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What is the name of Who mankind should worship? Why must we call the right name? Then who really ARE Lord, God, Dios, and Jehovah? Are Yeshua or Yahshua acceptable?

This page is made to explain the importance of having the testimony of His correct name and identity (the will of the Father - Yâhuwchânâ´n 6:39-40), a fundamental point currently being reduced in priority by Christians as they are hearing the true glad tidings of the Kingdom.  If you came here wanting to know the name of the Beast and its evolution, go to Yâhuwshúa` is not Jesus.  If you came here wanting to see evidence why "Yâhuwshúa`" and "Yâ-hwéh" are the most accurate transliterations of the names of our Sovereign, then go to Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`: why these are the correct names.


The reason for the controversy:
Most people who have considered themselves Christians may encounter this issue about the name of Who they worship, and wonder, “what’s all the controversy about?”  Some may still be familiar with old-time preaching about the ‘sweet name above all names’, and about the name of our Savior.  There didn’t seem to be much controversy about it when everybody thought it was “Jesus’.  But nowadays, since this very cherished name has actually been questioned about its accuracy, the proper response to that question SHOULD be to be quick to listen, slow to speak, and even slower to wrath.  No one should feel threatened by new information, nor we should react angrily or lose composure.  If it is false, anyone can disprove it, often easily, but if it is true and one are mistaken, one should change one’s mind.  And if it so happens one does not know enough at the time to select which is true, one should research!  After all, this is about the Rock of our salvation, we all need to know enough to be correctly founded.  Sadly, most churchgoers are taught that to be stubborn for their faith is a VERY good thing, even if it is on blind faith without supporting knowledge, because these perceive this must be the threat they thought would some day come about “another Jesus” (original 2 Qorinthiym 11: 4 says “a different Yâhuwshúa` whom we did not proclaim”)!  Theoretically, a well-informed person would select the Truth and stand rock-solid on THAT, without ANY controversy or contention, easily discrediting doubts with true facts.  Therefore whoever would put up an argument against any name new to them, is seeking HOW to find a valid reason to stand rock-solid on Tradition, and NOT accept a different name for Who we worship, even if it were true.
Pastors are hired by churchgoers with “offerings” as pay to do their scriptural research for them, but these pastors, may indeed have researched this, but did not teach them about this name.  Why not?  Because they depend on the income, or they enjoy a nicely filled building, and all the approval. They have loved the esteem of their office, being greeted “Reverend!” more than revering Who they serve to feed His flock the saving Truth.  Therefore they have effectively created a conflict of interest which works against them upsetting their congregations, and what is more upsetting than the Truth?

So some Christians, unprepared because they did not do the scripture research themselves, have had to begin to face the question themselves, and naturally would apply their own values and opinions on Him, asking, “Wouldn't He save me by whatever name I call Him?  I don’t mind someone calling me something else!”, or “I was told He has many names!” then declaring that “the NAME doesn't matter, it's the PERSON” and “He knows Who I am talking about in my heart, it doesn't matter what name I use”.  We explore these seemingly plausible reactions later on this page, but instead ask yourself this:

Does having His name accurately matter?  Or do these very human-level reasonings indeed make His name optional or transferable to Him?  Let the spirit tell you through Këph (“Peter”) in Deeds (Acts) Chapter 4: 12, in context -

  1. But many of those who had heard the Word [Yâhuwshúa`] believed, and the number of the men became about five thousand.
  2. And it came to pass at the morning, the rulers (archons) [~envoys of the adversary] and elders and scribes were gathered together,
  3. With ChananYâ´huw the high priest and Qayë´phâ’ and Yâhuwchânâ´n and ’Aléxandros and those who were from the family of the high priest.
  4. And having placed them within the midst, they inquired of them:

“By what force or by what name did ye do this?”

  1. Then Shim`ówn Këph was filled of the spirit of the Pure One, and said to them:

“Rulers (archons) [~envoys of the adversary] of the people and elders of the house of Yisrâ’ë´l!

  1. If we today are interrogated about the “Shphiyrâ´h” (beautiful) thing that happened to the infirm man, by what this one has been delivered,
  2. Let it become well-known to all of you and to all the people of Yisrâ’ë´l that by the name of Yâhuwshúa` the Anointed One, of Netsârówth, Whom ye hanged, Whom the Power raised from among the dead, by that One, look, does this one stand in your sight, complete.
  3. This One is the Stone that has been rejected by you, the builders, Which has come to be for the Chief Angular Stone.  [From Songs 118: 22, see also Yshá`Yâhuw 8: 11-14]
  4. And there does not exist by means of another, not with any other the deliverance, because neither does a different name exist, by Yâ-hwéh having been provided among the sons of the dirt-man (’âthâ´m) by means of which we must be delivered!”
    [“Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`” (Deeds 2: 38)]
  5. And when they heard the saying of Shim`ówn Këph and of Yâhuwchânâ´n, seeing their confidence, though they had comprehended that they are unlearned men and ignorant, they marveled; and they recognized them, that they had been together with Yâhuwshúa`.
  6. But seeing the man who had been cured standing together with them, they had nothing to contradict them.
  7. And having commanded them to go outside of the joint session (Sanhedrin), they conferred with one another,
  8. Saying:

“What shall we do to these men?  For indeed a visible sign has come to pass by their hands, recognized to all those inhabiting Yruwshâláim, and we are unable to deny it!

  1. Nevertheless, in order that this Word may not disseminate among the people, let us forbid them to speak again on this name any longer to any man from the sons of the dirt-man (’âthâ´m).”

This doesn’t sound like the Word (name) Këph taught was a Greek name replacement, does it?  Such a substitute would have been happily approved by the name-censoring Sanhedrin. Verse 12 there says there is not another name He has given us by which we must be saved.  The shock that one may have been deceived all this time, to deny oneself one’s access to the benefits of all the promises tied to His name, just because one had not yet known what His name truly is, hurts the pride of many people.  Many people believe themselves very favored and blessed, and well-provided-for, and attribute it to thinking themselves to be well-pleasing in His sight.  They do not see a need to change their path, even to the Truth.  This is one big reason it is difficult for a rich man to enter the Kingdom, like a rope going through the eye of a needle.

If a word from humans is accepted by humans, but the Word from Yâ-hwéh is accepted by Yâ-hwéh, which would be more effective to call on Him?  Would He bow to what the majority of humans accept? The answer is found in 1 Thessaloníkeans 2: 13 - here decoded:

13. Due to this thing of Yisrâ’ë´l, also of Yisrâ’ë´l, we give public acknowledgment of the ones (m./n.) not pertaining to the mighty one of ’aharón (light-carrier/lucifer) unceasingly, because this one [~Yehuwthâ´h/sâţâ´n], having associated himself with [being] the Word of The Way of the report in the vicinity of Yisrâ’ë´l of us, [being]the ones (m.) not of the mighty one of ’aharón (light-carrier/lucifer), ye took up/received not sâţâ´n which [is being] a word of the way of the vanity (40) of the sons of the dirt-man (’âthâ´m) [YirmYâ´huw 23: 36], rather, according as He exists.  Truly, the word of the way of the mighty one of ’aharón (light-carrier/lucifer) which [is] of Yisrâ’ë´l, also is at work among the ones (m.) within Yisrâ’ë´l belonging to you (pl.), [being] the one (m.) [~word] not belonging to the ones (m.) believing.

Most at reading this would wonder, but wait, if I have been a victim of this theft, why have I not suffered yet?  Yâ-hwéh does not punish ignorance, He punishes ones knowingly rebelling.  Many may wonder thinking what about the centuries of Christians who never have heard this name?  What happened to them?  Because Christianity has erased the scriptures teaching that the self - nephesh (“souls”) - of people will recycle over and over in new identities until they hear the true glad tidings of the Kingdom of Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` and make a decision; so they think “humans get only one opportunity, and woe to dead babies who never had a chance.”  Wouldn’t this be unfair?  Why did their ecclesiastical leaders erase this?  To better extort people to come to church, or else go to “eternal damnation”.

So it must be shocking to realize that everybody, every single one who has ever been teaching you about freedom from sin through their mistaken name “Jesus” was actually STILL under ALL of their sins, because of this verse - Deeds (“Acts”) 10: 43 - not applying to anyone NOT believing on the right name, so all of them pretending to be clean were effectively whitewashed sepulchers, like the Pharisees.  Admitting one was deceived by such actors can certainly be a blow to one’s pride, if one has admired and believed them.

Yet concerning Him all the predicators do testify: that everyone that believes on His name will receive liberation from errors!”   [Songs 25: 11, 1 Yâhuwchânâ´n 2: 12]

Some are deceived to believe they are free TO sin, but many more honest with themselves simply bend it to their observation of the contrary to admit they still are sinners, but they “repent every day”.   Are you aware scripture predicted this too?  It’s in `Ivríym (Hebrews) 5: 11- 6: 1 (which we render here without the misleading chapter-break):

…About whom our topic is large and difficult in interpretation to explain, since ye have become sluggish to understand.  For ye also ought to be instructors due to the time [you have known Him], yet ye again have a need of one to instruct you what the fundamentals are, the chief importance of the Words of the Power [1 Qorinthíym 15: 2-3], so ye have become ones having a need of milk [~His name (1 Këph 2: 2, Letter of Bar-Nâvíy 6: 17)], not of solid food!  For everyone who is limited to milk is not proven in the Word of the rectification, for he is an infant!  But the solid food is for the mature ones, the ones who through the habit have exercised the senses towards distinguishing between both virtue and evil, which is why, when you forsake the primary importance of the Word of the Anointed, which should bring us on to the maturity, aren’t you laying again a foundation of repentance from dead works? [Yshá`Yâhuw 28: 9-10]...

But what about “John 3: 16”?  Please understand that there is a longstanding Christian practice to take a single line (verse) out of a paragraph of a scroll, out of context, and obtain an incomplete understanding.  Yâhuwchânâ´n (“John”) 3: 16 alone, out of context, seems to allege that all the world will be saved at once, with no mention of any judgment, and such a statement of blanket approval without any judgment is LOVED by feel-good preachers.  But read the context to get the full picture:  Verse 3: 17-18 says there is a judgment but through the Son, the world can be rescued. And how is it we can escape the condemnation?  By putting one’s trust in the name of Yâhuwshúa`:

    1. Yet just as Moshéh lifted up the serpent within the uninhabited land [4 Moshéh 21: 8-9], thus it is necessary for the Son of the dirt-man to be lifted up, [8: 28, 12: 31-34, Songs 89: 13, Yshá`Yâhuw 16: 1, 26: 11, 30: 18, 52: 13, 57: 15]
    2. In order that everyone who puts their trust in Him may not perish, rather may possess endless life.
    3. For thus did the Power affectionately love the world, that He gave His only-Kin Son [Yshá`Yâhuw 50: 1-2, 54: 1, Songs 22: 20, Glad Tidings of Phílippos 88-89], in order that everyone who puts their trust in Him may not perish, rather may have endless life!
    4. For the Power did not send out His Son into the world in order that He may judge the world, rather in order that the world might be rescued through Him!
    5. One putting his trust in Him is not condemned; but one not being persuaded has already been condemned, because he has not put his trust in the name of the only-Kin Son of the Power.
    6. And this is the decision, because the Light has come into the world, but the sons of the dirt-man (’âthâ´m) affectionately loved the darkness rather than the Light, for their works were evil.
    7. For everyone who practices amiss hates the Light, and does not come towards the Light, in order that his works may not be exposed;
    8. But the one performing the Truth does come towards the Light, in order that his works may be shown because they have been wrought within Yâ-hwéh!

Instead of being a blanket unconditional amnesty for the world, these verses around Yâhuwchânâ´n 3: 16 define this rescue from one’s condemnation to be through believing on the NAME of Yâhuwshúa`, and these verses also describe those refusing to trust in His name as still under the condemnation from their own sins, and preferring to hate the Light and retreating from It in order to hide his bad works, whereas one working the Truth DOES come towards the Light.

So the correct approach to new information is this: you should research it in order to prove or disprove its validity, like the Bereans did in Deeds ("Acts") 17:10-11:

So the brothers immediately sent away both Páulus and Síla by night unto the city of Béroia, who when they arrived, went into the assembly of the Yâhuwthím.

But these Yâhuwthím were more noble than those “Yehuwthím” in Thessaloníke, for they gladly heard the Word daily, while examining the scriptures whether these things were so.

