Christianity is the Dry Tree

Modern Christianity: The Dried Tree

And turning towards them [the wives], Yâhuwshúa` said: “Daughters of Yruwshâláim: do not weep over Me, moreover weep over yourselves and over your sons; Because look!  Days are coming in which they will say: “Happy are the sterile and wombs that did not procreate and breasts that did not suckle.” That is when you ‘…shall begin to say to the mountains: “Fall upon us!” And to the hills: “Conceal us!”’  [Howshë´`á 10: 8, Disclosure 6: 16] Because if during the rain-watered tree they do these things, what may take place during the dried tree?

[Luwqa' 23:28-31]

The true Aramaic alphabet spelling of the name of Yâ-hwéh

LIP SERVICE led to His allowing His name to be lost

So my Sovereign says,

For because this people approaches Me with their mouth, and with their lips they honor Me, but their heart is far removed from Me, even their reverence of Me is in vain [Septuagint (LXX)], being taught rules of mortal men, [MattithYâ´huw 15: 6-9, Márquwç 7: 6] this is why, look!  I am Who will do it again to do an extraordinary thing to this people: doing wonder upon wonder, yet the wisdom of their learned ones will wander off and get lost, and the understanding of their discerning ones will be carefully hidden![1 Qorinthíym 1: 19]

[Yshá'Yâhuw 29: 13-14]

the wise are made fools

Where is a wise one?  Where is a scribe?  Where is a commentator of this age?  Didn’t Yâ-hwéh make absurd the wisdom of this world?

[1 Qorinthíym 1:20]


Because having known Yâ-hwéh, they did not praise Him as “Yâ-hwéh” nor were thankful.  Instead, they became vain in their reasonings, and their uncomprehending heart was dimmed.

Asserting their selves to be wise, they became fools,

And altered the Honor of the incorruptible ’Elohíym (Mighty Ones) into a similitude of a corrupted human’s image, even into an image of birds and of quadrupeds and creeping things* . [Yshá`Yâhuw 52: 14]

Wherefore Yâ-hwéh also gave them up unto uncleanness by the desires of their hearts, for their bodies to be depreciated by them, Who exchanged the Truth of Yâ-hwéh for the Lie, and reverenced and served the created thing beyond the Creator, Who is blessed into the ages, ’Âmë´n.  [Howshë´`á 4: 6-7, Chanówkh 104: 7-8]

[Romans 1:21-25]

The Apostasy - הַ־פֶשַׁﬠ

This page is under repair. the season for the judgment approaches, which is set to happen at an appointed time in the History of Man, He in His zeal is reserving for Himself a remnant of His people He is calling to have the true Testimony of Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`.

...the Apostasy (rebellion) of His people against Him is making them prefer the Lie to the Truth that could save them.

About this wall background:

“Now go, write it on a tablet for them, and inscribe it on a scroll, so it may exist for a testimony for eternity for a day to come [now], because this rebellious ["Mary" in Hebrew] people are deceitful sons, sons who are not willing to listen to the instruction of Yâ-hwéh, who say to the seeing, “Do not look”, and to the seers, “Do not visualize the correct things for us; tell us smooth-talk, gaze ye at illusions!  Turn off from this Way, thrust away from this path, stop confronting us with the Pure One of Yisrâ'Ë´l!

Therefore this says the Pure One of Yisrâ'Ë´l: Because ye spurn this Word, and ye relied on the Fraud and the distortion, and ye support yourself on it, therefore this perversion will become for you like a break ready to fall, a bulging in a high wall, which her collapse comes suddenly in an instant!  And it will break her like the shattering of the potters' jars being shattered mercilessly and there will not be found among its pieces a shard to pick up fire from the burning or to bail up waters from a cistern!  Because this says the Sovereign Yâ-hwéh, the Pure One of Yisrâ'Ë´l: When you shall return [repent] and groan [Septuagint (LXX)], then you shall be saved, and you shall know where you were, as long as you trusted in the vanities, that your strength became devoid of force, but you are unwilling!”

[Yshá`Yâhuw "Isaiah" 30:8-15]

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The Apostasy - What is it?

The book of Second Thessalonians says in the (establishment-)Authorized King James (per)Version:

2: 3.  Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day [of Yâ-hwéh] shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

This term, “falling away”, is well known to Bible believing Christians as being the translation of the Greek word, “APOSTASIA”, which means Apostasy.  The Strong's Concordance defines this term as:

646. apostasia apostasia ap-os-tas-ee'-ah; feminine of the same as 647; defection from truth (properly, the state) [“apostasy”]:— falling away, forsake.

