to the mouth of the image of the beast [Disclosure 13: 5]).

Howshë´a` 10 also mentions the deposing of the British monarchy, describing it as being “cut loose like a broken twig on the face of the waters”!  But here, this event is put in a time-frame as being one year after the pretense of the renewal of the Old Covenant (Dâ´niyyË´’l 9: 27).

Chapter 10

Christianity hesitates but participates in the renewal of the Old Covenant and crowns the authorities’ ‘king of the Jews’

Yisrâ’ë´l is an empty vine, the fruit resembled himself [~empty – no Seed], as his fruit production increased, he caused it to increase for the altars, according to the prosperity of his land, they improved the obelisk-pillars;
their heart is ambivalent! [MattithYâ´huw 6: 24, Ya`aqóv 1: 8, 4: 8]  Now they will be held guilty, he [the supplanter (Yshá`Yâhuw 27: 9)] is who will violently destroy their altars, he will break off their obelisk-pillars!
Though now they will say,

There is no king for us because we had not feared Yâ-hwéh; yet a king, what would he do for us?

his words are the words (of the imprecations of worthlessness!) The deceitful pretense is to cut a covenant [Dâ´niyyË´’l 9: 27] so judgment will flourish as the head over the furrows of the field![~the Law (Galátas 4: 8-9)]
Concerning the heifer() [~impostor (Yshá`Yâhuw 15: 5)] of the House of the Wicked Trouble (masculine noun) shall the inhabitants of Shomrówn [~Anglican supplanters] quarrel because His people lament over him, but its ardent ones concerning him, they will rejoice about his momentousness because it was disclosed from Him, [ZkharYâ´hu 4: 7]
nevertheless for the Successful One (’Ashshúwr), it [kingship over Yisrâ’ë´l (v. 3)] is an apportionment which shall be brought for the king who will struggle (Yârë´v) [~the impostor (5: 13)], in a year, ’Ephráyim [~U.S.A.] will procure it, and Yisrâ’ë´l shall have been ashamed due to his advice:
Shomrówn, her king shall have been cut loose like a broken twig on the face of the waters
[see note YchezqË´’l 21: 27, Dâ´niyyË´’l 11: 21]
and the high places of the Wicked Trouble, the Mistake (Sin) of Yisrâ’ë´l, shall be devastated, thorn-bush and thistles is what will ascend up over top of their altars, then they will say to the mountains, “Cover us!” and to the hills, “Fall upon us! [6th Seal (Luwqá’ 23: 30, Disclosure 6: 16)]

This is not the only mention of this king who will struggle (this verb also means “strive”) against Yâ-hwéh, he is mentioned in Howshë´a` 5: 13, in an event later to this, which we will explore later on.

What is the timing for this First Seal?

YchezqË´’l 45: 18 indicates that the material offerings at the rebuilt man-made “Temple” will begin on the first day of the first month, commencing the 70th week of Dâ´niyyË´’l. Since this ends at the First Resurrection at the beginning of the 7th Day in Creation year 1/1/6001, it means these material offerings would begin 7 years earlier, on 1/1/5994 (which we have calculated to be Roman Date March 14, 2021), which will be organized according to a covenant being made between the impostor and the Many (Christians who do not acknowledge His name).  See Dâ´niyyË´’l 9: 26-27:

But after the [seven sevens and (v. 25)] sixty-two sevens, the Anointed One will be covenanted and there will be nothing for Him, and the city and the pure place will be destroyed by the people [Rome] of the ruler who is coming [The image of the Beast], and the end by him is like the Flood, even until the end of the war decreed by the ones being desolated. [Days of Retribution]

And he will confirm the [Old] covenant with the Many [Apostate Christians] one seven [YchezqË´’l 45: 17-18, 70th week Calendar, Howshë´a` 10: 4], but at the middle of the seven, he will cease the slaughter-offering and grain-offering [YchezqË´’l 46: 13-15], and be on the extreme of abominations, the one causing desolation [YirmYâ´huw 12: 10-11], even until the total annihilation, even one having been decreed [by Yâ-hwéh (6th Seal)] is poured out upon the one being desolated [Christianity].

According to Howshë´a` 11: 4 and 11: 6, this happens one year prior to Dâ´niyyË´’l 11: 21, which we see is part of this First Seal’s events:

And he [the King of the North] will set on his place [Germany] a despicable one (nivzéh), and to him they will not grant the honor of kingship, yet he will come peacefully and he will seize the kingship [of the King of the North (Great Britain)] through treacherous smooth-talk. [Songs 35: 6, YirmYâ´huw 23: 12, Howshë´a` 10: 5-7, 2 Këph 2: 3, 11: 34].