We hope you might be wise like these were, and not lean unto your own understanding, lest we be found to be the builders who rejected the Angular Stone of our living Temple! See 1 Këph 2: 7-8

    1. Therefore, the value is for you who trust.  But for those rebelliously unpersuadable:

the Stone which the ones not builders repudiated, this Sheep has come to be for My Yisrâ’ë´l the great Head of the hidden inner Angle:” [Songs 118: 22]

    1. …but which is not as of the Stone for stumbling ye shall meet with, belonging to Him, the Son, nor as of the Rock were belonging to the fallen, [MattithYâ´huw 21: 44, YirmYâ´huw 6: 21] but without regard for Yâ-hwéh is the house of the Supplanter (Ya`aqóv) among the ones of Yisrâ’ë´l belonging to the snare of Yisrâ’ë´l, and among the ones of Yisrâ’ë´l belonging to the hollow-pit-trap lying in wait in Yruwshâláim.  Due to this they, the Many of Yisrâ’ë´l, shall be incapacitated among the ones of Yisrâ’ë´l belonging to them of the Son and they will fall of Yisrâ’ë´l, and both, they shall be crushed and they shall draw near and they shall be taken, the dirt-men (’âthâ´m) among the ones of Yisrâ’ë´l, the ones being with the certainty;”  [Yshá`Yâhuw 8: 14-15]

who flap against it, being rebelliously unpersuadable to the Word [“Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`”], unto which they also were appointed.

[Yshá`Yâhuw 8: 16]

There is a teaching being taught increasingly, to try to rebut these scriptures, saying: “He has many names!” and they start naming the ones they think are names.  They usually start listing “Jehovah-Jireh” (Gen.22: 14), “Jehovah-Nissi” (Ex. 17: 15), “Jehovah-Shalom” (Jg. 6: 24) ... but WAIT!  Anyone who verifies new information with scripture for their belief system will look that up and see that those are not names given to Him by man, those are all names given to PLACES.  Moreover, Jehovah” is not the correct transliteration of the name YHWH, Yâ-hwéh is.  So then they continue listing “Adown”, “’Ël”, “El Shaddáy” and allege that those are names.  There are no verses that say those titles are names.  So what does He, Yâ-hwéh, have to say about their teaching? See Yshá`Yâhuw (“Isaiah”) 42: 8

I am Yâ-hwéh, that is My name, and My Worthiness I shall not cede to another, nor My praise to the carved images!” [as translated from what appears in the Masoretic]

This should not be a surprise.  However, if you are going to verify this in your scripture translation, please be warned that the establishment-Authorized KJV translation does not contain the name of Yâ-hwéh there.  Because it does not contain the name of Yâ-hwéh ANYWHERE.  You will find “the LORD” or “GOD” there wherever the Hebrew scripture originally says “Yâ-hwéh” (and believe it or not, often it just plain omits His name).  “The LORD”, or “GOD” is not a transliteration of Yâ-hwéh, since it doesn't even remotely sound like it; the LORD is not a translation of Yâ-hwéh, since it does not mean the same (“He causes to be existed/breathed”), so therefore, “the LORD” is a substitution scribes inserted for Yâ-hwéh.  So now if you have realized this fact, does your congregation say it is OK to substitute truth out of scripture?  Take your time to consider this!  THINK!  Don't you think it is a bit audacious to substitute His real name out of that verse?  How about out of this verse?  Deuteronomy 28: 58-62

If you are not careful to follow all the words of this instruction (towrah), the ones being written in this scroll, to revere the honored and this awesome name: Yâ-hwéh your Power, then Yâ-hwéh will make the plagues on you and your seed be fearsome, harsh and prolonged disasters, and severe and lingering illnesses!  And He will bring upon you all of the diseases of Mitsrayim [Egypt] that you dreaded from them, and they will cling to you!  Also every sickness and every disaster that is not being recorded in this scroll of the Towrah [Law/Instructions], Yâ-hwéh will bring them upon you until you are destroyed!  And you who were as the stars of the skies in number shall be left but few in number [144,000] because you did not obey the voice of Yâ-hwéh your Power.

Truly the consequences of believing the wrong name are terrible, according to this scripture!  So how come no one called Ralph Nader or the Better Business Bureau about the flagrant case of misrepresentation and fraud found in establishment authorized translations in these verses?  According to them we are supposed to think the name we are to fear to escape all these things is “the LORD”!  But this substitute for His name won’t work.  The scribe who took out this crucial information out of our common reach had the same spirit as the one who substituted it out of this passage also: Yâhuw’Ë´l  (Joel) 2:32

32. “and shall become Yâhuwthâ´h (“the Profession of Yâ-hwéh”) everyone, who (m.) ever, that upon Yâ-hwéh might call, pertaining to the ones (n./m.) [~dual-names (n.)] – not [being] the youth [~yaldabosheth (spawn of shame)] [being] “ha-shëm” (the name (n.)) – of Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`: he shall be delivered, [Deeds 2: 16-21, Romans 10: 13] because this one [~calling] [is] among the ones (m.) within Yisrâ’ë´l of the ones (m.) not belonging to the mountain transferring the Capital (Tsiyyówn) of Yisrâ’ë´l, then the ones (m.) [~Witnesses (m.)] among Yisrâ’ë´l, within Yruwshâláim shall become Yâhuwthâ´h (“the Profession of Yâ-hwéh”), the one (m.) being delivered into the middle, according to what concerning it, said Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` of Yisrâ’ë´l, and the ones (m.) proclaiming glad tidings [being] the Ears Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` has called to Himself

One of the most useful ways to determine if a line of reasoning is true or false is by following it to see where it leads.  What fruit would it give?  If the contention were true that He has many names, this verse would be nitpicking about which one.  But even still supposing if it were so, that He would accept many names, it is still wrong to apply to Him a name which has already been referring to a DIFFERENT mighty one worshipped by pagans, e.g. Krishna, Buddha, Allah, Zeus, Thor, or those which Christianity adopted, Dios, Domine, Lord, God.  Yet this is the next step down in the cascade – the thought that Yâ-hwéh, the Pure One, would accept all these impurities and their images, and the next step down is the thought that Yâ-hwéh IS all of these other ones, and the next step down is sheer polytheism, need we go on?



The only logical conclusion to take is that there is an immense fraud going on, on a worldwide scale, and that we should strive to overcome it by seeking this unique name, which apparently scripturally has so much importance to Him (though so little importance to the scribes).  We should make absolutely sure, as much as is within our reach, that we DO have the right name, and we should from experience, tend to doubt human traditions.

So, next time you hear a lone brother proclaiming in a crowd of Christians that they should reconsider the issue of His name, don't excommunicate him, don’t put him on ignore, don’t slander him personally, nor hate him.  He just might be a really sent by Yâ-hwéh to predicate (prophesy) to you!  Please notice that no one can ever preach His true name without His having sent them: Romans 10: 14-15

14. How then will those who have not trusted it [the name] call on Him?  And how shall they have trusted it when they did not listen?  [YirmYâ´huw 23: 18]  And how shall they have heard it without a preacher?

15. And how shall they proclaim it [the name] unless they were sent?  According as it has been written,

… [and continually all day long My name is being reviled!  Therefore, My people shall know My name, for it is on that Day (you shall be redeemed), because I am He that is dictating it – Here I am!]  How befitting on the mountains are the feet [of Tsiyyówn (Yshá`Yâhuw 40: 9)] of the bearers of glad tidings: the One proclaiming shâlówm (peace, reconciliation, completeness); the bearer of Glad Tidings is Goodness: [the One proclaiming deliverance, saying to Tsiyyówn, “Your Power reigns!””  (Yshá`Yâhuw 52: 5-7, see 1 Këph 1: 24)]

If you might notice, we who preach the correct name aren't exactly winning popularity contests.  Everyone hates us, from the atheists to the diehard ‘born-again Christians’ to the preachers in all their denominations.  No one seems to notice that this is fulfilling scripture: Luwqá’ 21: 17

And ye will be hated by all, due to My name.

Note that in scripture, “hate” generally means “loved less” and disesteemed.  And these who thus suffer for His name are to be blessed abundantly by Him later also: MattithYâ´huw 5: 10-13

Do not fear being different

  1. Happy are those who have been persecuted on account of justification, because the Kingdom of Yâ-hwéh is theirs!
  2. Happy are ye when men shall reproach you, and shall persecute you and shall say, lying, every wicked utterance against you, on account of Me.
  3. Rejoice and jump for joy!  Because your reward in the heavens is great!  For thus they persecuted the predicators who were before you!
  4. Ye are the salt of the earth!  But if the salt should become tasteless , with what shall it be salted?  It does not have strength for anything any longer, except to be cast out and to be trampled upon by humans.  [Compare Márquwç 9: 49-50]

Let's recover our saltiness.  Let there be no compromising Truth with pagan lies: Believe Yâhuwshúa` is Yâ-hwéh: Accept no substitutes!™

The Saving Testimony

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What was the language of the Land? Pseudoscholars mislead you!

It seems Christians were smarter when I was a young child, our church all knew that those who lived around the Anointed during His lifetime on earth spoke Hebrew.  The scriptures were in Hebrew, people's names in the New testament were in Hebrew, the inscription above the cross was in Greek, Latin, and Hebrew, not Aramaic, and the Mighty One of the Hebrews spoke Hebrew to Paul, and Paul spoke Hebrew to the people, and the The Lot (Field) of Bloodshed in the language of the Land was “Choq el damah”, Hebrew, Paul was a Hebrew of the Hebrews and argued against the Hellenists, and we all also assumed that all the Greek NT scriptures were also originally translated from Hebrew.  Of course we all knew too that the name of the Anointed had to be in Hebrew also.  How could it be otherwise?

But now, as the True name has begun to be preached, it seems most Christians have not been persuaded, yet some chinks have been made in their bronze foreheads, some damage to their defensive shields.  Whereas they once thought “Jesus” was a Hebrew name, now most have been shown that it just isn't so.  So then they needed to reconstruct their belief system to accomodate this discovery.

Enter the Pseudoscholars.

Since they are blinded to the Truth about His name, to accommodate to their finding out that “Jesus” is not a Hebrew name, instead of continuing to believe the other true things of what they knew, now, in order to compensate for their chink in their testimony, they are happy to be misled to think that the Anointed spoke Aramaic to the masses, the NT scriptures were originally Aramaic, only the religious experts spoke Hebrew, and that even the Mighty One of the Hebrews bent to the local fashion sense of that time-period and renamed His manifestation in the flesh an ARAMAIC name!  And they are told by these pseudo-scholars that “Yeshua” is not only the Aramaic “version” of Yâhuwshúa`, but also that it is preferred and used and acceptable for salvation, even OVER the original Hebrew name found in earlier scriptures, “Yâhuwshúa` יָהוּשֻׁעַ”.  This may seem quite a leap, but those believing this had to find a way to avoid accepting His true name because they have not been chosen by Him to believe now.  So they voluntarily believed these pseudo-scholar history revisionists to become LESS knowledgeable of Truth in order to AVOID believing on His true name.

So now, they have to UNLEARN yet another lie.  Could they be right?  Were the locals that fickle about their language?  Let’s consider the “Jews” (“Yehuwthím”) of the time of Yâhuwshúa` (not the ones today).  Here you have a tribe who stubbornly maintained their identity because of their religion they interpreted racially, which clung to their ancient language, `Ivríyth, as a banner for their identity (not today’s “modern Hebrew”).  They had been overrun by several civilizations, enslaved by some, exiled yet returned, all of which spoke different languages, yet this tribe avoided intermarriage and in fact continued having the closest to original human pre-Tower of Bavel language (e.g.- note that Noach raised Avraham), though degenerated to some degree.  These argued against Hellenists who believed in using Grecianized modified names.  These really looked down on Hellenists.  They had laws forbidding a “Jew” from associating with racial foreigners!  They tried to KILL Paul, thinking he brought a Greek into the Temple.  Why does anyone think, with all this history, that they would suddenly acquiesce and compromise and embrace Aramean? And even IF THEY had really embraced Aramaic as their language, here is the clincher: who in their right mind thinks that suddenly Yâ-hwéh Himself would change His language and rename His Son, Who has existed since the very Beginning, to a different name in any language other than Hebrew?  Would the Savior/King of Yisrâ’ë´l (“Israel”) have an Aramaic name? (Yet believe it or not, I have even met brothers online who openly and baselessly claim that Yâ-hwéh abandoned the Hebrew language since 70AD!)

So did Paulus, as these pseudoscholars contend, preach an altered, Grecianized, human traditional name?  Let him answer the question:

2 Qorinthiym 2:17 For we are not as the Many, making gain by corrupting the Word of Yâ-hwéh; instead, as it is in Truth!  Moreover, before the presence of the Mighty One within the Anointed, we speak it as it is from Yâ-hwéh!

2 Qorinthiym 4:2 Instead, we renounce the shameful occult things, not walking about in trickery, nor adulterating the Word of Yâ-hwéh [Yâhuwshúa`], instead we are commending our selves by the manifestation of the Truth to every conscience of the sons of 'Âthâ´m in the sight of Yâ-hwéh!

It is time the pseudoscholars were tarred and feathered for their snake-oil.  But vengeance belongs to Yâ-hwéh, He will repay them.

