YirmYâ´huw 31: 6-9

Because there shall be a day the watchmen on the mountain of 'Ephráyim will call out, "Get up and let's ascend Tsiyyówn towards Yâ-hwéh our mighty Ones!" Because thus says Yâ-hwéh to Ya`aqóv, "Give a ringing cry of joy, yet make a shrill cry of distress in the chief of the nations, cause it to be heard, praise ye, and say, "Yâ-hwéh, deliver Your people the remnant of Yisrâ'Ë´l!" Look, I am bringing them from the land of the north and I shall gather them together from the ends of the earth, among them () to the Exemption, () and those shall procreate a huge throng [Disclosure 7: 9], then they shall return here.

They went forth with weeping, but I will bear them along with consolation, I will lead them along streams of waters on an upright Way, they shall not stumble on it, because I am for Yisrâ'Ë´l for a Father, and 'Ephráyim, he is My firstborn.

U.S.A. - The Valley-dwellers (`Amâlë´q) and their Calamity

This page is located under the Second Seal page, as it happens during that time-period. If you jumped here before any of the other Seal pages, we recommend starting at the beginning of the end-time prediction pages, The Apostasy - What is it?.

`Amâlë´q means "valley-dwellers". Scripture speaks about the geographical country now called the United States of America as this valley. Rather than just expect everyone to believe this because we declare this interpretation, we will provide you several scripture mentions of this valley so you can examine and perceive it for yourself. The first mention in scripture about this valley is found in the Scroll of Chanówkh (“enoch”) in chapter 52:

Chapter 52 (53)

1 There my eyes looked at a deep valley with wide entrances, and He said:

2 “All those who dwell on the continents, on the sea, and in islands, shall bring to it gifts, presents, and symbols of honor; yet that deep valley shall not be full. (2) Their hands shall perpetrate crimes and the sinners shall devour whatsoever those whom they criminally oppress produce by hard labor.  But the sinners shall be destroyed before the face of the Sovereign of spirits, and shall be exiled from the face of the earth.  But they shall resurrect, and shall not fail forever and ever.

[Note verse 1, the shape of the U.S.A., how it has two continental divides, and has wide entrances by every side, north, south, east, and west, with many “ports” on all which also is a term for an entrance.  It has a long eastern coastline and a long western coastline, and a Gulf of Mexico giving sea access as deeply as Texas, and by the north, the Great Lakes as deeply as Minnesota. Note also verse 2, that like Howshë´a` 2: 15, the destruction functions as a portal to the Hope of the resurrection for the errant who die.]

 3 This is why I saw all the envoys of punishment establish themselves there, and prepare all of the devices of ha-ţâ´n (the Adversary).

4 Then I inquired of the Envoy of peace, Who proceeded with me:

“Why were those devices being prepared?”

5 He said:

These they are preparing those that the kings and powerful ones of the earth may be destroyed.

6 After this, the Righteous and Chosen One shall make the house of His congregation appear, and thenceforwards, they shall not be troubled anymore against the name of Yâ-hwéh, the Sovereign of spirits.

7 In the presence of His righteousness, those mountains shall not exist on the earth, and the hills shall convert into fountains of water.  And the righteous shall rest from the oppression of the sinners.

[Note verse 6 that before this destruction, the valley-dwellers will have afflicted His chosen ones while they had not yet appeared as a house.  This is seen in this foreshadow in Yâshâ´r and Exodus 17: 14, because valley-dwellers are called `Amâlë´q in `Ivríyth]

2 Moshéh (Exodus) 17: 14

“Take a scroll into your hands, and write what Yâ-hwéh declares: ‘that Yâhuwshúa` the Son of the Power shall in the last days cut off from the roots all the house of `Amâlë´q’” (valley dwellers).

The foreshadow written in the Scroll of Yâshâ´r (“jasher”) 81:

48 At that time Yâ-hwéh gave the “Man” [KJV – “manna”] to the sons of Yisrâ’ë´l to eat, and Yâ-hwéh caused food to rain from heaven for the sons of Yisrâ’ë´l day by day.

[This material bread from heaven symbolizes the true Bread from heaven, Yâhuwshúa`, Whom we distribute.  Note that they did not collect it on the Day of Rest, not to make a law about the weekly shabbâ´th but rather to symbolize how we will not need to tell everyone to acknowledge Him because from the smallest to the greatest, everyone will, under the New Covenant then.] 

49 And the sons of Yisrâ’ë´l ate the “Man” (“what is it?”) for forty years, all the days that they were in the wilderness, until they came to the land of Kná`an to possess it. 