“Apostasia” is a Greek term meaning Rebellion against just authority (Pésha` in Hebrew, a pearl for a word search).  Paulus in this passage is talking about the Convocation (ekklesia), that before the coming of our Sovereign in judgment in the Day of Yâ-hwéh, that the Convocation would be in a state of defection from the Truth.  This is not the same as mere ignorance of the Truth.  Yet it only makes sense that this should be so, for why would He come to judge in anger if the Convocation were in order?  So, what is this "Truth" which the Convocation has defected from?

Therefore Yâhuwshúa` said towards the Yâhuwthím who had believed on Him: 

“If ye abide in My Word, ye are truly My pupils.

And ye shall acknowledge the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free.”

[Yâhuwchânân's Glad Tidings 8:31-32]

Father, purify them within Your Truth: For Your Word is Truth.

[Yâhuwchânân's Glad Tidings 17:17]

Here we see clearly that His Word is the Truth which if we acknowledge it, shall set us free from sin.  Now then, what is that Word?

And I saw the mid-skies opened up, and look!  A white horse, and He who sits upon it was called Trustworthy and True, and for justification He shall judge and shall make war!

And His eyes are as a blaze of lightning, and upon His head many crowns having a name written which no one discerns except Himself, [MattithYâ´huw 11:27]

And clothed about in a garment sprinkled all about in blood [Yshá`Yâhuw 63:1-6]; and His name is called The Word of Yâ-hwéh!

[Disclosure ("Revelation") 19:11-13]

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THEREFORE, the “falling away” which must happen to the Convocation is its mass defection and state of defection from the Word of Yâ-hwéh, which is the name of Yâhuwshúa` and His authority.  The general refusal of the Convocation against acknowledging the Truth is the Apostasy.  For centuries the Convocation has not heard His name preached, and ignorance is not the same as rebellion.  Now, however, as His true name is being heard as it is preached, ignorance is turning, or has turned into REBELLION!

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  The WORD of Yâ-hwéh - what is it?

So here we get to what was probably one of the first steps taken into the dimness of the dark ages of the Convocation.  Everywhere you look in Christianity, much scriptural meaning is lost to view because Christians allege that “the Word” means “scripture”.  It does not.  It has two meanings, defined in scripture.  As per the above verse,

...and His name is called The Word of Yâ-hwéh!”

[Disclosure ("Revelation") 19:13]

And the other meaning of this term is the Anointed One Himself, as He is identified as the Word of Yâ-hwéh, in both the Pre-advent (Tenakh, "Old Testament") and the Post-advent ("New Testament") scriptures.  Yet by no means are Christians the only ones making this basic error of thinking "the Word" means "scripture".  Many near-miss name groups ("sacred-name" groups) ALSO do this, some even saying it is "Torah" (the Law), and going as far as saying that the Anointed was the "incarnation of the Torah" (Law)!  Then they proceed even further down that dark path of false reasoning to say «Christianity is not saved because they left the Torah", not because they left His name, and this is why they fall into LEGALISM. Legalism is by definition, the false doctrine that one can justify oneself from their sins by means of works of the Law (Ma`aseh Torah).  This error is clearly predicted by Ysha`Yahuw 28:7-13

“Yet also these meander in their calculations by the wine [of Bâvél] and they wander by the bourbon, the priest and predicator mislead by the bourbon, they are swallowed from the wine, they wander from the bourbon!   They mislead by the vision, they stumble in their reasoning.  Because every [Christian communion] meal is full of regurgitated excrement, there is no place [for Him]!  A curse consumes this meal, because the purpose of it is greediness for gain.  To whom is he trying to teach acknowledgment? To those whom we announced wrong things. To whom is he explaining His message?  To ones being weaned from the milk [His name], ones taken away from the breasts [prohibited from saying His name]!  [`Ivríym "Hebrews" 5:11-6:3]  Because 'you must do this commandment, you must do that commandment, a little from this verse, a little from that verse (lit. line), a little while longer, a little while longer'.  Then with ones of foreign speech and by means of other languages He will speak the Word to this people, of which He has said to them, `This is the rest-haven, let the weary rest!' and `This is the place of repose,' but they are not willing to listen.  So for them, the Word of Yâ-hwéh will become `you must do this commandment, you must do that commandment, a little from this verse, a little from that verse, a little while longer,' in order that they will go and they will fall backward and they will be crippled, and they will be ensnared, and they will be captured.”