It is also time the Christians return to the smarts they abandoned in the first paragraph, and accepted what His Hebrew name really was, Yâhuwshúa`, and renounce the snake-oil of the ANCIENT pseudoscholars, "Jesus" AND "Yeshua".

It gets deeper!

Beyond this, when faced with the information that Yâhuwshúa` is His name, many people allege that scripture itself was originally written in Greek (or Aramaic). Don't fall into this irrelevant argument. This argument they bring up makes no sense as an excuse to deny Yâhuwshúa` is His name, and they will wrap you up in their argument trying to prove something irrelevant. You see, Yâhuwshúa`'s name is an OATH made by Yâ-hwéh Himself, that "Yâ-hwéh is FREEDOM/ WEALTH" and it was the oath by which the heavens and the earth were created (Chanówkh 68:19-41). He was named this name at His birth as one of our brothers, and lived His entire life with this name, and died with this name and rose again with this name, and His pupils did report that to be saved, we must call on Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` (Acts 2:38-39). Would it make any difference about what His name is, if any scribe were to write a false rendition of His name in their scripture? Think about it. No, it would not. What happened in reality involves His true name, even if anyone, even the original writer, wrote it wrong. But the main point here is that no matter what language one speaks, His name remains the SAME. See here Romans 10:12-13 and 15:5-6 and the Glad Tidings of Philippos 20:

¶ For about this, there is not a difference between a Yâhuwthíy or a Greek, for the same Yâ´hu , the Sovereign of all of them, is Shúa` (riches, deliverance) for all of those who invoke Him, since: “...everyone who shall have called on the name of Yâ-hwéh, he shall be rescued!

¶ But may the Power of patient steadfastness and encouragement grant you the same opinion in one another concerning the Anointed Yâhuwshúa`:

in order that unanimously, in one language ye may honor the Mighty One, even His Father, because of our Sovereign Yâhuwshúa` the Anointed.

20. (19) Yâhuwshúa` is a hidden name [Yshá`Yâhuw 8: 17, Proverbs 30: 4, Chanówkh 48: 2-7]; the Anointed is a revealed name for this reason: Yâhuwshúa` does not exist in any other language, but His name is always Yâhuwshúa` as He calls Himself [Romans 15: 5-6]Mâshíyach is also His name; in Aramaic it is Meshíyach, in Greek it is Xristós, etc.  Indeed, all the rest have that according to their own language.  The Në´tser [Branch] is revealed by what is hidden [Yâhuwchânâ´n 14: 21-23].

However, we know for a fact that the original writers wrote their scriptures in `Ivriyth (Hebrew), even Paulus, who did know other languages. We also know that the Greek and Aramaic texts are translations of Hebrew originals.

How do we know this? Because within each translation, both Greek and Aramaic, there is much evidence that they were each translated from Hebrew, somewhat independently of each other, even some that indicates it was written in Paleo-hebrew script originally. The Peshitta Aramaic post-advent scriptures ("NT") even uses a code it used in its preadvent scriptures ("Old Testament") to denote where YHWH (Yâ-hwéh) appeared in the scriptures. We documented much of this evidence within notes we put in our translation of the scriptures.

Some of these confused people will argue that the writers of the post-advent scriptures ("NT") quoted the Septuagint. Not so. The Septuagint (LXX) was translated from an earlier more intact preadvent scriptures than the masoretic, which was altered postadvent. Thus, all postadvent scripture quotes will resemble the Septuagint (LXX) more than the masoretic because they had a more intact copy of the preadvent scriptures than we do now. It isn't that the writers of postadvent scriptures used the Septuagint (LXX) at all.

Nonetheless, we repeat that no matter what language scriptures are found in, proper nouns should be rendered accurately, transliterated in a way that they are pronounced the same as the original. Common nouns should be translated. Therefore, instead of finding "Jesus Christ", a scribe who cares for accuracy should write "Yâhuwshúa` the Anointed One", because the substitution for His name will make the flawless statement become a lie.

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The Anointed speaks about His Word:

Sincerely, this heading is too broad, and this entire website cannot do it justice.  But let us examine again the familiar parable of the Sower, to see what it and the enigmatic statements following it REALLY say.  Our Savior made it clear that understanding THIS parable is key to understanding ALL parables.  We have seen in 'Epheçíym (Ephesians) 1:17 (compare Yshá`Yâhuw 33:6) that the recognition of Him by name is the key to the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.  This explains why understanding this parable is key to understanding ALL parables.  We have also seen that the Word of Yâ-hwéh is the name of the Anointed, Yâhuwshúa`.  The parable of the sower and the following allegories all talk about this Word, Yâhuwshúa`.  The establishment translators lose track of this fact early, and this is why your KJV sounds so enigmatic, like empty shell husks where the Seed used to be.  Here we will examine what ALL the synoptic Glad Tidings say were said about this parable.
    (In the scripture translation being given away on this website, the 4 synoptic glad tidings are being made complementary, that is, made to fill in each others' gaps when they write about the same events.  One gets a better and broader picture this way, and one sees what one misses reading only one of them.)

Márquwç Chapter 4: 1-25

The Sermon by the Sea
And again He began to instruct by the sea.  And a great crowd was gathered together before Him, so that He, having entered into the ship, sat on the sea, and all the crowd was on the land close to the sea.
And He instructed them many things in parables, and said to them within His teachings:

Listen ye!  Look, the Sower went out to sow, [Chanowkh 61: 10-11]
And it came to pass as he sowed, one fell by the way, but it was trampled upon, [Luwqá' 8: 5] and the birds came and devoured it.
And another fell on the rocky place where it had not much earth, and it immediately sprang upwards due to not having depth of earth,
And when the luminary orb having arisen, it was scorched, and due to not having a root it shriveled away because it did not have moisture.  [Luwqá' 8: 6]
And another fell among the thorns, but the thorns grew up and choked it, and it did not give fruit.
Yet another fell into the good earth and yielded fruit, growing up and increasing, and one bore thirty, and one sixty, and one a hundred!
And He said to them:
He who has ears to understand, let him heed it.
And when He was alone, those around Him together with the twelve asked Him about the parable.
And He said to them:
To recognize the secrets of the Kingdom of Yâ-hwéh has been granted to you, but to those who are outside, it has not been granted, For whosoever maintains the secrets, to him shall be given, and he shall be in abundance; but whosoever does not maintain them, even what he has shall taken shall be taken away from him!  Due to this, to them all things are done in parables, [MattithYâ´huw 13: 12]

In order that seeing they may see, yet not perceive, and hearing they hear, yet not understand, [For more detail here, see MattithYâ´huw 13: 13-17] lest they convert and their sins should be released from them.

The sower sows the Word
And He says to them:
Do you not understand this parable?  So how will ye recognize all the parables?
Now the parable means this: the Seed is the Word of Yâ-hwéh [“Yâhuwshúa`”].  [Luwqá' 8: 11]  The sower sows the Word [Yâhuwshúa` - Yâ-hwéh is deliverance/wealth].  [1 Këph 1: 23]  Therefore, understand ye the parable of the sower:  [MattithYâ´huw 13: 18]
And these are those beside the way: where the Word is sown, and when they hear, the Adversary immediately comes and takes away the Word that has been sown within their hearts.
And similarly are these: those who are sown upon the rocky places, who when they hear the Word, accept it immediately with joy,
But do not possess a root within themselves, instead are temporary, then crowd-oppressions or persecution having arisen due to the Word, they are immediately enticed to sin, deserting it.  [Luwqá' 8: 13]
And these are those who are sown among the thorns: these are they who hear the Word of Yâ-hwéh,  [MattithYâ´huw 13: 22]
But the distractions of this age and the lust for the delusion of Fortune (God)* [MattithYâ´huw 13: 22] and the desires for the other things, entering in choke the Word, so it becomes unfruitful.
But these are those who were sown upon the virtuous soil, those which hear the Word and understand [MattithYâ´huw 13: 23], and accept it, firmly retain it in a virtuous and good heart, and bring forth fruit by endurance: [Luwqá' 8: 15] one thirty, another sixty, another a hundred.

The Word should be displayed, not concealed
And He said to them:
Does the Lamp [His Word - Songs 119: 105] come in order that it might be put under the bushel?  Or under the couch?  Doesn't It come in order that It may be put on the lampstand?
For the Word is not something they would have concealed, unless It should be shown!  Nor has It become a secret thing, instead, the Word exists in order that It should come for display!
If anyone has ears to understand it, let him heed It.

Hold the Word and dispense it out
And He said to them:
Beware what ye heed!  By what measure ye mete the Word it shall be measured to you, and shall be added to you who heed it;
For whoever holds the Word, to him shall be given; but he who does not maintain the Word, even that which he seems to [Luwqá' 8: 18] have shall be taken from him!

Now examine this next passage, which was unwisely divided by a chapter division, making most lose track of that it continues on the subject of the Word.  This is Luwqá' ("Luke") 11:52 through 12:12 where Yâhuwshúa` does what name-deniers deny that He does anywhere in scripture:  He criticizes the Pharushiym ("Pharisees") for outlawing acknowledging the Word, then turns to the pupils and the crowds and tells them to not let themselves be intimidated into concealing His Word (His name), which many still do, speaking "haShem","Creator", "Adown", "’Ël", "heaven", "the Almighty", and various other substitutes instead of His name.
    Note that Yâhuwshúa` is calling those who profess the Word His "friends", like 'Avrâhâ´m!

3) Woe For censoring His name
Hówy to you, to the scribes and Pharushíym, role-fakers, because ye shut up the Kingdom of Yâ-hwéh in the faces of humans [MattithYâ´huw 23: 13], because ye took away the Key of acknowledging!  Ye yourselves did not enter, and ye prevented from entering those who were entering!

And as He was saying these things to them, those scribes and those Prushíym began to intimidatingly pressure Him, and to drill Him about many things,
Watching Him and seeking to catch something from His mouth in order that they might accuse Him.  [Yshá`Yâhuw 29: 19-21]

Chapter 12
Message to us: don't fear man; profess Him: He will protect us
At which, the ten thousands of the crowd, being gathered together such as to trample on one another, He began to say, primarily towards His pupils:

Pay attention to yourselves to stay away from the ferment of the Prushíym, which is role-fakery.
Yet nothing is concealed which shall not be disclosed, nor hidden which shall not be absolutely known;
Wherefore, that name ye said in the darkness shall be heard in the light; and that name which ye spoke in the ear in the closets shall be proclaimed upon the buildings!
But I say to you: my friends, ye should not be in terror of those who kill off the body and after these things aren't able to do anything more.
Yet I will show you Whom ye should fear: fear the One Who after having killed has authority to cast into the Gëy-Hinnóm (Valley of Hinnóm); yea, I say to you: fear Him.
Aren't five sparrows sold for two assarion?  Yet not one from them is forgotten in the sight of Yâ-hwéh!
Instead, even the hairs of your head have all been numbered!  Therefore, do not fear - ye are more important than a multitude of sparrows.
So I say to you: every one, whoever, might profess Me before the sons of thâ´m, the Son of 'Âthâ´m will also profess him before the faces of the envoys of Yâ-hwéh!
But he who has denied Me in the sight of the sons of thâ´m will be denied in the sight of the envoys of Yâ-hwéh;
Yet everyone who shall say a word against the Son of 'Âthâ´m, it shall be released from him; but to the one who has slandered against the spirit of the Pure One, it shall not be released from him.
So when they bring you before the assemblies and the chiefs and the authorities, do not worry how or what ye shall say in defense, or what ye should say,
For the spirit of the Pure One will instruct you in that same hour what it is necessary to say.
[Luwqa' 11:52-12:12]

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Ignorance has been bliss
Christian holidays are a time when Christians feel satisfied as the world celebrates with them days which represent scriptural events to them or have a meaning to them which they feel honors Who they worship.  They feel their faith has prevailed over paganism, and more and more convert to the missionaries they finance in far-off lands, and in their cities to the charity organizations which labor at relieving poverty.  They feel they are doing all they can, dressing up every "Sunday" and heading for "church" and sitting on pews for extended periods of time, and maybe even tithing their tax-deductible contributions to their Pastors and missionaries who they trust to be making all their effort in scripture study.  Their "Bibles" collect dust during the week since they are so complacent and satisfied with what they learned on "Sunday".  Their Pastors took one establishment-translated verse and examined it every which way, made a great show, and made them feel a bit guilty, so they decided to try a little harder this week.  Christians don't want to even consider the idea that they might be doing something REALLY wrong. Ignorance is a warm and fuzzy feeling, a spirit of slumber that they do not want to wake from!
      So logically, many brothers ask, "Could Yâ-hwéh be capable of judging and applying the curse of the Law to the ignorant? I have been taught that He is merciful. What about those who never heard about this? Nearly no one I know of knows about this yet or believes in it. How can they be condemned?" The answer is simple. They are already condemned by their sins having violated the Law. But not all of them have rejected the justification offered by believing on the name of the Son, Yâhuwshúa`, yet.  So Yâ-hwéh is not applying the Law and doing this right now just yet. He will come in judgment when EVERYONE has heard it and has made their choice. Why else do you think the Glad Tidings of the Kingdom must be preached throughout all the world before He comes? So no one can claim ignorance as an excuse! Páulus in To the Romans answers this question "Did they not hear?" quoting these portions of Songs and Yshá`Yâhuw ("Isaiah"):

No one will be judged in ignorance!  Everyone shall know His name in that day He comes!

