The Two Witnesses: An analysis of what scripture says about the Two Witnesses of Disclosure ("Revelation") 11: Who, When, Why, with proof.

The Two Witnesses


There is a general confusion in Christianity about this topic in Disclosure ("Revelation"), which this page will clarify scripturally, because the Spirit of Truth guides us into all the Truth, and announces to us the things to come, everything our Father has in store (Yâhuwchânâ´n [John] 16:13-15).

To be forthright, inspired scriptures actually say, demonstrate and support that ’ËliyYâ´huw (“Elijah”) and Chanówkh (“Enoch”) themselves in their own mortal bodies (not reincarnated) will be these two witnesses during the 1260 day period of time plus 3 ½ days before the 7th trumpet, which approximates the 42 months identified as the Times of the Heathens (Gentiles).  This page will serve to prove this contention without sending brothers on an arduous scripture search by putting it all down in one place.

Analysis of Disclosure ("Revelation") Chapter 11

Let us examine the principal scriptures in question, which speak of these Witnesses.  The context of this chapter 11 is after the full description of the Times of the heathens ("gentiles") in Chapters 7:9 – Chapter 9, which extends from after the 6th seal entry of the Remnant until and including the 6th trumpet.  Then we see the declaration of the mighty envoy that the 7th trumpet would be the end of Secret of Yâ-hwéh (the blindness of Christianity), when those enter through resurrection, and Yâhuwchânâ´n eats the scroll that makes him predict more again.

Chapter 11
And a reed like a staff was given to me, saying:

Rise and measure the Temple building of Yâ-hwéh, and the altar, and those who worship in it. But the yard which is within the Temple building dismiss out, and do not measure it, because it was given up to the heathen masses [ the huge throng (7: 9)* ], and they shall trample upon the Pure City forty-two months. [Between the 6th seal and the 7th Trumpet] And I will give My two witnesses to those, and they shall predicate a thousand two hundred sixty days, clothed about in saq ( sackcloth ).

Verse 1 resolutely refutes those Christians who claim the Temple building will not be rebuilt in Yruwshâláim.  Sure we believe that His true future temple will be made of us living stones.  But this here is the temple described YchezqË´’l (“Ezekiel”) 40-46, and we can note also that Yâhuwchânâ´n is the “bronze man” of YchezqË´’l 40:3 who has a measuring rod and measures the temple.  The dimensions of this temple do not match any previously existing temple.  This temple is the one seen in Chapter 8-10 of YchezqË´’l also, which has the image of jealousy seen in it (8:5) and is full of despicable abominations.  The rebuilding of this temple also predicted in Chanówkh ("Enoch") 88:111-115 (89:72-74) and Bar-Nâvíy in his letter (16:4) also says it will be rebuilt by the “Yehuwthím” (Jews) as servants to the Romans!

The “great multitude ” of heathen converts (Disclosure 7:9) are those who will flood into the Kingdom and trample the Pure City for the 42 months from the 6th seal and the 7th trumpet.  The 1260 days of the Witnesses are given to the heathens during their season, therefore those 1260 days and 42 months mostly overlap. 
Here are some clues that the 42 months Times of the Heathen masses are not the same 42 month period of time given to the beast (Disclosure 13:5):

(1) Disclosure 12:15 describes the serpent casting waters (heathen masses) out of his mouth like a river after the wife (the virgin remnant), in order that he might make her to be carried away by the river! But the earth helped the wife, and the earth opened its mouth, and swallowed up the river that the dragon cast out of his mouth. This flow of heathen masses into the Kingdom is described in Yshá`Yâhuw 2: 2-5 and MiykhâYâ´hu 4: 1-8, (and I have yet to find a Christian eschatological explanation for when this happens) as this is the Time of the heathen masses, after the annihilation of the Christians at the 6th seal.

(2)   Christians are not called heathens (gentiles) in scripture.  The heathen converts are the Great Multitude, which is described as such in 7:9.  When the image of the beast is governing the temple will be from the period of time of the 1st seal to before the 6th seal, and then our Sovereign will suddenly appear in that temple in judgment. 

(3)   Consider that the two witnesses will be preaching effectively bringing in millions of heathen converts who saw what happened to the Christians who rejected the name of our Sovereign, and not wasting their efforts on the rebel house of Christians of which only 144,000 will repent and believe.

(4)   ’ËliyYâ´huw comes immediately before the coming of our Sovereign Yâ-hwéh in judgment, not 1260 days before, and resurrects at the  7th trumpet, proving also that Yâhuwshúa` returns at the 6th seal.