The milk is the Word.  Hebrews 5:11-6:3 explains what happens when you are weaned (removed by your feeders) from the milk of the Word.  You start laying again a foundation of repentance from dead works, rather than that of persuasion on His Foundation.  Note that the `Ivriym Paulus is writing to have become sluggish in their understanding because they were being weaned (deprived) of the name, just like babies do when they are being starved.

11.  ¶ About whom our topic is large and difficult in interpretation to explain, since ye have become sluggish to understand.

12.  For ye also ought to be instructors due to the time [you have known Him], yet ye again have a need of one to instruct you what the fundamentals are, the chief importance of the Words of the Mighty Ones [1 Qorinthíym 15: 2-3], so ye have become ones having a need of milk [Letter of Bar-Nâvíy 6: 17], not of solid food!

13.  For everyone who is limited to milk is not proven in the Word of the justification, for he is an infant!

14.  But the solid food is for the mature ones, the ones who through the habit have exercised the senses towards distinguishing between both virtue and evil.

Chapter 6

Forsakers of the Word try to lay a foundation of works

1.  Which is why, when you forsake the chief importance of the Word of the Anointed, which should bring us on to the maturity, aren't you laying again a foundation of repentance from dead works?  But trusting on 'Elohíym (the Mighty Ones)

2. and the teaching of immersions, imposition of a hand, both resurrections of the dead, and the judgment of the ages,

3.  If indeed Yâ-hwéh might permit, we will do this.

So indeed the move against His name started early, with the disinformation that the Word means scripture, and the above "fundamentals of the chief importance of the Words of the Mighty Ones" were forgotten, and then the Convocation's great majority forsook and forgot His name, the beginning of darkness.  This was the fall of the Virgin of Yisrâ'Ël.  They were led astray by their foolish shepherds.  But ignorance does not constitute rebellion (apostasy).  That was predicted for their future, after having been through the "drought of His Word" [`Âmówç 8: 11-12] for centuries.

Look, days are coming,” declares my Sovereign Yâ-hwéh, “when I shall dispatch a famine into the Land, not a famine for bread nor thirst for the waters, as instead for hearing the Words of Yâ-hwéh.  And they will wander from one sea to another sea and from north even unto to the orient, quickly to and fro, to ask about the Word of Yâ-hwéh, but they will not find it.

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The Apostasy defection against His name is foretold in the Olivet discourse!

8. And He said:

“Beware ye not be caused to wander astray, for many shall come against My name, yet saying that I amthe Anointed One, and:

The season is drawn near!

Yet they will cause many to wander astray.  Do not consequently follow after them.

[Luwqá' 21: 8 supplemented by MattithYahuw 24:4-5]

But then the many shall be ensnared, and they will deliver up one's neighbor, and will hate one's brother, and brother will give over another brother unto death, and father his child, and children will stand up against their parents, and will put them to death; [Márquwç 13: 12]

And many preachers of the Lie will arise and will cause the many to wander astray;

And because rebellion [apostasy] shall have been multiplied, the affectionate love of the many will grow cold;

But he who endures in My name unto the conclusion - this one shall be delivered.[at His coming at the 6th Seal]

[MattithYahuw 24:10-13]

So HERE, the Anointed Yâhuwshúa` made clear that the opponents of His name, preachers of the Lie, would cause the early departure and wandering astray of the Convocation, and that will be multiplied by rebellion (Apostasy), and that enduring (in His name) determines who will be delivered.

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Note 11 May 2002 RD: In Paltalk Christian chatrooms, I have often proclaimed the Word and this true understanding of end-prophecy, and today I encountered a new and prophesied Christian retort.  They did not try to prove wrong the doctrine which I presented with scripture.  They simply dismissed everything I said, saying "you're just a sacred [sic] namer".  This canned and labeled me, and filed me under "ignore" to them.  I see it as the start of a significant new trend in the Christian institutionalization of the rebellion against His name.  It didn't matter that there was nothing they could say to resist the scriptural doctrine I taught, I was a persona non grata to them because of His name.  Look to this trend increasing.

"And ye will be hated by all men due to My name; but he that endures to the end, this one shall be saved."

[MattithYâ´huw 10:22]

Bâ´ruwkh há-bâ b-shë´m Yâ-hwéh!  (Blessed is the One coming by the name of Yâ-hwéh!)

[Songs 118: 25-27]

(The hapless apostate Christian in question who did this was nicknamed "Aunt Gabby" and is a Christian identity woman.  I bet she and her spiritual kin will be saying the same thing about ’ËliyYâ´huw when he comes to finish preparing us for the arrival of our Sovereign!)

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Why is the Christian belief on the Lie so generalized and so unshakeable?