…and all day continually My name is being reviled!  Therefore, My people will know My name, therefore in that day they will know as I am He who is predicating - Here I am!  How beautiful they are, the feet [of Tsiyyówn (Yshá`Yâhuw 40: 9)] upon the mountains of one bringing good news, proclaiming peace; one bringing glad tidings of good: proclaiming safety/rescue, saying to Tsiyyówn, “Your Power, He reigns!”

[Yshá`Yâhuw   52: 5-7]


    1. The heavens are telling the full narrative of the Worth of the Power and the firmament is declaring the works of His hands;
    2. Day after day it pours out speech and night after night it displays acknowledgment;
    3. There is no speech and there are no words in which their call is not heard;
    4. Their connection-line goes out into all of the earth, but at the end of the world their sayings are (5.) for the luminary orb, it has pitched a tent within them! [Romans 10: 18]
    5. And he, like a son-in-law, proceeding out from his canopy, he exults like a warrior [1 Moshéh 6: 4] to run his path;

[Songs 18: 1-4 (2-5), also quoted in Romans 10: 18]

What does this mean, "the luminary orb, it has pitched a tent within them" (above)?  The luminary orb is also the Day-star, identified as Hëylël (Lucifer in Latin).  Hasn't Satan pitched a tent within the midst of humanity's praise and worship of the Power?  Hasn't he set up camp inside the convocation, pretending to be its "angel of light"?  Yes, because Bâvél rabbthâ´’ ("Babylon the great"), the Great Confusion, is really a case of mistaken identity, because it is by identity theft of the earth using sayings belonging to the luminary orb, that the luminary orb's envoy, Satan, gets the ego boost to proceed thinking himself a bridegroom (NIV, we translate 'son-in-law'), to run his path around the earth, exulting like a warrior.
Some will say "Not us, we don't make that mistake!" Oh REALLY? Have you ever used a solar name applying it to Yâ-hwéh or something that is His? From Hëylël come "hello (hola)", "halo", "holy", "heal", "health", "helios", "hallow", and "helium (helio)", from just that one solar name! How about these solar names? -

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Why we do not say "sacred name":

"And in all that I have said, you shall take care to do it, and you shall not invoke a name of other mighty ones, it shall not be heard on your lips."
[Exodus 23:13]
Scripture says remove the beam out of our eye before we preach removing the splinter from our brothers' eyes.  Before we criticize the other mighty ones names which Christianity calls on, we shall criticize the same mistake most of us make as a group!  It is a sin to say "sacred" name!  See the following quote:

  "9. SACRED
Although this word is not found in the King James Version, it has been used in some instances in the more recent English versions (e.g. Moffatt's Translation, NIV, GNB, NASB) to translate the Hebrew qodesh and the Greek hagios. In the literature and preaching of the churches, however, it is frequently used, as well as in the word "sacrament". Much of the English language, which is one of the Indo-European languages, viz. Sanskrit. Similarly, the English word "sacred" can be traced back to the Sanskrit "Sakra". What or who was "Sakra"? Larousse, World Mythology, pp. 229, 233, reveals to us that Indra was one of the 12 forms of the Sun-deity, and that he was also known as: "Sakra". This startling information is found in other sources too.120 In this deity, and in the twelfth form, he is called: Mitra, the origin of the later Persian and Roman Mithra or Mithras, who at first was only associated with the Sun-deity, but later on became the Sun-deity himself as Sol Invictus, the unconquered Sun-deity."

By the way, "Sanctus" and "Sancus" also are solar names, from which come "SAINT" and "SANCTIFY".

But let's take a step backwards and see Satan's trap. So many names for the luminary orb are being substituted for Yâ-hwéh, and when a truthseeker happens to wander outside the hall of mirrors, Satan has a variety of near-miss "sacred" names for them to choose from, already SOLAR (Sakrus). In that case, there is no name which isn't SOLAR! And worse, "sacred" has the added meaning of the "Yehuwthiy" tradition to NOT say it, that it's untouchable, to encourage avoiding Yâ-hwéh's name.

Therefore, if it is a sin to invoke the names of other mighty ones, why do Christians do it continually? How is this possible?  We have gone very far backwards in 2,000 years, and the leaders of the world's established religions are not about to teach you the Truth. Look at Yshá`Yâhuw 9:16 -

"And it shall be those who call this people blessed are those who are misleading them, so the ones being led by them are the ones being devoured [v.12 – Yisrâ’ë´l (Christianity)],"

And look at Yshá`Yâhuw 3:12 -

"The oppressors of My people are suckling infants, and women, they rule over them; O My people, your guides are the ones leading you astray, and they violently destroyed the Way of your caravans."

You have misplaced your trust in foolish and mercenary pastors, who prefer your offerings to your salvation. Or are you willing to forgive them due to ignorance? Didn't you choose them and put your faith in them specifically for this reason, for them to teach you what this mysterious book they call "the Bible" says about how one may get saved? Do you prefer to follow them towards the cliff and not accept this Truth? If so, are you one of those who believes all you see on TV?  Or do you believe all that the politicians tell you?  Or do you believe all that is said by the "Pope" of the universal (catholic) "church"?  If you do prefer to believe all those tell you, and you HARDEN your heart and try to remain in the ignorance which now has become rebellion, then this website is not for you.  

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The problem of preaching to the hardened

YirmYâ´huw (Jeremiah) went through the same problem as we do, preaching His name to Christians (rebellious Israel)!

"To whom may I speak, and may I warn so they would listen?  Look!  Their ear is uncircumcised so they cannot hear, look!  The Word of Yâ-hwéh, it is offensive to them, they do not find pleasure in it!"
[Jeremiah 6:10]

Ysha`Yahuw (Isaiah) also went through the same problem as we do, preaching His name to Christians (rebellious Israel)!

But not all listened attentively to the proclamation of the glad tidings.  For Yshá`Yâhuw says,
Who has believed our message? And the Arm of Yâ-hwéh, unto whom was it revealed? [Yshá`Yâhuw 53:1]
Therefore, persuasion is from the ear listening, but the heeding is through the dictate of Yâ-hwéh!
[Romans 10:16-17]

Even our Mighty One Himself asks why Christians (rebellious Israel) don't want to return to acknowledge His name!

"Your generation: consider the Word of Yâ-hwéh: was I a desert to Yisra'el or a land of great darkness?  Why do they, My people, say "We can ramble free, we will not come anymore to You"?  Does a maiden forget her jewelry, a bride her wedding ornaments?  Yet My people, they forgot Me days without number!"

[Jeremiah 2:32]

Why did they forget, and why don't they wish to return? First because they believed what is written in their "Bibles", extremely faulty translations which they have been taught are inspired (yes, the translation itself) and should not be altered even in one word according to the condemnation at the end of Disclosure (Revelation). They trust the messenger less than their belief in the scriptures given them by their scribe scholars. But what does Yâ-hwéh say of those?

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Yâ-hwéh scoffs at Christian and Jewish scripture "experts" because they rejected His name and wrote scripture for the Lie!

"How can you say "we are wise ones, and the Torah of Yâ-hwéh is with us" when look!  The lying pen of the scribes made it for the Lie!  The wise ones will be shamed: they will be dismayed and they will be trapped - look!  Since they rejected the Word of Yâ-hwéh, what wisdom do they have?"

[YirmYahuw ("Jeremiah") 8:8-9]

ZkharYâhu (Zechariah) Chapter 5 describes the scribes' thieving from scripture and substituting the Lie for His name in scripture, and Yâ-hwéh predicts that the scriptures they altered will destroy them and their house.  Then the Lie which they filled into it is the Wickedness which is contained within their spiritual vision source, the "Holy Bible", who will manifest and be exiled from the Land and established in its place, Bâvél (Babylon) in the land of Son`ar.

1. Then I returned and I lifted my eyes and I saw and here is a scroll flying.

2. So He said to me, "What are you seeing?" And I said, "I am seeing a scroll flying, her length is 20 cubits and her width is 10 cubits."

3. And He said to me, "This is the curse (hâ-'Âlâ´h [f.]) which is going out over the face of all of the Land because everyone stealing from this [~removing His name (Songs 50: 18, YirmYâ´huw 23: 30-32, Epheçíym 4: 28)], according to her [Disclosure 22: 18-19], he shall be erased, and everyone being sated from this, according to her, he shall be erased.

4. I will dispatch her out," declares Yâ-hwéh the Upholder of all, "and she will enter into the house of the thief and into the house of the one being surfeited against My name for the Lie, and she will lodge in the midst of his house, and she will destroy it with its timbers and its stones."

5. Then the Envoy, the One dictating with me, went out to me, and He said to me, "Lift, please, your eyes, and see! What is this one going abroad?"

6. And I said, "What is she?" And He said, "This is the measuring basket which is going abroad!" [Yshá`Yâhuw 5: 18, Howshë´a` 12: 7-8] And He said, "This is their vision-source throughout all of the Land." [Songs 19: 7-8, MattithYâ´huw 6: 22-23, To the 'Epheçíym 1: 18]

7. And there was lifted up a round weight of lead, and this certain woman is dwelling within the midst of the measuring basket,

8. and He said, "This is the Wickedness (f.)!" Then he threw her to the inside of the measuring basket, and he cast the lead weight into her [the measuring-basket's] mouth.

9. Then I lifted up my eyes and I saw, and there were two women going out and the wind was in their wings, and the wings belonging to them were like the wings of the stork; and they carried off the measuring basket between the land and the skies.

10. Then I said to the Envoy, the One dictating with me, "To where are they carrying away the measuring basket?"

11. And He said to me, "To rebuild for her a house in the land of Son`â´r . [Yâshâ´r 7: 43, 1 Moshéh 11: 1-9] When it will be ready, then she will be rested there upon her base." [Yshá`Yâhuw 37: 7, Dâ´niyyË´'l 11: 44, 2 Thessaloníkeans 2: 8]

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These false mighty ones for which the lying scribes have written their scriptures for are:


Bá`al - the Hebrew name of what translates as Greek Despotes, Latin Domine, Spanish Señor, and English Lord. See the Oxford Dictionary say Bá`al means "Lord".  It means controller, owner, possessor, binding husband.  Yâ-hwéh does not want us to call Him this (Hosea 2:16).

"And it shall be in that Day, declares Yâ-hwéh, you shall call Me 'Iyshiy [my husband, per Schofield], and you will no longer call Me Ba`liy [my Lord, per Schofield], and I will remove the names of the B`aliym [Lords] from her mouth and they will no longer be remembered by their name"

[Hosea 2:16-17]

Some diehard proclaimers of Bá`al search the scriptures to find excuses to continue calling Yâ-hwéh this even after knowing their mistake, and come up with these two verse references from the Masoretic Text which are really translation MISTAKES:

In Yshá`Yâhuw ("Isaiah") 54:5, there where the Masoretic Text has bo`aláyikh (one-being-lord-of-you) written, the Septuagint (LXX) has kurios, which is a translation forAthon therefore it should be translated "Sovereign", because we consider the Septuagint (LXX) to reflect an earlier less altered scripture.

In YirmYâhuw 31:32 ("Jeremiah"), there is a one letter error in the Masoretic, B-`-L-T-Y is actually B-Ch-L-T-Y and it means "I loathed". Ivriym ("Hebrews") 8:9 and the Septuagint (LXX) and the Peshitta Aramaic Tenákh demonstrate that the Masoretic text has this one-letter mistake here. The `Ivríyth (Hebrew) here was originally Bâchaltíy and not Bâ`áltiy. These are only two references in scripture alleging that Yâ-hwéh approves of such a title for Himself, and they are false. Moreover, as WE know that scripture does not contradict itself, read Howshea 2 above about whether Yâ-hwéh approves of our calling Him this title, since He will REMOVE the names of the bá`alim (lords) from our lips and we will no more call Him "ba`líy" (my lord). This is an end-time prediction therefore it's not yet fulfilled, as we see in every single culture Christianity is found, people are calling Yâ-hwéh "ba`líy" in their own language, e.g. my lord, mi señor, mein herr, domine, etc.