[In the case of the Virgin people of Yisrâ’ë´l, once they have accepted the true Bread from heaven, 1260 days (Disclosure “Revelation” 12: 6) are all the days they will be nourished in the wilderness, the uninhabited land which they fled to following Yâhuwshúa`’s ascension, before they will come to the land of Kná`an to possess it.  Since 1260 days pass from the rebuilding of the Virgin people until Yâhuwshúa`’s return, this means the Remnant returns to His name before the opening of the First Seal of the Living Scroll of the Living in Chapter 5 of Disclosure.]

50 And they proceeded from the Wilderness of Çiyn (the thorn) and encamped in ’Âlúwsh (I will knead). 

[the restored Virgin of Yisrâ’ë´l will proceed out from the wilderness of the thorns they formerly were, and this new dough is kneaded by Yâ-hwéh.]

51 And they proceeded from ’Âlúwsh and encamped in Rphiythíym (stays, supports).

[newly worked dough needs rest to grow, and they were incubating in supports/stays]

52 And when the sons of Yisrâ’ë´l were in Rphiythíym, `Amâlë´q (valley-dweller) the son of ’Eliypház (my power is gold), the son of `Ësâ´w, the brother of Tsphów, came to fight with Yisrâ’ë´l. 

[While this dough was quite young, they get attacked by materialistic gold-loving valley-dwellers, a foreshadow of young neophyte followers of The Way of Yâ-hwéh to be attacked by establishmentarian “American” Christian forces.  Note however that we should not pick up any weapons of the flesh and refuse to fight that kind of fight, preferring to reason, and use our spiritual double-edged sword of the Word of Yâ-hwéh, the name of Yâhuwshúa`, and take refuge in Him.]

53 And he brought with him eight hundred one thousand men, luminary orb-worshipping sorcerer-priests and conjurers, and he prepared for battle with Yisrâ’ë´l in Rphiythíym.

54 And they carried on a great and severe battle against Yisrâ’ë´l, and Yâ-hwéh delivered `Amâlë´q and his people into the hands of Moshéh and the sons of Yisrâ’ë´l, and into the hand of Yâhuwshúa`, the son of Núwn, the ’Ephrâthíy (of the tribe of ’Ephráyim), the servant of Moshéh.

55 And the sons of Yisrâ’ë´l smote `Amâlë´q and his people at the edge of the sword, but the battle was very sore upon the sons of Yisrâ’ë´l.

56 And Yâ-hwéh said to Moshéh, “Write this thing as a memorial for you in a scroll, and place it in the hand of Yâhuwshúa`, the son of Núwn, your servant, and you shall command the sons of Yisrâ’ë´l, saying: ‘When you shall come to the land of Kná`an, you shall utterly erase the remembrance of `Amâlë´q from under heaven.’”

57 And Moshéh did so, and he took the scroll and wrote upon it these words, saying:

58 “Remember what `Amâlë´q (Valley-dweller) has done to you in the road (The Way) when you went forth from Mitsráyim (Entrenchments).

[Entrenchments spiritually represents entrenched Protestant Christianity which has left the Roman Catholic fold and entrenched itself, though still in darkness.  Many believers in The Way proceeded out from there into the Truth]

59 Who met you in the road (The Way) and smote your rear, even those that were feeble behind you when you were faint and weary.

60 Therefore it shall be when Yâ-hwéh your mighty Ones shall have given you rest from all your enemies round about in the land which Yâ-hwéh your mighty Ones gives you for an inheritance, to possess it, that you shall blot out the remembrance of `Amâlë´q from under heaven, you shall not forget it.

61 And the king who shall have pity on `Amâlë´q, or upon his memory or upon his seed, look, I will require it of him, and I will cut him off from among his people!”

62 And Moshéh wrote all these things in a scroll, and he enjoined the sons of Yisrâ’ë´l respecting all these matters.

[verse 59 suggests that the very young and developing followers of The Way of Yâ-hwéh will be attacked from our rear, those feeble stragglers who aren’t yet strong.  Could these weak ones be ones deceived to pick up the sword?  This attack by the Valley-dwellers may be either spiritual if their violent approach fails (see v 53 how they brought their priests too), and it is not going unpunished – apparently the spirit of Yâ-hwéh of hosts will function as a spirit of judgment in the one presiding over their judgment, per Yshá`Yâhuw 28: 5, since the believers in The Way will refuse to fight for reasoning]

The Valley of Yizrâ`Él - Howshë´a` 1: 3-5

3.       So he went and he took Gómer (Complete), the daughter of Divlâ´yim (two fig cakes), and she became pregnant and she bore a son for him,

  1. then Yâ-hwéh said to him,

call his name Yizrâ`É’l (the Power will sow) [pronounced “Israel”] because a little while more and I will call to account the bloodsheds of Yizrâ`É’l upon the house of “Yë´huw’[a manmade false name] and I shall cause to cease the kingdom of the house of Yisrâ’ë´l,

5.       and it shall occur during that day when I shall break the bow (of the Lie) of Yisrâ’ë´l in the Valley (`Ë´meq) of Yizrâ`É’l.