(5)   Luwqá’ 17:24 mentions these times as starting after the Days of Retribution which precipitate the Great Persecution (4th seal) and the Christians’ falling by the sword and being taken captive (in Sh’ówl).  These events are at the end of the beast’s 42 months.

(6)   Note also that the 42 months of the beast plus these 42 months (3 ½ years) of the times of the heathens add up (with some months in-between because some years have 13 months) to the famous Seventieth week of Dâ´niyyË´’l “ to finish the rebellion [“apostasy” in Greek] and to put an end to sin, and to atone for wickedness and to bring in the everlasting justification and to seal up the vision and prediction and to anoint the Pure One of the pure ones,” (Dan. 9:24).  The atonement for wickedness is not by the animal offerings of the Lie, it is by the blood of Yâ-hwéh's annihilated rebellious people (Deut. 32:43). However we reiterate that nowhere in scripture does “Great Tribulation” apply to this week.

4. These ones are the

“two olive trees, even the two [on either side] of the Mnowrâ´h (lampstand), which stand for the Sovereign of all the earth! ”  [ZkharYâ´hu 4: 3,11,14]

ZkharYâ´hu 4:14, quoted here, says that these two olive trees are “the ones standing for the Sovereign of all the earth”.  This means they have not died and they yet survive.  To “stand” is also used in Luwqá’ 21:36 when it says we should pray to be accounted worthy to escape all these things and stand in the sight of the Son of ’Âthâ´m.  And since `Ivríym ("Hebrews") 9:27 says that we men are appointed to die once after having made a decision, Moshéh would not be the only one to have to do it twice. Besides, Moshéh did not see the justification side of the Honor. Thus the two witnesses of Disclosure ("Revelation") 11 are two believing men who are currently alive and have been maintained alive in their physical organic bodies.  There are two men documented in the scriptures to not have died: ’ËliyYâ´huw (“Elijah”) and Chanówkh (“Enoch”).  Most Christians are aware of this fact, but don’t make the connection because their scripture canon does not contain almost any detailed information about Chanówkh for them to know what a great witness for Yâ-hwéh he was and how many millions he brought back to Him (see Yâshâ´r ["Jasher"]Chapter 3- Ch 4:2).

5. And if anyone might desire to do them wrong, fire projects from their mouth and entirely consumes their haters! [Compare YirmYâ´huw 5: 14]  So if anyone might desire to do them wrong, thus must he be killed off.

6. These ones hold authority to shut the skies in order that no rain may fall during their days of predicating [’ËliyYâ´huw – Márquwç 9: 12]; and they possess authority over the waters to turn them into blood, and to smite the earth with every blow[plague] as often as when they may desire!

The two witnesses will predicate (preach) to the heathens, persuading them by the spirit of Yâ-hwéh and not by might or power, as Yâ-hwéh declares to “the one sown in Bâvél” in ZkharYâ´hu 4:6.  Zrubâvél thus is a symbol for the image of the beast, who will participate in the rebuilding of the temple according to the same chapter. Note carefully that the powers and might is granted to them for defense but they will use predication and testimony to persuade them.  Although Moshéh did wield some of these powers, they are of Yâ-hwéh, and it should be noted that scripture does not say here or anywhere that Moshéh will be one of the witnesses doing this. 

7.       But when they shall have completed their testimony, the Beast who comes up from the sea will make war against them and will overcome them and will kill them off.

8.       And their corpses shall lie upon the street of the great city, which is spiritually called Çthóm and Mitsráyim [Yruwshâláim – YirmYâ´huw 23: 14, Glad Tidings of Nikódemos 25: 4], where also their sovereign was hanged on a cross.

'The Beast who comes up from the sea' (verse 7) is a term for the 8th head of the beast, the one that was (#7), is not, and yet is.  Our hypothesis that this image of the beast will be a clone image of Adolf Hitler would certainly explain this term because the son of perdition (Yejuwthâ´h “Judas”) would have to be brought up from the sea, death, out from the pit, to be reentered into Adolf Hitler's cloned body. 

9.  And some from the peoples and tribes and tongues and heathen masses shall see their bodies three and a half days, yet they will not send their bodies forth to be put into tombs.

10.  And those that dwell upon the earth will be cheerful over them, and will make merry, and will send gifts to one another because these, those two predicators, had tormented them that dwell upon the earth.