Some misguided near-miss namers go off into RIGHT field and allege that the legitimate hebrew termAthonâ´y (my Sovereign) means the same as Bá`al (my Lord). This is not so. Yâ-hwéh DOES approve of being called Athonâ´y "my Sovereign" as He approved of it in writing in scripture as well as when He came in Person, notably when Tâ'owm called Him this. The false reasoning the near-miss namers use is based on the ignorance of the fact that Athonâ´y means "my Sovereign". In fact the Greek Kurios also means "Sovereign". The Greek word for "Lord" is actually Despotes. They then deceivedly think Athonâ´y means "Lord" just as the establishment translations falsely substitute for it, believing Athonâ´y to be a synonym for Bá`al and that someone altered scriptures massively a long time ago. Not so.

Lord-worship (Bá`al worship) has insidiously infiltrated Christianity beyond merely the name substitution. Note a "Festival" is actually a "Feast of Bá`al". The Lord (Bá`al) was worshipped as a male copulatory organ in conjunction with Asherah (currently "Virgin Mary") as a female copulatory organ, giving birth to the luminary orb every winter "solstice" December 25 (Roman date), having been fertilized 9 months earlier every Easter (Ishtar) celebrated at "sunrise" with fertility symbols like eggs and rabbits. They made obelisks and groves to represent these copulatory organs, and erected posts or poles (stripped trees) like totem poles. The Lord-Virgin combo worship alleges eternal life through reproduction, and combines its symbols in its Ankh symbol, criticized by Paulus in tears in his letter to the Philippians 3:17-21. It is very interesting to note that the worship of "the virgin Mary" is the current worship of Asherah. Note that Asherah means happy due to being blessed. Miryam did say:

“My self magnifies Yâ-hwéh, and my spirit jumped for joy at Yâ-hwéh, my Deliverer; For He has looked upon the humility of His bondmaid, for look!  From henceforth all generations will call me happy (’ashërâ´h )!

Because the One of Force has performed great things to me, and His name is pure, and His mercy is for those fearing it for generations of generations.  [Luwqá’ 11: 28] He wrought power by His arm; He routed the haughty in their heart’s understanding! He took down rulers from their thrones and exalted the lowly; He filled the hungry with good things, but He sent away the rich empty. He helped Yisrâ’ë´l, His servant, to remember His mercy just as He spoke to our fathers: for ’Avrâhâ´m and for his Seed to the ages!”

Luwqa 1:46-55

But what about those who defend saying they don't worship her? Her name was Miryam. Why do they call her "Maria"? Because Maria is the Aramaic word for Sovereign! Everywhere you find "Lord" in the establishment's New Testament, in the Aramaic you will find ayrm "Maria". And "Mary"? "Mary" yrm in Hebrew means rebellion. But the reason for mentioning this other lie is to point out that Lord worship comes as a combo with Maria Mary and fries. I am not going to go too deeply into debunking polytheism here, or there being no other intercessors, that should be obvious from Matt. 4:10, Rom. 8:34, Heb. 4:15, 7:25, Eph. 4 and many other scriptures.

’ËliyYâ´huw proved Yâ-hwéh is our Power and not the Lord (ha-Ba`al). Though the priests of the LORD danced around their altar and cut themselves bleeding all over the place, nothing happened to their offering. But remember this time, when the Lie comes, he will make fire come down from the sky to fake this sign Yâ-hwéh had given to ’ËliyYâ´huw, so don't be fooled.
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 Zeus's image has been adopted by Christianity as being the image of "Jesus", hence the name of the anointed of the Lie means "Gaze at Zeus!" in Hebrew. See how this happened: Yâhuwshúa` is not Jesus

Zeus – is the principal demon of the Greeks, which has other names.  One of those names is “Diós” and is found in Deeds (“Acts”) 14:13 (see below) in all Greek NTs, and is falsely being taught as a title for Yâ-hwéh, and replacing “Power” for Spanish-speaking Christians, supposedly as if it were a “translation”. “Diós” is one of the various names recognized as belonging specifically to Zeus, including Día, Diu (Div), and Dis.  They are found in the Greek Dictionary in the Strong’s Concordance hidden under diorusso #1358, which means “to penetrate”, and is found in Mt 6:19, Mt 6:20, Mt 24:43, and Lu 12:39.

Strong's #1358

1358. diorussw diorusso dee-or-oos'-so; from 1223 and 3736; to penetrate burglariously:— break through (up).

Διός Dios. See 2203.

Note that its significance relates to the symbolism of the male sexual organ worshipped as Bá`al and thievery.  This “penetrator” Diós is the name which is found in Deeds (“Acts”) 14:13, and in the quite prominent establishment Spanish “Bible” translation, the Reina-Valera 1989 they hide it, replacing it with “Zeus”, and in the English KJV and in the Spanish Reina-Valera 1909 (shown here), they replace it with Jupiter.

This intentional cover-up of the material proof of their FRAUD worsens even more due to the deceitfulness of the author of the Strong’s concordance, because there you will find that this word “Jupiter” is linked to #2203 Zeus, but nowhere under this entry in the Strong’s dictionary will you find Diós, this other name of Zeus which is written there in that verse.  Look at it! ¿Can you say “conspiracy”?

Strong's #2203 as it appears
2203. Zeuv Zeus dzyooce; of uncertain affinity; in the oblique cases there is used instead of it a (probably cognate) name Div Dis deece, which is otherwise obsolete; Zeus or Dis (among the Latins, Jupiter or Jove), the supreme deity of the Greeks:— Jupiter.


So if you do not have a Greek NT and only have a Strong's Concordance, you won't know or find out what is written there! But here we have the verse scanned so you can see it, and so you can believe it, you can even read it in the Greek script in verse 13, look at it! Zeus = Διός !!!

[from The Interlinear Greek-English New Testament by George Ricker Berry, Reprinted by Baker Book House, copyright 1897 by Hinds & Nobel.  See Baker Book House]

if a=b, and b=c, then a=c.

Since Satan = Zeus, and Zeus = Diós, then Satan = Diós

Zeus (Diós) is identified in Revelation (Disclosure) as being Satan, since the altar to Zeus in Pergamon was called the Throne of Zeus, and the same was called the throne of Satan by Yâhuwshúa` in Rev. 2:13.  Interestingly (and chillingly), this Throne of Satan, promised to the Beast in Rev 13:2, is currently located in Berlin, at the Nationalgalerie museum.  See the pictures of it at

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see our YahuwshuaDotOrg Official website's Youtube channel video:


God - is the Hebrew name of Fortune, a Babylonian false deity, documented in every Strong's Concordance in its Hebrew dictionary at #1408/1409. See below:

English-speaking Christians have long been deceived to use this specific name of a foreign deity as a translation for Elohíym, the Hebrew term appearing in the heavily altered Masoretic text, meaning "mighty ones" (plural), which only refers to demons because Yâ-hwéh is One. For proof of this term being bad, see this page on our sister website. The term in English we ought to use is "Power"which would be ’Ël in Hebrew, singular, however we should confine our speech to English, see this FAQ.

Its followers are destined for the sword and will bow to the Beast of slaughter and will be put to death by the Sovereign Yâ-hwéh, according to the end-time prediction found in Yshá`Yâhuw ("Isaiah") 65:11-17 and are contrasted with those who follow Yâ-hwéh.

When confronted, the followers of God (Fortune) attempt to excuse themselves by hiding behind the very flimsy thin disguise that their "Bible" there says "Gad" not God. Note that in the Strong's Concordance, their method of transliteration of the vowels in this Hebrew term uses a AND â, and it is clear even in their "gawd" transliteration (see above) that the Hebrew pronunciation exactly equals the way English speakers are saying "God", fulfilling the prediction themselves when they learn the Truth and reject His true name. Both the English transliteration "Gad" and the commonly used Christian term "God" sound the same, they are homonyms. But do you realize "Gad" is a transliteration from `Ivriyth ("Hebrew") and that someone chose to write it that way in our alphabet? Do you realize they could have listened to it and written it as "God" just as easily? Do you realize that they logically did not do so to not get burnt at the stake or at the very least kicked out of their respectable positions? Now do you see how this minor alteration in their transliteration of "God" as "Gad" is a flimsy disguise for an idol's name? Now, what does it take for some Christian to admit they've been duped to profess an IDOL instead of using a true term mighty One/Power? It takes HUMILITY and INSIGHT, something Yâ-hwéh alone can give by His favor. But what if Yâ-hwéh Himself came down from heaven and told us an end time prediction of His that these rebels are those who forsake Him and arrange a meal and eat "God" (a transubstantiated wafer!) and pour a libation (drink-offering) for Money (also another idol)? Would Christians believe it then? Because He does the very next best thing, He told Yshá`Yâhuw His predicator exactly this, to tell it to us in scripture at Yshá`Yâhuw ("Isaiah") 65:11-16. And a Christian who tries to defend him/herself alleging "no, I say God not "Gad"" is truly going to sound dumb because the two terms sound alike, exactly. Yâ-hwéh DID identify exactly what Christians are saying. What more could they want? After all, Yâ-hwéh did agree to not speak directly to us, rather to speak through predicators. See that scripture below as it SHOULD have appeared, if it had been translated correctly:

But you are the ones who forsake Yâ-hwéh, the ones misplacing the mountain of My pureness, the ones lining up unto the God [Fortune distributor], a meal, and the ones pouring out a drink offering for the Money [Destiny], wine with preservatives: So I will destine ye for the sword and ALL OF YOU WILL BOW DOWN TO THE Beast-to-be-slaughtered, for I addressed, but you did not respond, I spoke the word, but you did not listen attentively; and you made the Evil One in My eyes and you chose what displeased Me:  Due to this,

my Sovereign Yâ-hwéh says:

See My bondmen: they will eat, but ye, ye will go hungry!  See My bondmen: they will drink, but ye, ye will go thirsty!  See My bondmen: they will rejoice, but ye, ye will be ashamed!  See My bondmen: they will sing from the joy of the heart, but ye, ye will cry out from the anguish of the heart, and ye will wail from the brokenness of the spirit.  And ye will leave your name for a curse-word for My chosen ones, and the Sovereign Yâ-hwéh will put you to death, but for His bondmen, He shall be called another name, that the one invoking blessing on the earth will bless by the True Power, and the one taking an oath on the earth will take an oath by the True Power, because the past troubles will be forgotten, and indeed they will be hidden from My eyes, because look!  I am creating new heavens and a new earth, and the former things will not be remembered, and they will not come to mind.

[Yshá`Yâhuw 65: 11-17]

How will their name "God" be left for a curse-word for Yâ-hwéh's chosen ones (as it says above)?  The translation of "Fortune distributor" (God, see above) into Greek is Daemon.  When we are given a pure language [TsphanYâ´hu ("Zephaniah") 3: 9], we will refer to an evil spirit and a fallen angel as a "god".

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Jehovah - one of the TWO evil twin Lies created by the lying pen of the Masoretic scribes, who censored Yâ-hwéh's name from their scriptures in order to enforce their false tradition of preventing everyone from "taking His name in vain".

Since the times of the Maccabees they have substituted it into their writings for Yâ-hwéh (e.g. in the Masoretic Text) for people to read it as “’Athonâ´y ’'Elohíym” as they documented in their Talmud and traditions to do. The addition of vowel points into their Aramaic square script scriptures came after the inception this errant doctrine, and their method of enforcing it was by inserting the vowel points corresponding to ’Athonâ´y into YHWH if it were found written before ’Elohíym, thus (read right to left):

Masoretic LIE

or vice versa, inserting the vowel points corresponding to ’Elohíym into YHWH if it were found written after ’Athonâ´y, thus:

Masoretic LIE

to have every reader read “’Athonâ´y ’Elohíym” instead of either Yâ-hwéh ’Elohíym or ’Athonâ´y Yâ-hwéh. Decoded Septuagint scriptures (LXX) reveal what was in original scriptures before the scribes altered it to these: Wherever you see this "YHWH 'Elohíym" what was there said "Yâ-hwéh, the One without regard for the mighty one of 'aharón (lucifer/light-carrier)" And where you see "'Adonâ´y YHWH", what was there said just plain "Yâ-hwéh". But the real meaning of the satanic substitution "Athonâ´y 'Elohíym" is "my sovereigns, the demons", because both terms are plural, and Yâ-hwéh is not plural, He is One. And much more information proving this about 'elohíym being demons is found at this link at our sister website.

These two images above are actual scanned images from one such Masoretic text. To see what we are saying, compare the vowel points which are in these different words, they each are above one another! They avoided the very short a vowel (-) in this borrowing because it might have led the synagogue reader to make a mistake and pronounce the correct first syllable of the Pure Name, namely -ya. The vocalized form one finds in the Hebrew Tenakh is usually Y'hôwâh (the other being Y'hôwih), which evolved into the form “Jehovah” with the evolution of the “I” into a “J” and the changing of the Latin “V” letter from a “U” sound to a “V”. Y'hôwâh/Jehovah is nothing but an artificial ghost word; it was never used in antiquity. The synagogue reader saw Yehôwâh in his text and read it “’adônâ´y”. But Christian scholars of the Middle Ages (e.g. Galatinus) saw these scribal lies and fell for them, resulting in the false name “Jehovah”.