Note the mention in v. 5 of a Valley of this sowing of the Power.  Note also the house of a false name for Him mentioned there, the spelling of which resembles various current false names circulating.  The cessation of the monarchy of the house of Yisrâ’ë´l (GB and USA some know as “the Crown”), is mentioned also as when this time of accountability happens, the crown to be given to the rider of the First Seal.  This also predicts that the bow of the false names currently being used by blind Yisrâ’ë´l will be broken during that day, leaving surviving the ones invoking Yâ-hwéh but not yet knowing His hidden name, Yâhuwshúa`, as also described in Yshá`Yâhuw 28’s account, which we will also show.  Here below is Yâ-hwéh’s view of His accounting her responsible, in the same scripture passage later:

Howshë´a` 2: 13-23

  1. then I will call to account against her the days of the lords (b`âlíym) wherein she burned incense for them, and she put on her earrings and her jewelry and she went after her lovers but Me, she forgot!

declares Yâ-hwéh,

14.    Therefore look, I am the One letting her be misled so I will cause her to go to the uninhabited land [~“Americas”] but I will speak to her heart,

15.    and I will give to her from there her vineyards, and the valley of Calamity (`Âkhówr) shall be for a doorway of the Hope (resurrection), and she shall testify as a witness then there like the days of her youth, and like the day of her ascent from the land of Mitsráyim,

[As Yisrâ’ë´l’s name accompanies the sons of Yâhuwçë´ph according to 1 Moshéh (“Genesis”) 48: 14-16, ’Ephráyim was caused to go to the uninhabited land, the Americas, and given a place to grow her vine there.  Yet the disaster we saw being set up in Chanówkh 52 is to come there to the valley of Calamity, but it functions for a portal of their resurrection because many Hellenist Christians will die there.  And the ones surviving will be those who testify like a witness of Yâ-hwéh of a very long time ago!  See below how this will happen.  Note please that only at v. 23 does Yâ-hwéh sow the rebuilt Virgin of Yisrâ’ë´l in the Land.  Per Disclosure 12: 6, this means that verses 16-22 should happen during the 1260 days prior to His return, while she is still in the wilderness.  Remember she is to be collected from all over the world, so if you see scripture references of her being in the Land prior to this, though some may go with the flow into that trap, it will mean spiritually not geographically.]

16.    and it shall be in that day,

declares Yâ-hwéh,

you will call Me “my ’Iysh (Existent One/Being/Husband)” and you will no longer call for Me “my Lord (Ba`líy)”,

17.    and I shall remove the names of the lords (b`âlíym) from her mouth so they shall not be remembered anymore by their name.

18.    Then I shall cut for them a covenant during that day, with the animal of the field and with the birds of the heavens and the moving things of the entire inhabited earth, so I shall break the bow and the sword and the battle from the land so I shall cause them to lie down in safety,

19.    and I shall betroth you to Me forever, when I will betroth you to Me by justification or by justice, yet in love and in compassions,

20.    and I shall betroth you to Me by fidelity, when you shall acknowledge Yâ-hwéh!

21.    And it shall be during that Day, I shall testify as a Witness,

declares Yâ-hwéh,

I will testify as a Witness to the skies, and they, they shall testify as a witness to the earth,

22.    and the earth, she will testify as a witness with the grain and with the new wine and with the oil and they, they shall testify as a witness that Yizrâ`É’l (the Power sows)!

23.    Then I will sow her for Myself in the Land and I will have compassion on Lo’-Ruchâ´mâh (has not been pitied), then I will say unto Lo’-`Ammíy (Not-My-people)

“You are My people (masculine noun)!”

Then he [My people] is who shall say

Yâ-hwéh, You are my mighty Ones (’Elohâ´y)!

How is this attack by the valley-dwellers described in scriptures?

Look at Howshë´a` Chapter 11

1.       Like a youth was Yisrâ’ë´l and I loved him so from Mitsráyim I called for My Son. [MattithYâ´huw 2: 15]

2.       Though I called for them, thus they departed from My Presence; to the lords (b`âlíym) they made slaughter-offerings, and for the sculptured images, they burned incense;

3.       Though I am the One Who taught ’Ephráyim how to walk, taking him by his arms, yet they did not acknowledge that I had cured them. [LXX Proverbs 20: 11]

4.       With human ties [Yâhuwshúa`] I will draw them with the bindings of Love, but for them I had become like the ones lifting up and offering a yoke over their cheeks [~legalism (Yshá`Yâhuw 28: 13)], so I reached out to him to feed him,

5.       (he would not return;) ’Ephráyim has settled down in the land of Entrenchments (Mitsráyim) and Successful one (’Ashshúwr) [~Impostor (Dâ´niyyË´’l 8: 24)], he is his king because they refused to return.