The reason why the body of believers is in such impenetrable darkness was predicted by the Anointed, and it is due to Christian unquestioning reliance on the (per)version of the name in their scripture translation to be accurate or trustworthy, come hell or high water.  The lamp of their spiritual body is their spiritual vision source.  Songs ("Psalms") 119:105 says "Your Word is a Lamp for my feet and a Light for my path:"  We know from Disclosure ("Revelation") 19:13 that the name of the Son is the Word of Yâ-hwéh.  Don't keep THIS Lamp under a bushel!  But what happens if the Christians' lamp is corrupted?

The lamp of your body is your vision source; therefore, if your vision source were intact, your entire body will be in great light.

But if your vision source were harmful, your entire body will be dark!  Therefore, if the light that is in you is darkness, how great is the darkness!

[MattithYahuw 6:22-23]

How does He illustrate this?  Why, in the VERY NEXT VERSE He says this:

No one is able to serve two sovereigns!  For either he will hate the one and he will love the other; or he will hold to one and he will despise the other!  Ye are not able to serve Yâ-hwéh and God (Fortune).  [see also Yshá`Yâhuw 65: 11-17]

(If you wonder why "God" is an unacceptable term to Yâ-hwéh, you need to read The Name Page.)  Truly their zeal is admirable, but their trust is misplaced, and to convince them of the Truth they were not taught is next to impossible with their zeal, pride, and peer pressure.  And unlearning what they were taught to cherish most in life is complicated by all the obstacles which come up, because their error has led them far down the wrong path for nearly 2,000 years, with many, many false doctrines to deal with.  It becomes a spiritual obstacle course stacked against them because they lean on their own understanding and instinctively, they do not want to be embarrassed repeatedly.  For many to study and seek the Truth on their own is thus so difficult it is nearly impossible, and no one can come to the Father unless He draws him.  I can tell you the Truth, and perhaps convince you with facts, but who actually would care enough about it to abandon the approval of their peers and family to pursue the Truth? But even if some believe, without a restored scripture translation, we are all still marching through the Amazon with a machete!

Thus the purpose of this website and this new scripture translation downloadable for free is to REMOVE the obstacles from the way of our people, His people, and to make it easier for our people to relearn scriptural Truth without having to become embarrassed in front of anyone.  This is only between you and Him, and may Yâ-hwéh indeed bless you to understand.  So go search in these new translations, which focus on accuracy rather than conformity to tradition, and see just how bright the Light can shine.

One putting his trust in Him is not condemned; but one not being persuaded has already been condemned, because he has not put his trust in the name of the only-Kin Son of the Mighty One.

And this is the decision, because the Light has come into the world, but those sons of 'Âthâ´m affectionately loved the darkness rather than the Light, for their works were evil.

For everyone who practices amiss hates the Light, and does not come towards the Light, in order that his works may not be exposed;

But the one performing the Truth does come towards the Light, in order that his works may be shown because they have been wrought within Yâ-hwéh!

[Yâhuwchânâ´n's Glad Tidings (John) 3:18-21]

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The BIG PICTURE in summary:

Our Sovereign made abundantly clear throughout all scripture that His name is very important to acknowledge, fear, and to praise.  Reportedly, they say EXTREME care was taken when the Jews were transcribing the pure scriptures, and the instances of the appearance of the vowelless tetragrammaton was supposed to stay intact in scriptures until the times of the Maccabbees when vowel points were invented. Then, it is said that the Pharushíym ("Pharisees") penciled in the wrong vowel points to enforce their tradition to have followers say their substitutes “Adonâ´y” or “’Elohíym” whose vowels they wrote into the consonants of His name to invent "Yehowah" and "Yehowih" (which evolved to Jehovah), and also reportedly then outlawed saying His name after the times of the Maccabees because of the Greeks who profaned the Temple.

But the truth is more frightening than that!  That name-censorship has NOT only been since the time that the VOWEL POINTS were invented, The Lie and the substitution of His name began LONG BEFORE THEN.  We see in scriptures that the avoidance of His name and the outlawing of saying His name began even during the time of Dâwíth!  He and others documented in Songs ("Psalms") that they who professed His name were the small minority and persecuted by those against His name who were in the majority. But the institution of vowel points INSTITUTIONALIZED the Lie because now it was on paper, and the true way of pronouncing His name was passed on only by hearsay!

So, should we believe it when they tell us EXTREME care was taken when the Jews were transcribing the pure scriptures?  Indeed the foxes were in charge of the henhouse! Not only do we see not one intact or correct rendition of His name in their Masoretic text version, we see entire 'Psalms' written about professing His name and invoking Him without one mention of His name!