BUT WAIT A SECOND! Is this "Y'hôwâ´h" just a meaningless corruption of Yâ-hwéh's name? Although literally millions continually use this name, is it true it is nonsense in Hebrew? I have seen many well-intentioned people say this, but it seems they are woefully wrong. Let us do an analysis of what it ACTUALLY RESEMBLES in Hebrew. Y'hôwâ´h seems to have a third-person male prefix of a verb, but the rest of the word is actually a feminine NOUN, found in Strong's 1943 (a form of 1942):

Well now, what would "Yehôwâh" then mean? Let's see: "He covetously rushes onto, desiring to ruin." Does this describe OUR Sovereign Savior and Power? Who DOES it describe?  Let's look and see WHERE this Strong's #1943 appears in scripture:

(Yâ-hwéh speaking to Bâvél the whore) 11. “ But there shall come upon you an evil you didn´t know was being sought diligently, and it shall fall upon you, a VICIOUS ENGULFING RUIN you are incapable of covering up, and it shall come against you suddenly, a rushing devastating tempest you did not understand![see Howshë´a` 8:7]

The capitalized words are the translation of Strong's #1943 used here. Judging from the context, it is referring to the Impostor, the son of Extermination, the Image of the Beast, the incarnation of the Lie, who will do his Great Persecution against the confused Christians who created him/it, kinda like Frankenstein's monster turning on his maker. Take a look at Songs ("Psalms") 94: 11-23 in our translation, remembering the engulfing ruin and the wicked trouble (lawlessness) refers to the Impostor, the Lie, which ruins the Testimony of justification:

  1. Yâ-hwéh is the One knowing the schemes of humanity, that they are futile. [1 Qorinthíym 3: 20]
  2. O happy blessings of the valiant man whom You discipline, Yâ´hu, so You may teach him from Your Instructions,
  3. for him to be given tranquility from the days of evil until a pit will be dug for the wicked one,
  4. because Yâ-hwéh will not abandon His people and He shall never forsake His inheritance,
  5. though the Testimony of justification [Romans 10: 9-10] will retreat to judgment and after it all of the ones upright of heart!...<pause>
  6. Who will stand up for Me against the evildoers?  Who will take a stand for Me against the workers of the wicked trouble (lawlessness)?[MattithYâ´huw 7: 23]
  7. If Yâ-hwéh had not been a Help for me, my self (néphesh) would have nearly stayed in silence.
  8. If I had said, “My foot slipped”, Your kindness, Yâ-hwéh, would support me;
  9. With the multitude of my griefs in my insides, my self (néphesh) takes delight in Your consolations.
  10. Would the throne of the engulfing ruin [Yshá`Yâhuw 47: 11] be allied with You?  The one fashioning trouble by decree,
  11. to hunt for the self (néphesh) of the justified so they condemn as guilty the blood of the innocent,
  12. but Yâ-hwéh became mine for a high Refuge, and my Power for the Rock of my refuge!
  13. He will bring back against them their wicked trouble (lawlessness) and by their own evil, it will cause them to be cut off; [Yshá`Yâhuw 47: 11, Howshë´`á 8: 5-7] Yâ-hwéh our Power will exterminate them.

Strong’s #5707 not #5703 as mistakenly vowel-pointed in the Masoretic, a difference only of vowel-pointing.

Strong’s #1942, hawâ´h, is related to the Masoretic Lie currently evolved to “Jehovah”.  This refers to the Impostor, the manifestation of the Lie, who will pretend to be allied with Yâ-hwéh.

LXX shows that the term here was Strong’s #6679 צוּדּ and not #1413 as shown conjugated יגדּוּ in the Masoretic.

If "Yehôwâh" then means "He covetously rushes onto, desiring to ruin.", doesn't this explain the behavior of its "Witnesses"? (the "Jehovah's Witnesses") For in their zealous haste to convince the blind Christians to think that the Anointed One is NOT our Power, they manage to remove from them the privilege to resurrect in the First Resurrection! You see, the Key to the Broad Gate involves this belief. When they deny He is His Servant, they fall out of Yshá`Yâhuw 43:1,8,10-12's definition of Yisrâ’ë´l (Christianity) as His Witnesses that He (our Power) is His Servant (the Anointed One). I include verse 8 to clarify that Yâ-hwéh specified this definition to include the BLIND and DEAF sheep of Christianity who we are already familiar with.

Other "Vicious engulfing ruin" names:

Let us also add that more recently, other false names have arisen based on this same word root Strong's #1942/1943. "Yahuwah" and "Yahowah" are being aggressively peddled by many proponents online, resembling the Jehovah Witnesses in that these uniformly do not listen to any opposing facts presented to them, and instead of reasoning will give their targets unreasonable amounts of unsolicited information "proving" their false name true. The linguistics they propose are readily identifiable as spurious, and their arguments specious, so they prey on the uneducated. Yet, strangely (and laughably), many of them ADMIT their name is based on Strong's #1942/1943, even knowing what it means, and try to excuse it saying their "yahuwah" ruins people he judges! They, like Jehovah Witnesses, abundantly distribute lengthy amounts of material from some central source, in their case written by someone who made up fictitious Hebrew linguistics. Capitalizing on ignorance, they took all the misconceptions about Hebrew and rolled it all up in one big ball of wax. Their most prominent disinformation, among others, on which their Lie depends is likely their false allegation that “the -éh (ה-ֶ-) ending is Greek and not Hebrew”. For whoever might wonder if this may be true, look at this from Gesenius Hebrew Grammar:.

Gesenius shows -eh is Hebrew for imperfect tense L''H

These people are extremely aggressive, stand warned, and they come at you in waves, all saying the same thing. If you know how to defend the Truth, they will waste your time, then you will have to face the same thing all over again with the next one. They are dangerous to whoever doesn't have their faith on His name also founded on knowledge about linguistics, because that is their "angle".

Their bad fruits are however readily visible, but they do not focus on this. You should focus on their fruits to not fall for any Lie preached by anyone, but if you argue that with them, the name issue which is most important will be acquiesced. Theirs is a loose hodgepodge of various false doctrines, because they are spiritually related to the Hebrew Israelite militant racial black religion and the Jehovah Witnesses combined, generally including racial religion (faith in the flesh), generally that only the negro race is Yisrâ’ë´l, racial serpent seed (white), Africa being the Promised Land, the Father and the Son being two separate beings and them only worshipping the Father, continuance of pagan terms in their vocabulary, their accusing Yâ-hwéh's name to originate from Greek and Roman Jupiter and Jove, and their mispronunciation of Yâhuwshúa` to have the accent on the FIRST "uw".

What about "Jove" and "Jupiter"?

Sadly, even this false accusation about Yâ-hwéh's name relating to "Jove" and "Jupiter" needs to be addressed beyond what is already written in our study about His name. The truth is, the "J" in "Jove" was an "I" before the 14th century when the "I"s at the beginning of words were given a tail to distinguish them from small "L"s. They developed their own different sound later in the 16th century particularly in France. And the "v" in the ancient Roman Latin alphabet was pronounced like a "u". Therefore "JOVE" was actually "IOUE". But Yâ-hwéh's name IS pronounced like "IOUE", and is, in fact, a Roman transliteration of the name of Yâ-hwéh because the Romans learned of His name BEFORE they ever were exposed to the demons of the Greek Pantheon, which they adopted when they conquered them. How did the Romans know of Yâ-hwéh? It is written in the Scroll of Yashar (KJV calls it "Jasher") chapter 63, that Tsphów (KJV calls him "Zepho") the son of ’Eliypház the son of `Ësâ´w, was who reigned over the entire land of Kittíy (who settled Rome - Yashar 10:16) and over the land of Italia fifty years.  [2315-2365 (1658-1608 BC)]. And during a time of great fear against an immense army from Kuwsh, they asked him to pray to the mighty One of his fathers, and he prayed to Yâ-hwéh, Who heard his prayer and gave all the people of Angeas (Aeneas) into the hands of the sons of Kittíy (Romans), which Tsphów was ruling. They killed his entire army of about 400,000 men, and their reinforcements later, and it is written in chapter 64 that when they regrouped, they found they had NO CASUALTIES.

64:5 - "But Tsphów did not remember Yâ-hwéh and did not consider that Yâ-hwéh had helped him in battle, and that He had delivered him and his people from the hand of the king of Kuwsh, but still walked in the ways of the sons of Kittíy and the wicked sons of `Ësâ´w, to serve other Power which his brothers the sons of `Ësâ´w had taught him; it is therefore said: “From the wicked goes forth wickedness.”"

So that's how the Romans, the sons of Kittiy, learned about Yâ-hwéh's name, and learned to respect it. How would they have spelled it? IOUE, which would have been written "IOVE" in their alphabet which had no "U". And the Lie came later, which Satan convinced them that this the Greatest and Most High Power was the same as the Greek's Zeus. Not so.

How would these Latins have said Yâ-hwéh's name when praying to His Power, the Father? Yâhu-Pater, which they degenerated into IU-PITER. So Yâ-hwéh's name though there IS a relation with "Jove" and "Jupiter", did not originate from the Romans, rather, the opposite: the Romans did worship Yâ-hwéh at one point. And take careful note: had His name been their false "yahuwah", the Romans would have written it "IAVA" (IAUA), NOT "IOVE" (IOUE), then we'd have "Java" instead of "Jove" in the history books.

How to deal with them

Happily for us, they do not have any way to counter the Truth effectively, thus not one of them has ever been able to (nor even tried to) disprove the research document we have on this website that debunks all their false linguistic information, Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`: why these are the correct names, which is free for download with the scriptures. It seems to be like Kryptonite to them! Memorize its URL, you will need it if you ever talk with them.

Other false names also have meanings!


I thought this might be a good place to point out that many foreign false mighty ones' ('elohiym=demons) names in other languages actually DO mean something in Hebrew also, e.g. Ra of Egyptian fame is

Strong's #7451 and #7489
#7451, ra` rah; from 7489; bad or (as noun) evil (nat. or mor.): ...
#7489 râ`a` - raw-ah´; a prim. root; prop. to spoil (lit. by breaking to pieces); fig. to make (or be) good for nothing, i.e. bad (phys., soc. or mor.): ...


You might ask, why bring this up? Who calls on, invokes, or believes in this name? Isn't this trivia? Sadly, no, it is frequently used, invoked, and declared with conviction by large organized groups of people:

Exodus 23: 13 should be understood strictly and we give guidelines on how it should be interpreted in our FAQ. And in agreement with this, to not inadvertently precipitate any flurry of false similar bans on vocabulary, here is one such bad thing we should not say:
"hurrah". One bad evil song containing it prominently is "marching on pretoria" which upon review, mentions the supplanter king (we the acknowledgers have no king but Yâhuwshúa`) and gathers his various carnal subjects to go march on a pocket of resistance to do evil. It says "hurrah" a lot too. In `Ivriyth, that says "he is the evil one" or "he is evil". huw = he, ra` = evil one/evil. And Ra` is world famous as worshipped by Mitsrayim ("egypt"), a name of Sâtân obviously, so the supplanter king they are following is being identified as Sâtân, in `Ivriyth, in that song.
"hurray" is just a mispronunciation of "hurrah". And the American marines' "oo-rah" is a mispronunciation of this, in reality (Yâ-hwéh's view), the "heard, understood, acknowledged" "hu-a" of the American army is also a mispronunciaton of this "hurrah". And the American navy says "hooyah" which is a corruption of Yâhuw, thus a violation of the third commandment, and does not bring removal of their guilt.

Note particularly: If you someday are praising Yâ-hwéh, exclaiming "Yâhuw!" (perhaps you have seen it written this way: "Yahoo!"), if you are around someone ignorant or who does not acknowledge Him or what this means, they will probably be misled to join in saying "Hurrah!", thinking that they also are celebrating. What they are saying is that the One you have just invoked is the evil one! You should contradict them, in order to not cancel your praise because of this false accusation, because if you say nothing, you are complicit and are accepting it.

So you can COUNT on us NEVER saying "Hurrah!" (he is wicked!)

’Âlâ´h is yet another name for Sâţâ´n, or the anointed of the Lie

Frankly, we wouldn’t usually think of mentioning this because it’s used by Islam, a completely different religion. But it has come to our attention that in places like Lebanon and Egypt, there are Christians living a low-profile life, and that the term they errantly use for Yâ-hwéh Who they worship is “Allah”. Moreover, to compound the confusion, Islam’s preachers to the west allege Allah to be the same one Christians worship as “God”. Yes, Allah could be God (see above article on God/Fortune), but just like “God” isn’t our Yâ-hwéh, Allah is not our Yâ-hwéh!