6.       Then the sword [~the Word] was brandished within his own cities but he stopped it by his own hands, so they would slay some from his oppressors,

7.       but his people are fondly attached to their sitting-assembly and to what they call “high”, it provokes Him to anger, so He will not exalt them.

[note in verse 5 that ’Ephráyim (USA) has settled down entrenched in Christian groups against Catholicism, which will be headed by the Successful one (the impostor), yet in spite of that, the impostor continues to be their king because they refused to return to Yâhuwshúa`.  But then in verse 6, the Sword of the Word, Yâhuwshúa`, is being brandished within ’Ephráyim’s own cities, BUT HE STOPPED IT BY HIS OWN HANDS, and hands in scripture means various means, agencies, the powers at their disposition.  But the next statement is important to note, to explain why: “so they would slay some from his oppressors”.  Scripture generally calls nonbelievers “they”.  And oppressors here has a note in PSR saying:

“LXX has here diaboulous, “false accusers”, which shows the Strong’s term here was originally #04160: squeezer, extortioners, oppressor, not Strong’s #4156, an error of diction, with an addition of one letter.”

So this means ’Ephráyim (USA) will stop the brandishing of the sword (of His Word for certain, but this may also include weaker believers who pick up the sword of the flesh) by the power of his own agencies at his disposition, in order that they, nonbelievers, would slay some from those who oppress them by false accusations.  Doesn’t this sound like these weaker believers are ones opposed to the government?  We see a lot of criticism of the American government happening, including criticism of the ones governing them.  Thus, the weaker believers of The Way who will be slain by this attack by the valley-dwellers will be those who haven’t studied scriptures enough to know and believe and practice Romans 13 and the fact that whoever lives by the sword will die by the sword.  But let’s explain even further why we do not and should not resist the governing powers that be:

Governments naturally try to reduce the resistance to it, particularly of those abusing freedom of speech to accuse and oppress the corruption in their government, but often they do it heavy-handedly out of fear, because in the case of U.S.A., much of the populace still has weapons of the flesh and believe they have freedom of speech, and they remember the country’s founders saying that they have a right to replace their government if it doesn’t serve the people.  However, the truth is, Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` the King of kings is Who determines when and if He wants a government to fall, so if it stands, we should not oppose it since He lets it stand.  And for those who think another American revolution should be done by its people, it should be pointed out that in that time period of the founding of USA, that people sought Yâ-hwéh, though not finding His name, and still Yâ-hwéh favored them to free themselves from tyranny because the people were unlike those who governed them.  But now this is an entirely different situation.  Now the people resemble the government so they are indeed well-represented, unlike back then, and do not seek Yâ-hwéh anymore, indeed they rebel against Him.  Therefore, they will not be blessed by Him to overthrow their own government, rather, all of them will be overthrown by Him this way.

As for verse 7, ’Ephráyim has inertia and is fond of their “churches” (sitting assemblies), so they won’t leave their entrenchments (Mitsráyim) to seek Yâ-hwéh.  This verse just proves that the sword mentioned in v.6 refers to the Sword of His Word, Yâhuwshúa`.]

Howshë´a` Chapter 11 continues...

8.       How should I make a disposition of you, ’Ephráyim?  Should I protect you, Yisrâ’ë´l?  How would I dispose of you?  Like ’Athmâ´h (Red earth) [~defeated and routed in the battle of the kings]?  I should make you like Tsvoyyím (gazelles) [5 cities of the plain, incl. Çthóm and `Amorâ´h]?  My heart has reversed itself on Me, My compassions have been agitated altogether:

9.       I will not do according to the fury of My anger, I will not abandon ’Ephráyim to be wiped out because the Power is Who I am, though not an existent one (’iysh) among you is the Pure One, yet I will not enter into aroused wrath.

10.    after Yisrâ’ë´l of Yâ-hwéh I shall follow, when the lion He will spit out [~discharge], because this one, he is the son who will roar of Yisrâ’ë´l, at that time they shall be displaced, the children of the waters,

11.    and of Yisrâ’ë´l they will be displaced like the sparrow outside from the ’E-hyéh [2 Moshéh 3: 14] of Yisrâ’ë´l of the Entrenchments (Mitsráyim) of Yisrâ’ë´l, and like the pigeon (Yownâ´h) who will be of Yisrâ’ë´l of the land of the successful one (’Ashshúwr), but I will restore, to their former state, them of the Son of My Yisrâ’ë´l, not of the one are the houses of their Son,

declares Yâ-hwéh.