So, because of these things, wisdom has been lost, and the lying scribes (Jer. 8:8-9) wrote their scriptures for the Lie. Thereafter, as Christians also adopted this Jewish myth [Titus 1:14] of "not taking the name in vain" by substituting out His name from their scriptures, their faith had no works of testimony to back their persuasion, so it was dead.  Then wisdom was lost: they forgot the name of the Rock of their Strength and misrecorded it in their Greek translations (Isaiah 17:10-11), and began building on a foreign vine, the false names which are collectively called "the Lie" in scripture.  Since they forget the name of their Mighty Ones, they are reckoned as sheep for the slaughter (Songs "Psalms" 44:20-22), and Yâ-hwéh was angry with His people and profaned His inheritance: He gave up His people to Bâvél (Babylon - Confusion), who laid her yoke very heavily upon us (Isaiah 47:6).  For centuries the true name was ignored yet conserved in ZkharYâ´hu (Zechariah) 6:11-12 for all who care to see it in the Hebrew texts.  Songs ("Psalms") 135:13 says that His name shall endure forever, though some pretend to excuse themselves saying that 'since the actual original scripture copies are not in our possession, there is no way we can know it for sure'.  Yet now in these end-times, the true name and the true Glad Tidings are at last being proclaimed throughout the world, but Christianity (adulterous Israel) has hardened its heart, and is rejecting it as they lean on their own understanding.  Songs ("Psalms") and `Ivriym ("Hebrews") says: "If today you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts..."

But by turning ignorance into rebellion, the APOSTASY is multiplying.

“The Many” in scripture, which could also be translated “The Majority”, refers to the Christians which follow after false mighty ones this way of the Lie, but yet believe in the sinless life, death and resurrection of the Anointed One, a belief which guarantees them justification when they resurrect at the First Resurrection to be with Him.

Yâ-hwéh has promised to build a remnant in these last times, the Virgin of Yisrâ'Ël, which will have the right testimony - no guile will be on their lips -  and thus will be blameless at His coming.  They are “the Few”, the 144,000.  The rest who reject His name are prophesied throughout scripture to be exterminated at His coming, and further converts to the Lie which is not Yâhuwshúa` will also be annihilated.

6.  “You are the one who has rejected Me!”  declares Yâ-hwéh, “You continue walking backwards, so I will stretch out My hand against you and I will destroy you, I am tired of showing compassion.

7.  So I shall SIFT (winnow) them with a PITCHFORK at the gates of the Land[MattithYâ´huw 3:12], I shall miscarry them, I shall exterminate [those of] My people by means of their iniquities who have not changed from their ways.

8.  Their widows will be more numerous to Me than the sand of the seas - I will bring upon them, against the mother of the youths, one destroying at the midday [Songs 91:6], I will suddenly apportion by lot to them terror and sudden ruin!

[YirmYâ´huw 15: 6-8]

Choose The Way of Life

13. ¶ Enter in through the narrow gate; for broad is the gate and wide-open is the way that leads into the extermination, and the many are those who enter in through it.

14.  For narrow is the gate and afflicted is The Way that leads into the life, and the few are they who find it!

15.  So beware of preachers of the Lie, who come towards you in sheep's robes, but are predatory wolves within!

[MattithYahuw 7:13-15]

1.   ¶ But there were also predicators of the Lie among the people then, as there also will be teachers of the Lie among you, who will stealthily bring in sects of extermination, even denying the Sovereign Who bought them, bringing upon themselves a swift extermination!

2.   And the Many will follow their ways of extermination [MattithYâ´huw 7: 13] out, by whom The Way of the Truth will be reviled.

3.   And in greediness, with smooth-talk they will make peddlers of you; for whom the ancient condemnation is not idle, and their extermination does not slumber...

[2 Këph 2:1-3]

So now reread this:

13.   ¶ Enter in through the narrow gate; for broad is the gate and wide-open is the way that leads into the extermination, and the Many are those who enter in through it.