11. ¶ But after the three days and a half, the living Spirit from Yâ-hwéh did enter within them, and the spirit of life fell upon them, they stood upon their feet!  And great fear fell upon their spectators!

12. And they heard a great voice out of the skies saying to them,

Come up here!

and they went up into the skies into the cloud; and their haters were spectators of them.

After these two witnesses are killed, they will resurrect after three and a half days, but they are not the only ones who will do so at that time, this is the time of the Seventh Trumpet resurrection, the First Resurrection, three verses later at verse 15.  The pure ones under the altar at the 5th seal were told to wait until their brothers were killed off as they were (Disclosure 6:11).  Dâ´niyyË´’l 12: 7

“…and when the power of the people of the Pure One will be finally broken, all of these things [of Dâ´niyyË´’l 12:1-3] will be completed.” 

This occurs 3 ½ years after His coming, when the last of the humans who belong to Him who are yet in the organic body will be dead or converted.

The Scriptural Evidence

Consider this quote from the Glad Tidings of Nikódemos (available for download on this website):

Chapter 9 (25)

Thus Yâ-hwéh, holding the hand of ’Âthâ´m delivered him unto Miykhâ’Ë´l the chief Envoy, and all the pure ones followed Miykhâ’Ë´l the chief Envoy, and He brought them all into the honor and beauty (favor) of Pardë´ç. And there met with them two men, ancients of days, and when they were asked of the pure ones:

“Who are ye that have not yet been dead in Sh’ówl with us and are set in Pardë´ç in the body?”

Then one of them answering, said:

“I am Chanówkh who was translated hither by the Word of Yâ-hwéh, and this one who is with me is ’ËliyYâ´huw the Tishvíy which was taken up in a chariot of fire: and up to this day we have not tasted death, but we are received unto the coming of the anointed of the Lie (mâshíyach ha-shéqer) to fight against him with signs and wonders of the Mighty Ones, and to be slain of him in Yruwshâláim, and after three days and a half to be taken up again alive on the clouds. 

Chapter 10 (26)

And as Chanówkh and ’ËliyYâ´huw spoke thus with the pure ones, look, there came another man of vile habit, bearing upon his shoulders the sign of the gallows-cross; whom when they beheld, all the pure ones said unto him:

“Who are you? For your appearance is as of a robber; and why is it that you bear a sign upon your shoulders?”

And he answered them and said:

“Ye have rightly said: for I was a robber, doing all manner of evil upon the earth. And the “Yehuwthím” crucified me with Yâhuwshúa`, and I beheld the wonders in the creation which came to pass through the gallows-cross of Yâhuwshúa` when He was crucified, and I believed that He was the Maker of all creatures and the almighty King, and I besought Him, saying:

‘Remember me, Yâ-hwéh, when You come into Your kingdom.’

And forthwith He accepted my prayer, and said unto me:

Verily I say unto you, this day shall you be with Me in Pardë´ç:

The context of this passage is an amazing account of Yâhuwshúa`’s descent into Sh’ówl to capture captivity and to bring the righteous bodiless selves (néphesh) up to Pardë´ç (the Garden of Eden), which is part of Sh’ówl.  This was attested to by two of the pure ones who resurrected after the resurrection of Yâhuwshúa`, who were designated by Him to testify this in writing to Nikódemos and many of the Pharushíym (MattithYâ´huw 27: 52-53).

But some of you may wonder as I did, what are Chanówkh and ’ËliyYâ´huw doing in Pardë´ç?  Aren’t they still in heaven to where they ascended?  Do other scriptures also support this?  Look at this in the Scroll of Chanówkh Chapter 58 (60):

8 And a male monster, whose name is Véhëmowth [Behemoth]; which possesses, moving on his breast, the immense desert [apostate Christianity]

9 that is named Duindayín, to the east of the garden where the elect and the righteous will dwell.”  (Where my ancestor [Chanówkh] was carried to, the seventh from ’Âthâ´m, whom the Sovereign of spirits made.)

And this in the Second Book of ’Âthâ´m and Chauwâ´h Chapter 22:

8 When Chanówkh had ended his commandments to them, Yâ-hwéh transported him from that mountain to the land of life, to the mansions of the righteous and of the chosen, the abode of Paradise of joy, in light that reaches up to heaven; light that is outside the light of this world; for it is the Light of Yâ-hwéh, that fills the entire world, but which no place can contain.

9 Thus, because Chanówkh was in the Light of Yâ-hwéh, he found himself out of the reach of death until Yâ-hwéh would have him die.