12.    (12: 1) ’Ephráyim has surrounded Me within a Lie, and the House of Yisrâ’ë´l with deceit, but the Profession of Yâ-hwéh (Yâhuwthâ´h) is a testimony which roams free with the Power and is reliable with the pure ones!

These verses show Yâ-hwéh does not release all His anger He has against ’Ephráyim to wipe it out, and that He will fire the impostor from his position – but this would displace out the children of the waters also, displacing spiritual Entrenchments (non-impostor-following Christianity) and spiritual Successful one (impostor-following Christianity) – but He will resurrect them at the 7th trumpet and restore them who are of the Son, because His houses do not belong to the impostor. The reason these are referred to as winged-creatures is because the inner selves of believers were created as such in the beginning, and this is found in the codices and the pseudoepigraphia and in decoded canonical scriptures, using the LXX. Our translation currently shows these things decoded in 1 Moshéh ("Genesis") and YchezqË´’l chapter 1.

Yshá`Yâhuw 28 also mentions this valley of the Calamity:

Chapter 28

¶Hówy to the crown of the insolence of the drunkards of ’Ephráyim, and the drooping flower of the beauty of his prestigious rank, that is on the head of the very fertile valley of the ones struck down by wine.

[This crown of insolence refers to the supplanted religious crown usurped by the King of the North (Dâ´niyyË´’l 11), in that the Anglican convocation claims as its head the King of England, whereas the King of the convocation is Yâhuwshúa`.  ’Ephráyim is spiritually drunk on the wine of Bâvél (confusion), because their religious liberty has become licentiousness and anarchy.]

 Look!  My Sovereign has a powerful and a strong one, like a storm of pelting icerocks, a horror of destruction like the downpour of overwhelming mighty waters! [~China] He shall cause it [the crown (v.1)] to fall down to the ground by hand. [by the hand of man]

The crown of the insolence of the drunkards of ’Ephráyim shall be trampled underfoot,

And it shall happen that the drooping flower of the beauty of his prestigious rank that is on the head of the very fertile valley shall be like her first ripe fig right before the summer harvest, which the one looking sees it, while it is still in his palm, he swallows it up.

[This is the violent catastrophic downfall of U.S.A., resulting in the fall of the British Monarchy’s crown of insolence, which will be taken by the impostor.  This says ’Ephráyim will be the first to fall.]

In that Day, Yâ-hwéh of hosts shall be for the crown of beauty and for the revolution (turn of events) of prestigious rank unto the remnant of His people,

and for a spirit of justice for the one presiding over the judgment, and for the valor of the ones refusing to battle for reasoning.

[As we saw also in Howshë´a`, the survivors of the Valley of the Calamity will include this surviving remnant, whose crown will instead be Yâ-hwéh.  Yâ-hwéh’s spirit of justice will also be in the one who presides over the judgment, therefore He, not ourselves, is Who is going to avenge us for them attacking us, and He will be for our valor for refusing to battle.  Therefore they are who will bring this judgment down on themselves when they think to overreach themselves to attack His chosen ones, since they had no trouble attacking unchosen ones; and note please that we ourselves have no involvement at all in the administration of this their judgment. Note also that the prestigious rank which they usurped will turn to the remnant of His people.]

Yet also these meander by the wine, and they wander intoxicated by the bourbon, the priest and the predicator mislead by the bourbon, they are engulfed from the wine, they wander intoxicated from the bourbon, they mislead by the vision, they stumble in their reasoning.

Because every meal [65: 11] is full of regurgitated excrement, there is no place [for Him]A curse consumes this meal, because the purpose of it is greediness for gain. [65: 4]

[Sadly the believers in Yâ-hwéh described here who survive the valley's calamity will still be spiritually drunk.  Spiritual meaning of bourbon is the concentration of the wine of Bâvél.  When that wine is not enough for them, they intensify it, concentrating and distilling it, resulting in something very far removed from the Truth.  The “meal” this is talking about is the communion in the Lie.  The rituals are full of paganism and there is no room for the Truth there.  LXX complements revealing the purpose of Christianity’s frequent performance of this ritual, which is only supposed to be once a year, but which they have used as tools of extortion to keep their sheep in their fold.

But why are these not sober yet?  Because it describes these as those near-miss namers who believe in justification through legalism and have not understood that the Word of Yâ-hwéh is Yâhuwshúa`. See below:]

To whom is he trying to teach acknowledgment?  To those whom we announced wrong things.  To whom is he explaining the message?  To ones being weaned from the milk [His name], ones taken away from the breasts [prohibited from saying His name]!