For the followers of Islam, let me also point out that even according to your own religion, “Allah” is SUPPOSEDLY technically a TITLE for the One you WANT to worship, not His name, so Christians living in Muslim countries are also calling Who they want to worship "allah". Seeing that the titles Christians use are also mistaken because they call on satan, understand that satan has ALSO fooled the Muslims, "allah" is a title for satan ALSO. Note that a proper name should not change across languages, so if it were "allah" everybody anywhere of any language should say it the same. But no, we see Muslims preaching Islam to English speakers saying "God" for "allah", because THEY KNOW IT IS A TITLE NOT A PROPER NAME.

But for those who believe somehow the Most High Yâ-hwéh should be not called by His original name, and would prefer an Arabic title:  What was the original language which Yâ-hwéh spoke, which also mankind spoke all the time from Creation until the Tower of Bâvél?  No, not the language of the Jews (“Yehuwthím”) which is "modern hebrew", which is quite corrupt.  Nor Arabic either, which although related, is even more corrupt.  This original prediluvian language was continued to be spoken by ’Avrâhâ´m, because he was raised by Nóach in hiding in a cave, according to the Scroll of Yâshâ´r.  And ’Avrâhâ´m spoke it with his son Yitschâ´q (as well as with Yishmâ`Ë´’l), and with Ya`aqóv who was renamed Yisrâ’ë´l. They spoke a form of ancient `Ivríyth which was called Yâhuwdíyth, purer than the terribly corrupt reanimated language spoken by the Jews (“Yehuwthím”).

So understand that Yâ-hwéh was His name He told Moshéh was His name forever, and this passage in scripture has much more meaning when decoded. Here is 2 Mosheh (Exodus) 3:14-15, the omitted parts restored in italics:

And concerning it, said He Who [is] without regard for the mighty one of ’aharón (light-carrier/lucifer), of all Yisrâ’ë´l, with regard for Moshéh (one drawn) to come near, “I [am] ‘I shall cause to exist (’a-hyéh) ’, not for the advantage of He Who [is] the One (m.) existing of Yisrâ’ë´l,” and concerning it, He said, “Thus you shall dictate: The Garment [being] the One (m.) not belonging to the sons with regard for the not-a-mighty-one of Yisrâ’ë´l, [is] not for the advantage of He Who [is] The One (m.) existing, Who has dispatched Me towards all Yisrâ’ë´l [being] ye 15. of Yisrâ’ë´l.” and concerning it, said He Who [is] without regard for the mighty one of ’aharón (light-carrier/lucifer), again towards all Yisrâ’ë´l, “Moshéh (one drawn) to come near, thus you shall dictate, [being] the one (m.) not belonging to the sons with regard for the not-a-mighty-one of Yisrâ’ë´l: Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` [is] He Who [is] without regard for the mighty one of ’aharón (light-carrier/lucifer). Not of the ones (m.) [is] the adversary (sâțâ´n) of the fathers of yours (pl.): the mighty one of ’aharón (light-bearer/lucifer) of ’Avrâhâ´m of Yisrâ’ë´l, and the mighty one of ’aharón (light-bearer/lucifer) of Yitschâ´q of Yisrâ’ë´l, and the mighty one of ’aharón (light-bearer/lucifer) of Ya`aqóv (Supplanter). Who has dispatched Me towards all Yisrâ’ë´l [being] ye, [is] This One (n.) of Me Who exists. The [~single, temp] name (n.) (“ha-shëm”) [being] the youth, the One Eternal (n.) [is] of Yisrâ’ë´l, and the remembrance (n.) [~that by which the memory of Him is preserved] of the capacitated nativities, belonging to the capacitated nativities 16. of Yâ-hwéh.

It is difficult for anyone proud to change their minds, but that’s why the humble will be exalted and the proud will be humiliated.  If one is mistaken, one should switch to what is right, not heed a false testimony by their neighbor, even if that neighbor is forcing his belief by the sword, because those faithful who stay in the name of Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` will be saved from all of them.

The term found in `Ivríyth as “I shall ascend” is אֶעֱלֶ֖ה ’e`eléh and the way one says “he ascended” in `Ivríyth is עָלָ֖ה `Âlâ´h (Strong's #5927). Of course, it is a lie, satan never will succeed at his vain wish to ascend. Now, in this same pure language Yâ-hwéh speaks, two words which sound like Allah can be spelled two different ways, and this is but one possible spelling of this name. There is another, which in fact is found used in scriptures in several places.
Dâ´niyyË´’l 11:38 also mentions the "Curse of the Fortresses", "a mighty one that his fathers did not recognize" that the Impostor "Antichrist" will honor with offerings, work for, acknowledge, magnify and honor during the Great Persecution. What is the Hebrew word there for "Curse"? Strong's #423: ’Âlâ´h! Let us not think these false 'elohíym (demons') names are meaningless and benign.

0423. hla Æalah aw-law'; from 0422; an imprecation:— curse, cursing, execration, oath, swearing.

Because there is a real meaning of this curse ’Âlâ´h and how is it applied! That is revealed also in the book of Yshá`Yâhuw ("Isaiah") chapter 24, and has indeed come true - that this curse has exiled the people from the Land! However this will be finished when the TRUE King Yâhuwshúa` returns to the Land and establishes His Kingdom there, after the impostor does what Dâ´niyyË´’l ("Daniel") 11 says.

Chapter 24
Islam founded by satanists against the ones (m.)

  1. 1. Look! Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` [is] the One (m.) bringing to naught, of the one (f.) [~sister – unpaired néphesh] not [being] the one (f.) [~sister (Yisrâ’ë´l underneath)] not being indwelled/inhabited of Yisrâ’ë´l, and she [~sister (Yisrâ’ë´l underneath)] shall desolate/ruin/despoil the same one (f.) [~sister (middle)] [being] the Son of Yisrâ’ë´l, and she [~sister (Yisrâ’ë´l underneath)] shall veil the knowledge in the middle not belonging to the ones (n./m.), [~sister (Yisrâ’ë´l underneath)] [being] the exterior appearance of the same one (f.) of the Son of Yisrâ’ë´l, and she [~sister (Yisrâ’ë´l underneath)] shall disperse abroad the Eternal One (m.), not pertaining to The One (n./m.) [being] the ones (m.) indwelling. To be in a good frame of mind [is] within the ones (m.), among Yisrâ’ë´l belonging to the same one (f.) [~sister (middle)] pertaining to the Son
  2. 2. of Yisrâ’ë´l, the [~corrupted] Profession of Yâ-hwéh (Yâhuwthâ´h) shall be without regard for He Who [is] the people, as without regard for He Who [is] the Priest receiving the inheritance of Yisrâ’ë´l, and without regard for he who [is] the servant as without regard for He Who [is] the Sovereign Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` of Yisrâ’ë´l, though she [~sister (middle)] which [is] not the maidservant [is] as she who [is] not the Lady. The [~corrupted] Profession of Yâ-hwéh (Yâhuwthâ´h) shall be without regard for he who [is] the one (m.) being in the market, as without regard for he who [is] the one (m.) selling of Yisrâ’ë´l, and without regard for he who [is] the one (m.) lending to lead in, as without regard for he, who [is] the one (m.) borrowing to bring in of Yisrâ’ë´l, and without regard for he who [is] the one (m.) owing debt, as to the one (m.) he owes debt.
  3. 3. With the corruption (f.), shall be corrupted she which [is] not the Land in Truth of Yisrâ’ë´l, and by instrumentality of the plunder, shall be plundered she which [is] not the Land in Truth, because not pertaining to the ones (m.) of Yâ-hwéh, the Mouth of Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` spoke these things (n.)!
  4. 4. Mourns she which [is] not the Land in Truth of Yisrâ’ë´l, though she has become corrupted! She which [is] not one (f.) being dwelled, they mourn the ones (m.), not the ones (m.) exalted, [being] the one (n.) [~Yehuwthâ´h/sâţâ´n] not of the Land in Truth,
  5. 5. but she which [is] not of Yâ-hwéh the Land in Truth, she was lawless due to Yisrâ’ë´l belonging to the one (n./m.) [~Yehuwthâ´h/sâţâ´n] [being] the ones (m.) [~demons (m.)] settling down to dwell the same one (f.) [~sister – unpaired néphesh (f.)] [being] the Son on this account, that they bypassed, to kneel to render homage of the one (n./m.) [~Yehuwthâ´h/sâţâ´n] not [being] the Law (m.) of Yisrâ’ë´l, when they exchanged, not pertaining to the one (f.) [being] the eternal covenant (f.), the ordinances/commands (n.)! [The 10 commandments]
  6. Due to Yisrâ’ë´l [being] this thing (n) [~Yehuwthâ´h/sâţâ´n], ’Âlâ´h (a curse) [is] which shall ingest of the one (f.) [~sister – unpaired néphesh (f.)] not [being] the Land in Truth. Because this one [~Yehuwthâ´h/sâţâ´n] they mistook, the ones (m.) [~mis-paired converts to Islam] [are] not the ones (m.) settling down inside the Box [~Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`], [being] the same one (f.) [~sister (middle)] [being] the Son of Yisrâ’ë´l. Due to [being] this one [~Yehuwthâ´h/sâţâ´n], the destituted ones (m.), who shall be Yehuwthâ´h, [are] not the ones (m.): the ones (m.) indwelling among the ones (m.) within Yisrâ’ë´l [are] [being] the one (f.) not belonging to the Land in Truth of Yisrâ’ë´l, and they shall be left behind abandoned, the dirt-men 40 (the number of the vanity) [are] few to drink.
  7. 7. Shall mourn the wine, shall mourn the mother vine, shall groan all the ones (m.) [~mis-paired converts to Islam] that [are] not the ones (m.), the ones (m.) in the good Mind (f.), of the One (f.) [~Wisdom] not [being] the néphesh (f.),
  8. 8. It has stopped the good frame of mind (f.) of the tambourines, it has stopped the willfulness/stubbornness/insolence of Yisrâ’ë´l, and the wealth (m.) of the irreverent has stopped the sound of the lyre.
  9. 9. They shall be shamed, which [are] not of you, they drank the bitter wine (m.) which came to exist against the ones (n./m.) [being] the distilled (n.), not [being] the one (m.) [~mis-paired converts to Islam] they drink!
  10. 10. Was desolated all the City (f.), it shall shut up the house not [being] the ones (m.) lest of the father of the sovereign (’avadówn) [is] to enter,
  11. 11. Cry out concerning Yisrâ’ë´l not [being] the ones (m.), [being] the mountain (n.) of the wine! Everywhere it has stopped, all the good frame of mind [being] the one (n.) [~Yehuwthâ´h/sâţâ´n] not of the Land in Truth.

So, what we found are two meanings for "Allah" in Hebrew, one being satan's vain claim that he ascended, and the curse brought to the middle by the satanists. Then what does Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` hear when some Muslim shouts "Alláh huw Akhbár!"? Remember this in Arabic supposedly means "Allah, he is great!" Well, this is what it truly means, in `Ivríyth: "The Curse, it is a nibbling mouse!"

05909. rbke æakbar ak-bawr'; probably from the same as 05908 in the secondary sense of attacking; a mouse (as nibbling):— mouse.

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Christianity did not conquer by the Truth

"...all of them are adulterers, an exclusive assembly of traitors; And they tread to bend their tongue, their bow of the Lie, and it is not for the Truth they triumph in the Land because from wickedness to wickedness they proceed, but Me they do not acknowledge;" declares Yâ-hwéh.

[Jeremiah 9:2-3]


All worship of ANY ONE ELSE constitutes Satan-worship, since we do know now who is the one who has many names!

Satans names are not for Yâ-hwéh
(see if you can figure out the logical reasons for the sequence in this animation)

How on earth was this stunt pulled off before our very noses, to switch Him for pagan demons?  See "Church" History!

Little do Christians realize just how far away they have gone from the original faith the pupils practiced nearly 2,000 years ago.  The Way (called Christianity by pagan Greeks) didn't conquer pagan Rome, Roman paganism conquered it!  How?  The greedy desire for power and conquest outweighed their love for the Truth!  Christians lost the names of the Anointed and the Power they worship, and from there, they politically conquered pagan territory by assimilating their pagan religions into their own, much like the Borg.

"How skillfully you make your way to seek love - thus you can teach even the worst women your ways!"
[Jeremiah 2:33]
What about using their false names when trying to persuade them?
12.  If we endure, we shall also reign together with Him; if we deny Him [the Word], He also will deny us.
13.  If we do not believe in Him [the Word], that One stays trustworthy; He is not able to deny Himself [Yâhuwshúa` = Yâ-hwéh is deliverance/wealth].
14.  Remind them of these things, earnestly testifying in Yâ-hwéh's sight to not dispute with worthless words, toward the overturning of the ones who heed them.
15.  Study diligently to present yourself approved to Yâ-hwéh, an unashamed workman, who is correctly proclaiming the Word of Truth [Yâhuwshúa`]
16.  And stand aloof from heathenish addressing with empty words, which are useless, for they will advance onto more irreverence, [see Yâhuwshúa` is not Jesus]
17.  And their word will spread as if a gangrene; of whom is Humenáios and Philetós,
18.  Those who missed the mark about the Truth...