[the term 'treacherous smooth-talk' (Strong’s #2519 in Hebrew, #4112 in Greek) refers to how slippery and treacherous the evolved Christian religious talk is, like polished stones having no sharpness (nor accuracy).]

This scripture, confirms Howshë´a` above to set up a time reference between the renewal of the Old Covenant (Howshë´a` 11: 4, Dâ´niyyË´’l 9: 27) and the taking of the crown of the British monarchy (Howshë´a` 11: 6, Dâ´niyyË´’l 11: 21), procured by ’Ephráyim one year later for the king who will struggle.  The crown is a part of the First Seal, so we can roughly judge when these events may occur as being within a year from the renewal of the Old Covenant by this despicable one who has been set on the place where Hitler was in Germany, as it is described above in Dâ´niyyË´’l 11: 21, in its context (see PSR).

Scripture in many places uses the term ’Ashshúwr to refer to the coming impostor.  Howshë´a` 10: 6 confirms clearly that ’Ashshúwr (Successful One) is the king that will struggle (Yârë´v), and who will be granted the British crown also, and ’Ashshúwr is known to have migrated to Germany.

However, please note that most likely the reinstitution or confirming of the Old Covenant to do material offerings at a rebuilt temple built for the name of Yâ-hwéh may constitute part of this one’s ride on the white horse, making all of these First Seal events. Another point to consider is that the 42 months of the Beast described in Disclosure 13: 5 do NOT begin with the first month of the year, rather the second one (2/5994 - 6/5997), and that immediately thereafter, Disclosure 13: 7 mentions war, which would make it part of the second seal. That could begin as soon as the beginning of those 42 months.

Summary of First Seal events:

The events contained during the time-period of the First Seal as inferred by certain parts of pre-advent scriptures appear to indicate a sequence of events, including the following:

Prior to material animal offerings being done, obviously a material temple building must be rebuilt, as predicted the “Yehuwthím” will do as servants to the Romans (Letter of Bar-Nâvíy 16: 4).  One mention in scripture of the impostor being involved in this is ZkharYâ´hu 4: 8-10 -

  1. and the Word of Yâ-hwéh became towards me, saying,
  2. The hands of the seed of the Confusion (Zrubâvél) shall have laid the foundation of this house [~ the Lie (YchezqË´’l 13: 14, MattithYâ´huw 7: 26-27)], and his hands are the ones which will cut it off through greedy violent plunder;

then you will recognize that Yâ-hwéh of hosts is Who has dispatched me to you,

  1. though who is one who would have had contempt for a day of unimportant events? [Deeds 7: 44-50]  Yet they will exult when they see the stone of dross (wrecking-ball) in the hand of the seed of the Confusion (Zrubâvél)!  Seven are these, the eyes of Yâ-hwéh; they are the ones scanning throughout all of the earth.”

Zrubâvél which means 'seed of the Confusion' is a symbolic name for the impostor. The statement made here in v.9 is both true for both the spiritual AND the material house of the Confusion (Bâvél), and it describes the publicity of the media event when this one will participate in the material building of the material artificial temple for his house which was founded on the Lie. The 'stone of dross' could very well be him driving a wrecking ball which would he would use on Islam's Dome of the rock, or a plumb line, which would be much less likely in view of more modern methods. But please note how Yâ-hwéh reckons this to be a day of unimportant events, due to His disdain for their thinking to confine Him into material buildings.

The King of the North, the NWO system headed by the British Royals, will set upon the place Hitler had been a “despicable one”, though they will not grant him the honor of royalty, but he will come peacefully and seize the kingship through treacherous Christian smooth-talk.  Now the kingship he will most likely first seize will likely be the crown of the “Holy Roman Empire”, the one on exhibit at the Hofburg in Vienna, “until there is again a Holy Roman Emperor of the German Nation”.

As this king, he will make a renewal of the Old Covenant with the Many to resume material animal slaughter offerings at a rebuilt temple in Yruwshâláim (Howshë´a` 10: 3-7, Dâ´niyyË´’l 9: 27).    We understand him to be this “Holy Roman Emperor” king because Howshë´a` 10: 3-4 identifies this one already as a king, who will continue to try to obtain the British kingship transferred to him (there referred to as Shomrówn (“samaria”)), and this will be argued, but in one year, all this nonviolent process will end, because this kingship will also be apportioned to him because Yâ-hwéh will call an ancient heathen mass whose language we do not understand to militarily invade into ’Ephráyim [YirmYâ´huw 5: 15-19], but that is part of the Second Seal we discuss on the next page.