Because ‘you must do this commandment, you must do that commandment, a little from this verse, a little from that verse (lit. line), a little while longer, a little while longer’,

Then with ones of foreign speech and by means of other languages He will speak the Word to this people,

of which He has said to them, ‘This is the rest-haven, rest!  It is for the weary’ and ‘This is the place of repose’, but they are not willing to listen. [1 Qorinthíym 14: 21]

So for them, the Word of Yâ-hwéh will become ‘you must do this commandment, you must do that commandment, a little from this verse (lit. line), a little from that verse, a little while longer, a little while longer’, in order that they will go and they will fall backwards and they will be crippled, and they will be ensnared, and they will be captured.

[And next we see another detail about these scornful legalists, who still believe in their near-miss falsehood.  They will lead this people to Yruwshâláim, into the trap, accompanying the “yehuwthím” as we explained:]

Therefore, understand what the Word of Yâ-hwéh is, scornful men who are rulers of this people that are in Yruwshâláim!

Since you say,

“We have made a pact, a covenant with death and with Sh’ówl we have made an agreement, that the scouring scourge [~the Abomination of the Desolation], when it passes over, shall not enter to us, because we have made falsehood our refuge, and we have hidden ourselves within the Lie.”

Because of this, my Sovereign Yâ-hwéh says,

Here I am, to lay in Tsiyyówn a Stone, a proven Stone, a valued Angular Stone for a sure Foundation; the one trusting in It shall put Perdition (Avadown) to shame. [per LXX, shall live forever” per Bar-Nâvíy]

So I shall set justice for the measuring-line [~standard], and rectification for the leveling instrument, and ye who trust vainly in falsehood, pelting icerocks shall sweep away the refuge of the falsehood, and waters shall overflow the hideout;

So your covenant with death shall be atoned for, and your agreement with Sh’ówl, it shall not stand.  The scourge is scouring as it passes over, and ye shall be a stomping ground for it

as often as it passes over; it will take you away as morning by morning it passes over, by day and by night!

And it shall be sheer horror to understand the report.


YirmYâ´huw chapter 48

This scripture chapter is about Mow’â´v (from his own father) which spiritually represents Christians who have supplanted Yâ-hwéh to make their own father, an error of course.  The entire chapter is written with proper names of places giving hidden meanings, and understand that there is mention here of this Valley and its aforementioned predicted destruction by Yâ-hwéh, in verse 11.


Chapter 48/ 31

  1. There is no more mending for Mow’â´v nor boasting in Stronghold (Cheshbówn), He has planned disaster against her.  We have cut her off from being a heathen mass, and she will surely be silenced, a sword will pursue after you!

3.       Because the sound of a hostile outcry is from Two Whores (chowronáyim) [~RCC and Islam], violence and great destruction!

4.       Mow’â´v shall be broken, () they will cause their cry of distress to be heard.

5.       Because the ascent is filled with weeping, one shall ascend weeping by the way of Two Whores (chowronáyim); ye have heard the cry of destruction.

6.       Flee!  And save your lives, or you will become like a stripped bush in the desert,

7.       () Since your trust is in your works () also you, you shall be captured [Romans 3: 20]; and [your false mighty ones] Subduer (Kmówsh) shall depart into captivity: his priests and his officials together;

[The big lie we see above mentioned in vv 5-7, is the satanic method of entrance into immortality by trusting in one's own works, an ascending oneself (`Âlâ´h), not going in by the Door, not walking The Way, Yâhuwshúa`. You hear this lie whenever someone says they think they will be saved by doing good works, or several other different methods they are misled to toil at.]

8.       And a destroyer will come against every city and no city shall escape, and the valley shall also perish and the plain shall be annihilated, which Yâ-hwéh has said.

9.       Set a gravestone for Mow’â´v, because she shall surely be expelled!  Her cities shall be for a desolation and become it from there being no one dwelling in them.

10.    Cursed is one working the Task of Yâ-hwéh deceitfully [Galátas 1: 8-9, Philippoçíym 1: 16], so cursed is the one withholding the sword [the Word, Yâhuwshúa`] from his blood! [~means not telling Christians His name]

11.    [like wine,] Mow’â´v has rested securely since his early life and continues undisturbed on his dregs, and he has not been poured from one jar to another jar, so he hasn’t gone into exile;  This is why his taste remains the same in him and his scent is unchanged.

12.    Therefore look, days are coming,

declares Yâ-hwéh,

when I shall dispatch to him decanters, and they shall tip him over and they shall empty out his jars and they shall burst their wine-skins!

and if you have read and remember all of the above, now consider this scripture,

Yshá`Yâhuw 22: 1-14 -

Chapter 22

  1. ¶The burden of the valley of the vision [`Amâlë´q]: What is happening to you now, because all of you have gone up to the housetops?