This explains how he can be in the Garden and still stand in the presence of Yâ-hwéh.  Note that these are three separate scriptures which all agree about this, that Chanówkh is in Paradise in the body awaiting his yet future job as a witness for Yâ-hwéh!  What about ’ËliyYâ´huw?  The Scroll of Chanówkh documents that he is appointed to write down in a scroll all the abuses being done by the foolish shepherds, and Ch.88:118 says he periodically reports to Yâ-hwéh “at His residence” and departs (1 Tim 6:16 says that He dwells in unapproachable Light, as we see in the above scripture also).  There in 89:20-21 note that he goes up before coming down from heaven:

21 Then I perceived that the man came who had written down the names of the shepherds, and who ascended up before the Sovereign of the sheep (’ËliyYâ´huw).

22 He brought assistance, and caused every one to see him descending to the help of the ibexes

This immediately precedes the coming of our Sovereign in judgment:

23 And I saw likewise that the Sovereign of the sheep came against them in wrath, while all those who saw Him fled away [the dabela (ibexes)]; all covered themselves before His Face; (1 Këph 4: 17, YchezqË´’l 9:5-7) while all the eagles, the avest, ravens, and kites assembled, and brought with them all the sheep of the field.

24 All came together, and strove to break the horn of the ibex. [the gathering to be judged in YirmYâ´huw 3:17-4:2]

25 Then I saw, that the man [’ËliyYâ´huw], who wrote the scroll at the word of Yâ-hwéh, opened the scroll of destruction, of that destruction which the last twelve shepherds wrought; and pointed out before the Sovereign of the sheep, that they destroyed more than those who preceded them. [1/4 of the earth during the Great Persecution, Fourth Seal]

26 I saw also that the Sovereign of the sheep came to them, and taking in His hand the scepter of His wrath, seized the earth, which became rent asunder; while all the beasts and birds of heaven fell from the sheep, and sunk into the earth, which closed over them.  [Reward of the contradiction of Qórach, claiming to be leaders of the righteous elect (Numbers 16:1-40, Yâhuwthâ´h 11)]

Which is also mentioned in Mal’âkhíy 3:1 and by Yâhuwshúa` in Márquwç 9:12, here seen in MattithYâ´huw 17:10-12:

And His pupils asked Him, saying:

“Why then do the scribes say that ’ËliyYâ´huw must come first ?”

And Yâhuwshúa` responding, said to them:

’ËliyYâ´huw indeed does come first and shall prepare all things [Mal’âkhíy 3: 1], in order that he should suffer and be made utterly nothing of, how it has also been written about the Son of ’Âthâ´m. [Márquwç 9: 12] Nevertheless I say to you that ’ËliyYâ´ huw is come already , and they did not recognize him, moreover they did to him whatever they desired.  Thus also the Son of ’Âthâ´ m is about to receive whatever they desire by them.

And Mal’âkhíy 3:1 –

See!  I am sending My messenger and he will prepare The Way before Me, and suddenly the Sovereign, Whom ye are seeking, will come, and the messenger of the covenant whom ye desire, look, he is coming!” Says Yâ-hwéh of Hosts:”

Mal’âkhíy 4: 5-6 predicts this:

See!  I am sending ’ËliyYâ´huw the predicator unto you, before the Great and the Dreadful Day of Yâ-hwéh:  And he will turn the heart of the fathers against the children, and the hearts of the children against the fathers, lest I shall come and I shall strike the earth with a curse.

This different translation reveals how what ’ËliyYâ´huw will do is polarize those against Yâ-hwéh against those for Him and vice versa, leaving no gray area fence sitters.  Seeing this, and how ’ËliyYâ´huw comes immediately before Yâ-hwéh returns in judgment, there can be no argument that he will come to be a witness for 1260 days before that event to the Christians (the blind sheep) in order to save a measly 144,000 from them, nor any argument that his resurrection after 3 ½ days on the streets is not at the Seventh Trumpet. 

Chanówkh 89: 41 says that Chanówkh will be set in the midst of our flock after His return but before Yâ-hwéh's judgment takes place (7th seal).

These two witnesses are the two most effective preachers for Yâ-hwéh in all of human history, and they are going to be instrumental to the conversion of the fullness of the heathen masses (the innumerable millions upon millions of the Great Multitude) after they see the consequences of rebellion against Yâ-hwéh in the Christians’ judgment at the 6th seal.

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