The Key of Acknowledgment is the Key of Dâwíth.

If you have it, no one can shut the Door which is open for you, and others cannot open it when it is shut.

Beware of near-miss names. They still miss the mark!

The Problem with «Sacred-name» Groups

“Therefore, understand what the Word of Yâ-hwéh is, scornful men who are rulers of this people...” [Yshá`Yâhuw 28: 14]

Throughout the world, but starting from Ephrayim (USA), we have seen the spread of a religious movement which claims to serve in accordance to all scripture, the true Power (mighty One), though they often use the false term "elohim", and to be a revival of the way the early believers worshipped Him in the first century after the Anointed came. Our faith that we promote on this website itself is indeed this original true faith. But on this page we are talking about all the other groups, which most often lump themselves under the classification of "sacred-name groups":

Why we do not say "sacred name":

We who use His true name should not call ourselves by the labels that evil nonbelievers call us.  The name of our persuasion is "The Way".  Moreover, it is a sin to say "sacred" name!
"And in all that I have said, you shall take care to do it, and you shall not invoke a name of other mighty ones, it shall not be heard on your lips."

[Exodus 23:13]

See the following quote:

  "9. SACRED

Although this word is not found in the King James Version, it has been used in some instances in the more recent English versions (e.g. Moffatt's Translation, NIV, GNB, NASB) to translate the Hebrew qodesh and the Greek hagios. In the literature and preaching of the churches, however, it is frequently used, as well as in the word "sacrament". Much of the English language, which is one of the Indo-European languages, viz. Sanskrit. Similarly, the English word "sacred" can be traced back to the Sanskrit "Sakra". What or who was "Sakra"? Larousse, World Mythology, pp. 229, 233, reveals to us that Indra was one of the 12 forms of the Sun-deity, and that he was also known as: "Sakra". This startling information is found in other sources too.120 In this deity, and in the twelfth form, he is called: Mitra, the origin of the later Persian and Roman Mithra or Mithras, who at first was only associated with the Sun-deity, but later on became the Sun-deity himself as Sol Invictus, the unconquered Sun-deity."


Are they authentic?

If their claim for authenticity were true, all would be fine and dandy, but let's be frank and open: this so-called "sacred-name" movement is fraught with division, dissension, fakery (hypocrisy), and many false doctrines carried over from whatever Christian denomination they migrated from. Even since our having written this page, many more of these groups have started up, as of late with racist beliefs (reliance on the flesh), white or black, so far, and unheard-of teachings to distinguish each other, including all of the controversial doctrines we discuss on this website to prepare our people against deception. Some groups even oppose the government or other races and arm themselves with weapons of the flesh.  Yet even about the name of Who we worship, they have a multitude of variations, and even within their congregations, they cannot agree about what it is, yet none of them seem to be continuing to search it out.  Some of these, after having separated themselves from their mainstream religions to embrace a near-miss name, proceed to accept anyone else with some other near-miss name variation! Go figure. In their rejection of their former beliefs, they often haul off and embrace many doctrines from Judaism and even sometimes invite "Jews" to speak to them.  Besides all this they are despised by their hellenist brothers, who call themselves "Christians", so they wall themselves out and become clannish.  And since they attempt to have the predictions about His pupils come true about them, they whitewash their appearances before men, with feigned love, feigned enthusiasm, and a "holier than thou" attitude, and even sometimes having everyone in their meetings dress up in white clothes!  And outside of this transparent mess, the hellenist Christians who haven't known or studied the issue take a look and see their corrupt fruits, and stay their course on the broad path...  WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?

What is wrong

The core issue remains the same.  Whenever one calls on the true name of the Son, the Father sends the Spirit of Truth, and if this person keeps His Word in their heart and on their lips, He comes and abides within them.  When one acknowledges the Truth, discerning the Son, for Who He is, one has the spirit of Truth, because one testifies the Testimony of Yâ-hwéh, and that is that Yâhuwshúa` is Yâ-hwéh!  And this makes sense because Yâhuwshúa` is not someone else, and no one but Yâhuwshúa` is Yâ-hwéh. So how can one have the correct testimony if one does not have BOTH of these names correct?  And how will one have the spirit of Truth if one doesn't have the testimony of Yâ-hwéh?  Without this spirit of Truth, one CANNOT comprehend scripture, or accept all true doctrines, because without this spirit they are still in the FLESH.  This is why the name issue is fundamental and primary in importance like Paulus said in Hebrews 5-6 and 1 Cor 15.  If they all had the RIGHT name, they would  all have the Spirit of TRUTH, and they would all be UNION with Him.  They would have the mind of the Anointed and fulfill ALL the predictions He made about His pupils.

So I implore you, my brothers, about the name of our Sovereign Yâhuwshúa` the Anointed, that ye maintain the same Word for all, so there will be no schisms among you!  And be ye completely equipped within the same understanding and within the same knowledge!

[1 Qorinthiym 1:10]

Click to hear how to say Yahweh Yahuwshua!