    [This phenomenon has been seen before whenever a people have thought that their Deliverer would come and collect them, to take them flying by air to the promised Land. Following the calamitous judgment done by the hand of mankind, but presided over by the spirit of Yâ-hwéh, those surviving fully expect this.]

  2. O city full of clamoring, the triumphant town is in an uproar, your slain ones were not slain by the sword, nor did they die in battle;
  3. All of your dictators, they have fled together, without a bow they were taken prisoner; all of you who were found were taken prisoner together, from afar whence they had fled.
  4. [This is quite poetic in its justice. The destruction of the valley is being done through the envoys of punishment, and their servant humans in positions of power in poorly-kept-secret societies, are planning this out, thinking to escape themselves. But the fact about these deceived misled men who think themselves to be wise, is that their knowledge can never ascend above that of their lords, the fallen envoys, who don't even tell them everything they think they know, which is certainly limited by what Yâ-hwéh wants them to know. Therefore, as they are murdering their own people, they will not inherit from them, but rather Yâ-hwéh will overthrow them too even if they have planned their escape to preplanned places far away.]

  5. Concerning this, I said,

“Look away from me, let me be bitter in my weeping, do not insist on consoling me concerning the destruction of the daughter of my people!”

  1. Because the day of tumult and stampeding and confusion is for my Sovereign, Yâ-hwéh of hosts, in the valley of the Vision, to break down the Wall (Qiyr) [16: 6-7, 30: 8-14], but to cry deliverance (Shúwa`) to the Mountain.
  2. So `Ëylâ´m (“Eternal” or “Hidden”) picks up the quiver against a chariot of a human of warhorses [~the impostor (ZkharYâ´hu 6: 1-6)], and the Wall (Qiyr) bares a shield [21: 5]
  3. [`Ëylâ´m means the eternal one. Those who acknowledge their mighty Ones by His true names live forever therefore being an eternal one. Such a one will pick up the quiver of the Truth whenever faced by any human vehicle of spirits against the Truth. But the Wall, Christianity, refuses His name, so it can only offer resistance (a shield) against the Impostor, thinking only to stop the impostor from conquering them.

    (`Ëylâ´m also happens to be spelled the same as "eternity/age" in `Ivríyth, except for the vowel points, so frequently "eternal one(s)" is found in Greek translations as aeon, finding its way into English translations as "age(s)", a pearl for understanding their mistranslations.)]

  4. yet it shall come to pass, the best of your valleys shall be filled with chariots, and the warhorses shall be securely stationed at the gate; [Dâ´niyyË´’l 8: 23-24, Disclosure 13: 7]
  5. [this verse basically says that resistance is futile for anyone who does not overcome the world by The Way of the Truth, Yâhuwshúa`, because anyone who has refused His true name has already accepted a Lie, and accepted the supplantation of their King.

    But He is not uncompassionate about their ignorance of Him, and sympathizes with their resistance to the Lie, so He gives them a last call as we explain on the page The Third Seal where we cite this next part of this scripture:]

  6. So He shall reveal the gate of the Profession of Yâ-hwéh (Yâhuwthâ´h) [52: 6, MattithYâ´huw 7: 13-14, Luwqá’ 13: 6-9], so they [`Ëylâ´m and Qiyr] shall be caused to look in that day towards the arsenal of the house of the forest [1 Kings 7: 2],
  7. [This is the narrow gate it speaks of. They all will examine the defenses of various congregations of Christianity against the impostor.  Shlomóh named his arsenal “the house of the forest”, meaning the arsenal of Yisrâ’ë´l, which spiritually is all those His witnesses who believe He is His Servant, the Anointed One, and this includes Christianity as blind Yisrâ’ë´l because they do not acknowledge His name.]

  8. then they [`Ëylâ´m and Qiyr] shall uncover the hidden things [Glad Tidings of Phílippos 20] so ye might have seen that the breaches of the City of the house of Dâwíth will have been many, even because one had brought back the waters of the Old Pool into the city, so ye shall have gathered the waters of the Lowest Pool;
  9. [The result of their review of their spiritual defenses against the impostor: The eternal ones bring back into the City the waters (collected spiritual communications from Yâ-hwéh) of the Old Pool, meaning the restoration of scriptures described in Chanówkh 104: 8-11, but Christianity standardizes their Flying Scroll according to their most inferior collection of scriptures (ZkharYâ´hu 5: 1-4)]

  10. then ye shall have taken account of the houses of Yruwshâláim, so then ye might have demolished some of the houses of Yruwshâláim to fortify the Wall,
  11. and ye made a reservoir for yourselves between the walls for the waters of the Storage Pool, but ye did not make it regard the One who made it, so the One who fashioned it from long ago ye did not look at! [~censored His name] [YirmYâ´huw 48: 34]
  12. [This means the Christian establishment will eliminate some of its more deviant denominations which will be exposed by the name-believers in order to strengthen their Wall, fortress Christianity, against the impostor. But relying on their own strength in numbers, they strengthen their unity by refashioning for themselves a scripture translation conforming to their own walls, in which they will not consider or regard Him, by eliminating His name, in the same manner the NIV translation declares to do in their Foreword.]