[MattithYâ´huw 7: 13]

Yet the implications and the consequences of the Lie is not merely limited to having the wrong name applied to our Sovereign, the Anointed Yâhuwshúa`.  It goes much farther than that.  Because Christians who forgot His name also lost the key to understanding the treasures of His knowledge and wisdom, they had their wisdom turned to foolishness (see left margin text).  This means they went astray from The Way in many other scriptural doctrines as well as in their depiction of Who our Sovereign is and how He is.  The newcomer Christian may stumble at hearing that these are false, as they are inculcated to be cherished in their hearts, such as the Lie that He is a "trinity", an error they have no excuse for according to Romans 1:20, or that He violated the Shabbâ´th and designated "Sun-day" as the new day of rest, and abolished the Law.  But one of the most damaging lies about Him is the Christian physical and mental imaging of Him as an effeminate, good-looking, long-haired long-bearded man (an image borrowed from Zeus, so they might "Gaze at Zeus"), with a halo (a symbol for the luminary orb). Examine here how Páulus not only condemns these Christian practices, but also condemns representing Him with a white dove (birds), lambs (quadrupeds), and serpents on poles (creeping things)!

21.  Because having known Yâ-hwéh, they did not honor Him as “Yâ-hwéhnor were thankful.  Instead, they became vain in their reasonings, and their uncomprehending heart was dimmed.

22.  Asserting their selves to be wise, they became fools,

23.  And altered the Honor of the incorruptible 'Elohíym into a similitude of a corrupted human's image, even into an image of birds and of quadrupeds and creeping things.

24.  Wherefore Yâ-hwéh also gave them up unto uncleanness by the desires of their hearts, for their bodies to be depreciated by them,

25.  Who exchanged the Truth of Yâ-hwéh for the Lie, and reverenced and served the created thing beyond the Creator, Who is blessed into the ages, 'Âmë´n.  [Howshë´`á 4: 6-7, Chanówkh 104: 7-8]

[Romans 1:21-25]

Yâ-hwéh is not only disgusted with the worship of man's creature of the false name, rather He is also disgusted with the entire package of lies which have been ascribed traditionally by Christian religions to the Lie.  This is why He will allow the anointed falsifier, the manifestation of the Lie, to come as this "package deal"!  Note that in the scripture saying this, that this Lie is called an operation of Satan!

9. ...the one coming according to the operation of the Adversary, within all of the force and signs and wonders of the Lie,

10. And in every deception of the Wickedness among the ones that are being exterminated, which is in the place of the affectionate love of the Truth they did not accept for them to be rescued.

11. So through permitting this thing, Yâ-hwéh will send to them an operation of fraudulence [Dâ´niyyë´'l 11: 23], for them to believe in the Lie,

12. In order that all who did not believe the Truth, who instead delighted in the Wickedness, may be judged!

[2 Thessalonikeans 2:9-12]

What is the Wickedness which verse 10 above refers to?  The Lie which was substituted into Christians' spiritual vision source, their lamp, in the "Holy Bible" Flying Scroll by lying scribes, and who is described in ZkharYâ´hu 5: 1-11. After it has manifested, when Yâ-hwéh returns it is going to be exiled out of the Land to be set in its proper place of origin in Bâvél ("Babylon") in the land of Son`ar (commonly misread Shin`ar) where it was situated and where it belongs.

1. Then I returned and I lifted my eyes and I saw and here is a scroll flying.

2. So He said to me, “What are you seeing?”  And I said, “I am seeing a scroll flying, her length is 20 cubits and her width is 10 cubits.”

3. And He said to me, “This is the curse (hâ-’Âlâ´h [f.]) which is going out over the face of all of the earth because everyone stealing from this, according to her, he shall be erased, and everyone being sated from this, according to her, he shall be erased.

4. I will dispatch her out," declares Yâ-hwéh of hosts, "and she will enter into the house of the thief and into the house of the one being surfeited against My name for the Lie, and she will lodge in the midst of his house, and she will destroy it with its timbers and its stones."

5. Then the Envoy, the One dictating with me, went out to me, and He said to me, “Lift, please, your eyes, and see!  What is this one going abroad?

6. And I said, “What is she?”  And He said, “This is the measuring basket which is going abroad!”  And He said, “This is their vision-source throughout all of the Land!

7. And there was lifted up a round weight of lead, and this certain woman is dwelling within the midst of the measuring basket,

8. and He said, “This is the Wickedness!”  And He pushed her into the inside of the basket, and He pushed a stone of lead over its mouth.

9. Then I lifted up my eyes and I saw, and there were two women going out and the wind was in their wings, and the wings belonging to them were like the wings of the stork; and they carried off the measuring basket between the land and the skies.