CLICK THE ABOVE GOLDEN PLATE to hear how to say it, and see how we transliterate it, and see here the TRUE CORRECT way to write the saving testimony in Aramaic Square Script with vowel points:

יָהְוֶה יָהוּשֻׁעַ

 The "sacred-name" groups which proclaim names which are not quite accurate (which we term "near-miss names") often will display these Aramaic letters, but you will see that they REFRAIN from writing in the vowel points.  Why?  Because their mistakes would not stand up under the light of scrutiny.  Their transliterations are far away from the Truth.  This is how each of these names appear in scripture which has not been tampered with, like the Masoretic "text" which does not contain even ONE intact spelling of His name.  Yet we are not saved or justified by SPELLING His name right, it is by CALLING on His name Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` correctly!  How purely must we say it?  If the third commandment says one who lifts His name to corruption is not being made blameless for their sins, we SHOULD keep His name pure!  Listen to how THEY say it, those who would want to be your misleaders: for we have seen anointed falsifying spirits profess impure names even putting the accent on the wrong syllable!  YâhuwSHÚa` is how His name SHOULD be pronounced - \eeah-hoo-SHU-ah\  And Yâ-hwéh is pronounced \eeah-HWEH\  Beware those who disguise their false pronunciations under cryptic transliterations such as "YHWH" or "Y'shua" or foreign alphabets.  For a more indepth look at why YHWH is best transliterated Yâ-hwéh and why YHWSh` is best transliterated Yâhuwshúa`, see Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`: Why these are the correct names and Anson Rainey's letter to BAR.  For a more indepth look at why the name of the Son, Yâhuwshúa`, has been evolved into the Creature "Jesus", see Yâhuwshúa` is not Jesus.

Why they stumble

Regarding Christianity, Yâ-hwéh spoke this due to their not listening to His Words (His names) and for rejecting His law:

Look!  I am putting before this people obstacles, and they will stumble over them. fathers and sons alike, a neighbor and his friend, and they shall perish!

[YirmYâhuw 6:21]

And Yshá`Yâhuw 28:7-13 clearly ALSO predicts that stumbling about today's "sacred-name" groups!

“Yet also these meander by the wine [of Bâvél] and they wander intoxicated by the bourbon, the priest and predicator mislead by the bourbon, they are engulfed from the wine, they wander intoxicated from the bourbon, they mislead by visions, they stumble in their reasoning.  Because every [spiritual] meal is full of regurgitated excrement, there is no place [for Him]. A curse consumes this meal, because the purpose of it is greediness for gain.  To whom is he trying to teach acknowledgment? To those who we announced wrong things. To who is he explaining the message?  To ones being weaned from the milk [His name], ones taken away from the breasts [prohibited from saying His name]!  [Hebrews 5:11-6:3]  Because `you must do this commandment, you must do that commandment, a little from this verse, a little from that verse, a little while longer, a little while longer',  Then with ones of foreign speech and by means of other languages He will speak the Word to this people, of which He has said to them `This is the rest-haven, let the weary rest!' and `This is the place of repose' but they are not willing to listen[1 Qorinthiym 14:21].  So for them, the Word of Yâ-hwéh will become `you must do this commandment, you must do that commandment, a little from this verse, a little from that verse, a little while longer, a little while longer', in order that they will go and they will fall backwards and they will be crippled, and they will be ensnared, and they will be captured.”

Examine the above scripture closely.  The bourbon and the wine are from the fornication of the Great Confusion (Bavel).  Their regurgitated excrement which fills their every spiritual meal is recycled human doctrines which they carried with them out of Bavel.  Why is this?  It answers describing the legalism trap that most "sacred-name" groups fall into because they think His Word is Torah, and lose sight of the fact that His name is called the Word of Yâ-hwéh (Revelation 19:13).  The Law (Torah) began at the time of Mosheh, but the Word of Yâ-hwéh (Yâ-hwéh's personhood) has been since the Beginning within the Father.  Paulus says that the Law (Torah) was not made to be an power (Galatas 4: 8-9), but the Word of Yâ-hwéh certainly IS our Power.  

  1. Nevertheless then, when you indeed did not recognize Yâ-hwéh, ye were in bondage to that which is not naturally made to be a power, [the Law]
  2. but now, having acknowledged Yâ-hwéh, and more so, having been recognized by Yâ-hwéh, how do ye turn back again onto the feeble and destitute regiments from before, to which ye desire to be enslaved all over again?

To confuse the Word of Yâ-hwéh for the scripture comes from Christianity, but those are not caught in legalism, theirs is the Secret of Lawlessness, thinking "grace" (favor) they do NOT have is a license to ignore and reject the Law.   Yet you might ask, why am I saying that these spiritually drunk priests and predicators are "sacred-namers"?  CONTEXT.  

What can we do?