What about a rebuilt material temple for animal slaughter-offerings?

Some of you may be aware of the fact that our mighty Ones does not inhabit stone buildings made by hand, is not contained by such, and in fact is Himself building His house from living stones, us, and that it is in fact a human rebellion and misinterpretation which caused ANY physical material temple to be built ever. Have you noticed that scriptures do not describe Him ever being inside a material man-made building? And He is only at a place where someone believes on His name. This is what He speaks of in YchezqË´’l 43: 7-9 -

Son of ’Âthâ´m, you have seen the place of My throne, and the place of the soles of My feet, in which My name shall dwell: in the midst of the (sons) of Yisrâ’ë´l for the age!  But the House of Yisrâ’ë´l shall no more profane My pure name, they or their (kings) by their adulteries, or by the (monuments) of their (kings) in their (high places)

when they put (their) doorsill by (My) doorsill, and (their) gateposts near to (My) gateposts, so they made My wall as if it itself were joining Myself and them, and they profaned My pure name with their iniquities which they worked: so I shall destroy them in My wrath and with slaughter [Chapters 8-11]

so now they shall put far away their adulteries and the monuments of their kings from Me, and I will dwell in the midst of them for the age.

Surely isn’t this following post-advent scripture passage from Deeds (Acts) be in the back of the mind of Christians who now are being herded back into supporting the Jewish obsession to build the building they worship?

Look at the tabernacle of the testimony, which was among our fathers within the uninhabited land, just like He Who spoke to Moshéh commanded him to make it according to the pattern which he had seen,

And this same tabernacle our fathers, with Yâhuwshúa` [Bin-Núwn (Son of Núwn)], brought into the land that the mighty Ones gave them when they received an inheritance, from the heathen masses who Yâ-hwéh drove out from the face of our fathers, and it was carried about until the days of Dâwíth,

Who found favor in the sight of Yâ-hwéh, and He asked him:

Are you the One Who will build a house for Me to dwell?[2 Shmuw’Ë´l 7: 4, ZkharYâ´hu 6: 12-13],

 Yet Shlómoh built Him a house!

Nevertheless, the Most High does not dwell in hand-made temple buildings, just as the predicator says:

[Thus says Yâ-hwéh,] The heavens are My throne, and the earth is the footstool of My feet – where is this house that you will build for Me?  And where is this place, My resting place?

Even all of these things have My hand made, so all of these have come to exist!  …  ’”  [Yshá`Yâhuw 66: 1-2]

O stiff-necked ones, and ones uncircumcised in hearts [Leviticus 26: 41] and ears [YirmYâ´huw 6: 10], ye unceasingly strive against the spirit of the Pure One, as your fathers did, also ye do!

Thus did Stephanos expose this as a rebellion in Deeds ("acts") 7: 44-50, to those material-temple worshippers who now pray to a "wailing wall" longing to rebuild their rebellion, quoting 2 Shmuw’Ë´l ("samuel") 7: 4-17 which was misunderstood, because the Son which came out from him to build His house, whose throne of His Kingdom He would establish forever, is Yâhuwshúa`, not Shlómoh. And this "house" falls under the Strong’s #1004 lexicon definition of “house” as a “family of descendants, descendants as an organized body”, not a physical building. See ZkharYâ´hu 6: 9-14 (here presented without the cross-references found in PSR). The context is, after the hijacking of the Great Commission, Yâ-hwéh is consequently going to call a select few:

So, the Word of Yâ-hwéh became towards me, saying,

Take from being with the exiles, some from the experienced ones, and from ones being useful (for Yâ´hu), and from ones acknowledging (Yâ´hu), and you shall come on the same day, and you will enter the house of Yo’shiyYâ´hu (“Let Yâ-hwéh give”) the son of One Yâ-hwéh has treasured hidden (TsphanYâ´hu), who have come out from Confusion (Bâvél), then you shall take silver and gold and you shall make crowns, and you shall set them upon the head of Yâhuwshúa` the son of Yâhuwtsâthâ´q (the Righteousness of Yâ-hwéh), the high priest, and you shall speak to him, saying,

Thus says Yâ-hwéh of hosts, saying, ‘Here is an existent man (’iysh), His name is the Branch, and from the depths [~Sh’ówl] He will sprout up and He shall build the house of Yâ-hwéh, () and He is Who will lift up the Excellence (m.) [~ “The Father”] and It shall sit and It shall rule upon His throne, and He shall be the Priest on behalf of His throne, and the advice of shâlówm (peace, reconciliation, completeness, well-being), it shall be between the Two of Them; and the crown(s), it shall be for the one enduring, and for the one useful (for Yâ´hu), and for the one acknowledging (Yâ´hu), even for the favor of a son of the One Yâ-hwéh has treasured hidden (TsphanYâ´hu), for a memorial in the house of Yâ-hwéh.