10. Then I said to the Envoy, the One dictating with me, “To where are they carrying away the measuring basket?”

11. And He said to me, “To rebuild for her a house in the land of Son`â´r.  [Yâshâ´r 7: 43, 1 Moshéh 11: 1-9] When it will be ready, then she will be rested there upon her base.” [Yshá`Yâhuw 37: 7, Dâ´niyyË´’l 11: 44, 2 Thessaloníkeans 2: 8]

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About the commonly accepted portraits allegedly depicting Yâhuwshúa` (there will be none on this website, just of the image of the beast):

The arch of Titus in Rome, built to commemorate the Roman victory over the Jews in their Bar Kochba revolt shows the Judean men having short hair and well-trimmed beards.  Yâhuwshúa` came as one of our brothers and was physically indistinguishable from these men, so much so that He could blend in among them and be lost to their sight, and even at the end, they required one of His close disciples to identify Him.  Therefore long hair and a long beard would have made Him stick out, and since Isaiah reveals in chapter 53 that He was not attractive that we might desire Him, Yâhuwshúa` in the flesh was nothing like the Catholic image they portray and which is so embedded even in Protestant minds. But now for sure He is no longer like what He was, He is as He appeared to Yâhuwchânâ´n on the island of Patmus (Revelation 1).

Consequently, from now on we recognize no one by the flesh, even if we have also known the Anointed by the flesh, nevertheless we now no longer know Him by the flesh.

[2 Qorinthiym 5:16}

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It is sin to make an image of Yâhuwshúa`.

    This issue is timely since the Christian mass acceptance of Mel Gibson's Passion movie.  Protestant congregations have been packing buses to go look at this Catholic image movie.  Besides its fidelity to Catholic traditions over scripture, it in itself is a violation of the Law, and one which engrains a false image into viewers' minds, as well as a false name.
    The word IDOL is a Greek word meaning WORSHIPPED IMAGE, which was transliterated from the Greek into our languages rather than translated, in order to avoid upsetting the world's religious establishment which is practicing image worship (idolatry).  There is no difference between idols and icons and images which are revered, adored, served, bowed to, or prayed to.  Yâhuwshúa` is the Image of Yâ-hwéh, and there is no other.  [2 Qorinthíym 4:4]  and yes, He is jealous! Protestants used to distinguish themselves from Catholics by not hanging their "Jesus" on their crucifixes, but lately they are seen putting images of their "Jesus" in movies, walls, churches, schools, bumperstickers, books, pamphlets, and even on the headlights of their automobiles! They are sinning, violating these commandments:

(2) 4.  You shall not be making for yourself a carved image of worship, including an image of anything that is from above in the heavens or that is from beneath on the earth, or that is from beneath the earth within the waters.

5.  You shall not be bowing to them and you shall not be serving them, as I, Yâ-hwéh, am your Mighty Ones: a jealous Mighty One, punishing the perversity of the fathers onto children up to a third generation and up to a fourth generation to ones hating Me:

6.  Yet Who shall demonstrate favor to thousands: to ones affectionately loving Me, even to ones observing My commandments:

[Exodus 20:4-6]

Do not make for yourselves nothingnessess and you shall not set up carved images for yourselves, and you shall not place in your land any carved stone to bow down before it because I am Yâ-hwéh, your Mighty Ones!

[Leviticus 26:1]

And for you who errantly say "I only believe in what is written in the NEW Testament", here are just a few examples out of the many:

My sons, guard your selves from worshipped images.

[1 Yâhuwchânâ´n 5:21]

Neither become ye image-worshippers, just as some of them, as it has been written:

“So they rose up early on the next morning and they offered burnt offerings, and they presented fellowship offerings [to 'Aharón's golden calf he called “Yâ-hwéh”]; and the people sat to eat, and to drink, and they got up to revel.”

[Exodus 32: 6] [1 Qorinthíym 10:7]       

Wherefore, my beloved, flee from image-worship!

[1 Qorinthíym 10:14]

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Who are the heretics?  Who are the sects?  Which is the cult?

Everyone thinks the OTHER worshippers are the heretics and infidels.  This is one of the reasons why the blood of all the slain will be found to be in the whore, the Great Confusion, mother of all false religions.  Pure scripture does not advocate killing the heathens, or the heretics, or the sects (the Quran is not scripture).  Yâ-hwéh will take care of that, not us.  Yâ-hwéh has ordered us to not murder, and says "vengeance is Mine, and retribution!"  [Deut 32:35 see Song of the Lamb given to Mosheh (Moses)]  Researching the words which have been used to excuse Christian/Catholic violence against separatists reveals that "accursed" comes from "anathema", which means to put out, to remove from our fellowship.  Heretics are to be excused out.  NOT KILLED.

"Decline a schismatic man after having instructed him once and twice,

Understanding that such a one is turned away, so he errs, being condemned by his self."