We should all individually seek out our own salvations with fear and trembling, not join groups and swallow their polluted teachings in complacency and comfort.  Keep in mind that ANY group which rejects and ignores ANY inspired scripture is wrong.  Keep His true name in your heart and on your lips, and keep your oil of righteous gladness and humility intact, to keep an open mind to Truth.  Realize Satan is working hard to make us look bad, and still has access to those who have wrong names.  They are still his sons and are infiltrated among us as false brethren, as is clearly predicted about them in Yâhuwthâ'h ("jude"):

11. Hówy (Woe) to them!  Because they went to the way of Qáyin [killing the righteous elect], and rushed out to the error of Bil`â´m [attempting to curse the righteous elect] for profit, so they shall perish for the contradiction of Qórach [claiming to be the chosen leaders of the righteous elect]!

12. These are sunken reefs in your love-feasts, fearlessly feasting with you, pasturing only themselves; clouds without water, being carried about by winds [Proverbs 25: 14], twice dead autumnal trees - without fruit and uprooted!

13. Wild waves of the sea frothing over their own shames (genitalia); misleading stars, for whom the gloom of darkness has been reserved unto the ages!

Examine the above scripture:   Although indeed it is mostly applying to the Many, the apostate Christians, look at verse 12: these apostates INCLUDE the infiltrators (sunken reefs), who are fearlessly doing the feasts with us!  Straight hellenists don't do this. And perhaps you may be wondering, what about this website? Could we also be preachers of the Lie too? Read the scripture below on what our Leader and Sovereign Yâhuwshúa` said:

Enter in through the narrow gate; for broad is the gate and wide-open is the way that leads into the extermination, and the many [2 Këph 2: 2] are those who enter in through it.

For narrow is the gate and afflicted is The Way that leads into the life, and the few are they who find it!

So beware of preachers of the Lie, who come towards you in sheep's robes, but are predatory wolves within!

By their fruits ye shall recognize them.  Do they gather a bunch of grapes from thorns?  Or figs from thistles?

Thus every good tree produces good fruit, but the corrupt tree produces bad fruit.

A good tree cannot produce evil fruits, nor a corrupt tree produce good fruits!

Every tree not producing good fruit is to be cut down and is thrown into the fire.

Surely then ye shall recognize them by their fruits!

[MattithYâhuw 7:13-20]

The Near-Miss name conspiracy and the importance of not being deceived with them now

Let's look again at the history of the convocation since Yâhuwshúa` ascended: The convocation in the Truth spread as the pupils of Yâhuwshúa` and Paulus and his pupils preached the Truth of Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`. But the authorities of this world misled those who weren't from them to believe in the Lie, to reenslave them, and this convocation which were not preaching the Glad Tidings purely grew exponentially to become "The Many". These were flooded by the waters of the heathen masses joining them and impurifying them with all their teachings, since they were blinded. Then when these got political power, they persecuted the few of the convocation of the Truth as "Judaizers". These who believed in knowing Yâ-hwéh by Who He is, Yâhuwshúa` , were annihilated, or converted to the Lie, or silenced to not profess the Truth. The victors wrote the history books, calling the acknowledgers "gnostics". We have two "gnostic" scriptures in our download: The Glad Tidings of Philippos and the Glad Tidings of the Truth. Understanding clearly these proclaim the same as we do, we know the truth about the "gnostics" who were annihilated.

The Many united themselves under the Lie, enforced it, and made everyone believe their Lie was the original name by using it in their scripture translations, and pretended that the delegates had preached this same Lie as they, unquestioned for centuries; this was the drought of His Word (Yâhuwshúa` ) mentioned in `Âmówç 8: 11-12:

Look, days are coming,” declares my Sovereign Yâ-hwéh, “when I shall dispatch a famine into the Land, not a famine for bread nor thirst for the waters, as instead for hearing the Words of Yâ-hwéh.  And they will wander from one sea to another sea and from north even unto the orient, quickly to and fro, to ask about the Word of Yâ-hwéh, but they will not find it.

Now, as the foolish shepherds let the flock put in their keeping out to pasture for 12 hours (500 years, 1521-2021 Roman dates) as was foretold in Chanówkh 88:110, the sheep were scattered everywhere to graze. Now that they are not yet genociding everyone who doesn't profess their party line Lie, Satan tries to prevent truthseekers from finding the Truth by supplying a host of lies to confuse and deceive them because how many are willing to do their homework and seek the Truth and be blessed to find Him? Only His chosen ones. The rest will settle on those near-miss names Satan is sowing, tares which bear no useful fruit. But by the same token, there is less persecution, and no genocide happening just yet. We can thank Yâ-hwéh that we are the workers of the cool of the evening and not the ones who were murdered in the heat of the day. But understand, as the power-hungry bring their conspiracy to pass, they will gather their sheep back into their fold and put every false religion together with them into their cage. And their final persecution against the blind flock which rebels against the Lie will be worse than all the prior genocidal persecutions combined. But these are the times of the troubles of the sinners, not us who have His true name. Please note that all these near-miss names will not work for protection then. You will want to be protected by Him then, because no amount of survivalistic knowledge or preparation will work.

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