  13. So my Sovereign Yâ-hwéh of hosts has called on that day, for weeping, and for wailing, and for shaving one’s head and for girding on sackcloth, [Leviticus 23: 29]
  14. but look!  Rejoicing and gladness, slaughtering cattle and killing sheep to eat meat, even drinking wine, saying,

“Let us eat and let us drink because tomorrow we die!” [1 Qorinthíym 15: 32]

  1. And Yâ-hwéh of hosts disclosed in my ears,

Surely this perversity shall not be atoned for until ye die,

says my Sovereign, Yâ-hwéh of hosts;

[The Day of Atonement (7/10) is the Day all the sand of the sea name-unrecognizant Christianity will die, leaving a small remnant of 144,000. Yâ-hwéh also has called for us to afflict ourselves that day, every year, in memorial to this annihilation of our blind brothers to happen on that day, when the Sixth Seal happens, and also known as the Great Day of Yâ-hwéh.

We do weep and lament, we who realize the enormity of the problem of the standardization of their Flying Scroll scripture translation to conform to the Wall of fortress Christianity by eliminating all mention of His name from it, because we know the consequences of refusing His salvation.  But they simply give up and live for the day, knowing the Judgment comes.  This refusal to acknowledge Him is the unpardonable sin, meaning that they must pay for their sins themselves by death, because rejecting His rectification means they are still under condemnation.

Now, since only the local misleaders are being held responsible with this event, Yâ-hwéh continues on to deal with the foolish shepherd who has been put as steward over His house:]

The Key to enter alive vs. its Nub

  1. Thus says my Sovereign, Yâ-hwéh of hosts,

Go!  Come to this steward, onto Vigorous Growth (Shevnâ´h), who is over the house, and say to him,

  1. What here belongs to you?  And who is for you here that you should cut out a grave for yourself here?

(He is hewing his grave in a high place and chiseling a resting place in the Rock for himself) [~foreshadow (YirmYâ´huw 49: 16, Chavaqqúwq 2: 9, `OvathYâ´hu 1-4)]

  1. Look!  Yâ-hwéh is the One casting you out – a rejection, O mighty man, and Who shall surely grasp you and defrock you of your rank
  2. and your illustrious crown!  He shall surely roll you up into a ball, rolling to a cultivated land of great size.  There you shall die, but there He shall bring the vehicle of your weight to infamy, and the house of your sovereigns to be trampled.
  3. So I shall depose you from your position, and they shall overthrow you from your service.
  4. And it shall be in that day, that I shall call My servant, to ’Elyâqíym (the Power is established)[~those who do not believe they can alter Him or His name, but who accept Him as being established.], the son of ChilqiyYâ´huw (my portion is Yâ-hwéh);
  5. And I shall array him in your tunic and I shall fasten your sash around him, and I will set your stewardship in his hand, and he shall be for a father to the inhabitant of Yruwshâláim, and for the house of Yâhuwthâ´h.
  6. And I will put the Key of the house of Dâwíth [Song 118] to be his responsibility, and it shall open and there will be none to shut, and it shall shut and there will be none to open.
  7. And I will drive its nub [ZkharYâ´hu 10: 4] into a firm place, and it will be for a throne of worthiness for the house of its father,
  8. And all the weight of the house of its father will hang on it, the offspring and the offshoots, all of the lesser vessels, from the vessels of the bowls even to all of the vessels of the jars.
  9. In that Day,

declares Yâ-hwéh of hosts,
the nub driven into the firm place will give way, and it will be sheared off, and it will fall, and the load that is on it will be cut down, because Yâ-hwéh has spoken!

[As the Key of Dâwíth is the Key of Acknowledgment, acknowledging Yâhuwshúa` is Yâ-hwéh, this key has been ground down to a nub, which Christianity substitutes for this testimony.  They hang everything on their “Jesus is Lord”, from the top to the bottom of their establishment.]

For more information about ’Ephráyim, study the PSR (Purer Scriptures for the REMNANT) translation of the Scroll of Howshë´a`, and YirmYâ´huw Chapter 31 which has much more information on this people who are to become the firstborn of Yâ-hwéh.

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