[Titus 3:10-11]

Still, those of us who seek to worship Him the Way He wants us to, according to His scripture as it originally was written and using the correct names to acknowledge Him, are the ones who will be most viciously hated and labeled as HERETICS, CULTISTS, and such lies.  Why?  Because He said they would, and this is because Satan hates us, the Virgin of Yisrâ'Ël, most of all.

For the dragon was angry at the wife, and went to make war against the rest of her Seed: those who observe the commandments of Yâ-hwéh, and maintain the testimony of Yâhuwshúa`.

[Revelation (Disclosure) 12:17]

Hear what Yâ-hwéh says to Ysha`Yahuw (Isaiah) about joining the apostates (rebels in Greek) of Yisrâ'Ël, a warning which applies to today's Christianity also since they are their direct spiritual descendants:

Because thus says Yâ-hwéh to me, as a strong hand upon me, and He warned me to not allow myself to be persuaded to walk in the way of this people, saying:

You shall not call 'a heretical sect' to everything that this people calls 'a heretical sect' and their fear you shall not fear, and you shall not dread, But you shall consider Yâ-hwéh the Anointed pure, and He is to be your fear and He is to be your dread: and He will be for a place for asylum,  but as a striking Stone and as a obstacle Rock that makes them fall, for both of the houses of Yisrâ'Ë´l, for a trap and for a snare to Yruwshâláim's inhabitants: And of them, the Many will stumble and they will fall and they will be broken and they will be ensnared and they will be captured; Then shall be apparent the ones the Law sealed to not learn of Me. [Septuagint (LXX)]  The Rock of the testimony shall affix the seal of the Law among those accustomed to Me!

[Yshá`Yâhuw (Isaiah) 8: 12-16]

[If you looked up the above verse in your establishment translation, you won't find "the Anointed" there, you will find "of Hosts" because the postmessianic Jewish masoretic scribes revised this, and this can be seen to be its original form in the book of 1 Këph (Peter) 3:15.]

Now listen to what scripture says about sects, what they preach, and how they do it.  How can anyone pretend it talks about those who preach the correct name of Yâhuwshúa`?  And are we the "many"?  How can anyone harden their heart to all this devastating information about their own name-denying religion?

The Teachers of the Lie:

(1) Doomed peddlers of death

¶ But there were also predicators (preachers) of the Lie among the people then, as there also will be teachers of the Lie among you, who will stealthily bring in sects of extermination, even denying the Sovereign Who bought them, bringing upon themselves a swift extermination!

And the many will follow their ways of extermination out, due to whom The Way of the Truth will be reviled.

And in greediness, with smooth-talk they will make peddlers of you; for whom the ancient condemnation is not idle, and their extermination does not slumber.

[2 Këph (Peter) 2:1-3]

For we are not as the Many, making gain by corrupting the Word of Yâ-hwéh; instead, as it is in Truth!  Moreover, before the presence of the Mighty One within the Anointed, we speak it as it is from Yâ-hwéh!

[2 Qorinthíym 2:17]

When we go into Christian congregations or chat rooms, we often get told to stop "sowing discord among the brethren", partially quoting Proverbs 6:19 (KJV).  What does that scripture REALLY say?  Read it here, six describe them:

Here are six things Yâ-hwéh hates, and seven are things His Self detests!  The eyes of the haughty ones, the language of the Lie, and the hands of the ones shedding innocent blood, a heart of the one fabricating plots of idolatry, the feet which are quick to rush to evil, a witness of the Lie who pours out lies, and one sows dissensions among brothers.

[Proverbs 6:16-19]

To sow the Seed of Truth, the pure unadulterated name of Yâhuwshúa` among our brothers is announcing the glad tidings, which if they believe, would unify them within His Spirit.  Yet they consider this a seed of dissension that we sow.  A wake-up call to a slumber party in the top floor of the World Trade Center at 8 AM September 11, 2001 is not sowing dissension among brothers.  Selling lifeboats to the passengers on the Titanic is also not sowing dissension or inciting a riot.  Neither is telling the saving Truth to a Christian congregation in these last days before their judgment! Consider: If Yâ-hwéh were in agreement with their point of view, He would not have sent any of the prophets to disturb their cozy ignorance with spiritual reality! And now in this time-period, we are told to:

"Proclaim the Word [Yâhuwshúa`], and stand firm opportunely or inopportunely to prove, admonish, and implore within all patience and instruction!

For there shall be a season [now] when they will not put up with uncorrupt teaching; instead, having an itching ear, they will pile over themselves instructors according to their own selves' private cravings,

And they will turn the ear away from the Truth, and will be deflected onto the myths."

[2 Timotheos 4:2-4]

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