Mal’âkhíy 1: 6-14 and Chanówkh 88: 113-114 (89: 73) tell how this material building is going to be rebuilt by the hand of man and the attempts to serve Him will be profane. For more details and important information about this coming material-temple please read PSR YirmYâ´huw 7: 2-4 and Bar-Nâvíy Chapter 16.

Since we are breaching the topic of “temple”, let’s explain what a “temple” REALLY is in reality, which is by the true definition, Yâ-hwéh’s point of view: Strong’s #1964 is generally traditionally translated by the establishment as “Temple”, though “House” also has been, though it has this forgotten different meaning of “Capacitor”, arrived at examining the term, and this refers to the Personhood of Yâ-hwéh, and whoever is within Him capacitating Him, not a physical building in which He might stoop to reside. What is a capacitor in physics? Look at it as a Storer of Power. This is logical because believers in Him become storers of His Power and they call on His name, but material stone buildings do not.

And what about material animal slaughter-offerings?

Most Christians should be also aware that our Exemption Lamb is the Anointed One, Yâhuwshúa` (1 Qorinthíym 5: 7), and that His blood paid the price to Ransom us from Death, not animal blood (To the `Ivríym chapters 9-10). And believers who study scriptures also are aware that the offerings He desires and accepts are spiritual offerings, the fruit of the testimony of the lips, and a broken spirit (Song 51: 17), for example. PSR Required reading about this to prevent stumbling includes Bar-Nâvíy Chapter 2, YirmYâ´huw 7: 21-30, and various Songs ("psalms") including 50, Songs 54: 6, Howshë´a` 14: 2 and `Ivríym 13: 15. So you'd think therefore, the most knowledgable of Christians who reject His name wouldn't easily agree to participate in a revival of Old Covenant animal-offerings, right?

How much worse punishment do ye think he shall be deemed to deserve, he who trampled upon the Son of the Power, and who esteemed the blood of the covenant in which he was purified as ordinary, and who insulted the spirit of the favor? -To the `Ivríym 10: 29

Well then, imagine believers in the Truth of Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`, wouldn't these already know better? Understand that in the material temple-building described in YchezqË´’l, Yâ-hwéh instructs that the priests in charge of the house and the priests that keep the charge of the altar are only to be the sons of the Righteous One (Tsâthúwq), the ones who are kinsmen from the tribe of Lëwíy (“Ones joined to”) to Yâ-hwéh to attend to Him. And Who is "the Righteous One"? Yâhuwshúa` of course! So why, according to the rules He dictates in scripture, are these true believers the only ones being allowed in the heart of that temple-building, and everyone else is being shut out, including the procurer? (YchezqË´’l 44: 2-3, 6-14, Chapter 46) Because the "tower" physical building means nothing to Him, it is built upon His house of people (this is the way it’s expressed in Chanówkh 88), and without His living stones, there is otherwise no reason for Him to be present there at all.

So how did these true-name believing priests come to be there in the first place, to do this unacceptable thing of animal-slaughter-offerings? It is clear by studying PSR’s Songs 66 particularly vv 13-15 that they were coerced into making a vow under pressure, cutting this covenant with Him to make slaughter-offerings, according to Song 50. It is so VERY important to study this and Song 50 to understand what will happen and how He sees it, we would copy it here but the context is important so we urge you to study these Songs, 50 and 66 particularly, to understand and not fear if you yourself happen to be one of these coerced to take this vow to do this.

All this revival of the Old Covenant aims to deny Yâhuwshúa`’s work to make the New Covenant, luring the sheep back onto the Land, covering them with atonements of animal blood and completing the transition of switching Yâhuwshúa` for the manifested Lie to complete the Transgression (Glad Tidings of Phílippos 68), while encouraging and inciting their sinfulness, then pulling the rug out from under them stopping the offerings. Naturally what would happen? Think about it. This plan is to be part of the Third Seal.

Now you may read about the Second Seal.

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