[2 Timotheos 2:12-18]

Daniel 11:32-35 shows what happens during the Great Oppression when some of the wise make this mistake of trying to convince the many, utilizing their false names:

32. And he will defile the ones who violate the covenant [Those who worship this beast and accept his mark] with fine promises, but the people who acknowledge their Power, they will display strength and they will act.

33. And the ones who are wise of the people, they will show regard for the Many [apostate Christians], though they will fall by the sword, or by the Fire into captivity, or by plunder in mere days.

34. And when they are to fall, they will receive help, the help of a few [the "Jews"], and they will join with them, the Many [apostate Christians], in the treacheries.

35. But some from the ones who are wise, they will stumble to refine and to purify and to make them spotless until the appointed time of the end, because it is still for the appointed feast time.

The "Onward Christian Soldiers" permeates Christianity as the imperialist spirit of Rome filled adulterous Christianity and it desolated Zion spiritually, as material Rome had desolated material Jerusalem at nearly the same time. Compromising Truth and its purity for spiritual adultery with paganism is how The Virgin of Israel was destroyed, but it is being rebuilt in these latter days, as it says in Jeremiah 31:4.  This explains today's phenomenon about the return to His True name.

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"We are the Borg, your religion will be assimilated into ours, resistance is futile."

...We are Roman Universal Christianity, the Borg of religions, Bâvél rabbthâ´’, the mother of the whores and of the Abominations of the Earth, lower your principles and surrender your congregations.  We will incorporate your pagan doctrinal distinctiveness to our own.  Your Denomination will be adapted to serve as us.  Resistance is Futile.

This is a lame attempt at humor, yet think about it.  By the way, the Borg concept is a probably conscious attempt by satanic Hollywood at portraying the true persuasion in an evil caricature, and someday doing smear-tactics against us.  Examine the following:

Comes to earth in a cube-shaped city
Comes to earth in a cube-shaped ship
All mankind will be filled with His spirit
All mankind will be assimilated into one collective consciousness
Yâ-hwéh will come from the heavens and take over the earth and rule forever
The Borg comes from outer space and wants to assimilate the earth into its collective
All the nations will gather to fight the Lamb under the Beast's world government
The Federation's planetary fleet gathers to fight the Borg
Believers are feared and considered brainwashed by the world's inhabitants
Assimilatees are feared and considered brainwashed by normal humans
He shall rule, it is written.
Resistance is futile...

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<100-proof Christianity: enough to enter through death

In Revelation chapter 12, we see a great red dragon spewing a river of water after the woman in order to carry her away with it.  This spiritually represented satan giving up a flood of heathen pagans after the Virgin of Israel who composes the Witnesses and is prophesying to them, purity with their pagan filth.  Though that maneuver will not succeed at that time, it certainly did succeed the first time around with the early Christians.  The incorporating of the masses of pagans into Roman state-enforced Christian religion did carry off the woman, and she lost nearly everything she believed in, except Christianity's belief that the Anointed One is the Mighty One come in the flesh, Who lived a sinless life, gave His life to be killed, yet rose again and ascended to His Father in heaven.  This doctrine was preserved by His hand, in order that all of these might enter in to His kingdom by resurrection.  However in these latter days, we need more than that to be blameless at His coming to survive and enter His kingdom.  We must testify the true profession: Yâhuwshúa` is Yâ-hwéh!

Romans 10: 8-13 contains the concept of the Saving Testimony, which is the centerpiece revelation of this website: This scripture is DECODED yielding much more excellent information than even the coded establishment translation. For the full formatting download and see the FPS translation, Firstfruits' Purer Scriptures free, see the Site Menu.

Our Saying of Justification and Salvation

8. Instead, what does He dictate? “Near of you, the ones (n.) [are] making (supposedly) become not belonging to the ones (n./m.) the Saying (n.) which causes to exist (ya-hwéh) within the ones (m.), among Yisrâ’ë´l of the ones (m./n.) not with the Mouth. The ones (n.) [are] making (supposedly) become of you of Yisrâ’ë´l; though among the ones (m.) within Yisrâ’ë´l, [being] the one (f.) [~sister] not pertaining to the heart [~the Profession of Yâ-hwéh (Yâhuwthâ´h) (1 Moshéh 49: 8)] the ones (n.) [are] making (supposedly) become of you,” [compare 5 Moshéh 30: 14] This One (n.) [~Saying (n.)] which exists, not belonging to the ones (n./m.), [is] a saying (n.) not [being] the one (n.) of the faith/belief, without regard for He Who we proclaim openly,

9. because this one [~Yehuwthâ´h/sâţâ´n], if ever you might openly profess, [is] |not belonging to the ones (n./m.). The saying (n.)| among the ones (m.) within Yisrâ’ë´l [is] not of the ones (m./n.) with the mouth (n.) the ones [are] working of you, |that [is] this one [~Yehuwthâ´h/sâţâ´n].| Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`, [is] Yâhuwshúa` of Yisrâ’ë´l, though you might believe by means of the ones (m.) among Yisrâ’ë´l, [being] the one (f.) [~sister] not pertaining to the heart the ones (n.) [are] working of you [~the Profession of Yâ-hwéh being the impostor]. Because this one [~the ones (m.) being the Son] [is] He Who [is] without regard for the mighty one of ’aharón (light-carrier/lucifer), [being] the same one (m.) [being] the Son, he raises up from he who I shall cause to exist (’a-hyéh) of Yisrâ’ë´l of the dead ones. You shall be saved,

10. because with the heart (f.) of Yâ-hwéh, it is being believed, for My Yisrâ’ë´l [being] the justification (f.); but with the Mouth (n.) of Yâ-hwéh, it is being openly professed for My Yisrâ’ë´l [being] the salvation (f.), [Songs 119: 41]

11. because He dictates of Yâ-hwéh she which [is] not a writing (f.) of heathen masses: “Everyone (m.) that [is] without regard for he who [is] one (m.) believing, [being] Yisrâ’ë´l outside against pertaining to the same One (m.), pertaining to the Son Who [is] not sâţâ´n, he shall be ashamed.”

Yâ-hwéh has the same name for everyone to call: Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` (Deeds of the Delegates 2: 21, 36-38)

12. because does not of Yâ-hwéh cause to exist (ya-hwéh) a different sound variation of the Profession of Yâ-hwéh (Yâhuwthâ´h), but also of Yisrâ’ë´l of the Hellenist, because he who [is] without regard for Yâ-hwéh, the same one (m.) [is] the Son, Yâhuwshúa` Yâ-hwéh (Who causes to be existed) of all the ones (m.), the One (m.) being Shúa` (Wealth, Freedom) for My Yisrâ’ë´l, [being] all the ones not (m.) pertaining to the One (m./n.), [being] the ones (m.) calling upon the same One [being] the Son [Songs 118: 14]

13. of Yâ-hwéh, since: “everyone (m.) that [is] who (m.) ever upon Yâ-hwéh might call, pertaining to the ones (n./m.) [~dual-names (n.)] – not [being] the youth [~yaldabosheth (spawn of shame)] [being] “ha-shëm” (the name (n.) – of Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`: he shall be delivered…” [Yâhuw’Ë´l 2: 32]

Verse 9's “the saying” and “that” are Greek variants found in Westcott-Hort text from 1881 combined with Nestle-Aland 27th variants.

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The Common LAME EXCUSES Christians stake their lives on to avoid testifying His name and renouncing the Lie:

Now please don't think that just because we point out these "lame excuses" that somewhere there does exist any GOOD excuse (an acceptable one) to avoid testifying His name besides the Secret of Yâ-hwéh, that they do not because they will be made an example of in the sight of the heathens, to show them what will happen to whoever rejects His name.

Here we come to an area which will make many of our strong name-believing brothers laugh, because the flimsy lame excuses which our blind Christian brothers stake their very lives on to excuse them from obeying the command of our Father in 1 Yâhuwchânâ´n 3:23 to "believe on the NAME of His Son, Yâhuwshúa` the Anointed" are some of the most ridiculous things mankind has come up with, and certainly will not stand up to His scrutiny on the Day He comes to judge them. If only they could see how ludicrous these truly are. But when the Day comes, we will afflict ourselves about their annihilation, because they were unwilling to accept the simple Truth.

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“I don't have to call on His name, HE KNOWS MY HEART!”

I have seen Christians stand on this excuse like Custer on the Little Big Horn, passionately staking it out and claiming all who use His true name to be "underestimating Him".

This seemingly logical defense might stand were it not for scripture amply dealing with this issue, clearly stating in MANY places "in that Day, they will KNOW (recognize, acknowledge) that I am Yâ-hwéh!", making wondrous promises to "those who call on My NAME...", and Yâhuw'Ël ("Joel") 2:32 saying "everyone who shall have called on the name of Yâ-hwéh shall be delivered!", as well as the explicit commandment mentioned above in 1 Yâhuwchânâ´n 3:23 to " believe on the NAME of His Son, Yâhuwshúa` the Anointed". But these DO require a little bit of figuring and thought. So let's go to a plainly worded verse which makes the point UNAVOIDABLE and directly talks to these greased pigs fleeing obedience to His commandment:

If we forget the NAME of our Power and we extend out our palms for a FOREIGN mighty one, wouldn't the Power find this out? because He is the One Who knows the hidden things of the heart! Consequently concerning You, we have been killed all day long; we have been reckoned as the sheep of the slaughter!

[Songs "Psalms" 44:20-22]

MEANING: those who forget the name of Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` are His expendable flock of the slaughter and will be made an example of, but those who He chose (aka elected) to believe and call on His name are the little flock who will be given the Kingdom, since they will retain Him through acknowledgment and be the Firstfruits. So think, ain't it a BIT presumptuous to believe that He would deny His own name for you? It is the will of the Father that we acknowledge the Son. It is the will of the rebels that we do NOT acknowledge the Son. Question: Is it a sign of GREATNESS for Him to dishonor His own will, cancel His method of justification by believing on His name, and acquit the rebels who hate His name from their sins? If you are one of these who believe this, I sincerely hope you have the fund of scriptural knowledge to realize what the answer is to these questions. And by "hate His name" this means prefer another, dislike it, think less of it, not use it. Do you fall in this description?

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“His name is not His name” (Go figure!)

Now I know some of you might say: "WHAT?" And you are right. But this doozy is on the increase, believe it or not, and let us examine what these deluded brothers are saying: Someone out there was searching the lexicons and scholarly commentaries about the term "name" and they found that the meaning of "name" in Proverbs 22:1 (A good name is preferable over great riches...) and Ecclesiastes 7:1 (A good name is better than precious ointment...) is emphasizing the "reputation, fame, [honor]" of the person. This is found as a secondary definition of "name" in the lexicons. Some other scholarly commentaries have also commented on a person's name being identified with their "authority".

So then what do these greased pigs do to weasel out of the commandment? They try to create a LOOPHOLE where there is none by saying "a name is not a name, rather it is His reputation/fame/authority, so we do not have to know or testify His name." Does anyone else see what is wrong with this argument? Does one secondary definition exclude the main one?

But let's try to take this ball and run with it. Hmmm, take Yâhuw'Ël (Joel) 2:32. (In that Great and Astonishing Day of Yâ-hwéh,)..."everyone who shall have called on the name of Yâ-hwéh, he shall be delivered!"  Now, let's try to apply this reasoning to this verse.  How do we call on the "reputation, fame, authority" of Yâ-hwéh our Power WITHOUT invoking His name at all? Let's try:

"SAVE ME!!! O wonderful-marvelous-merciful-great- magnanimous-kind-pure-righteous-blessed-Sovereign who is famous throughout creation King-of-kings and Sovereign-of-sovereigns Who has all things consist in You (though I respect You too much to actually SAY Your name)...!!! SAVE ME!!!"

Is this going to work? Well, let Yâhuwshúa` tell you how He will respond to many who do just this:

" And why do ye call Me: "Athonâ´y! Athonâ´y! (My Sovereign! My Sovereign!)" yet you do not do what I say?  Not everyone saying to Me "Athonâ´y! Athonâ´y! (My Sovereign My Sovereign!) shall enter into the Kingdom of Yâ-hwéh, rather he who does the will of My Father Who is in the heavens.  Many will say to Me in that Day, "Athonâ´y, Athonâ´y! (My Sovereign, my Sovereign!) didn't we eat and drink by Your name, preach by Your name, and by Your name cast out demons, and perform many works of power by Your name? " And then I will profess to them, "Never did I acknowledge you: even if you are on My lap and do not do the will of My Father Who is in heaven, out of My lap will I cast you away!  Depart from Me, all ye workers of Lawlessness!

[MattithYâhuw 7:21-23 and Luwqa' 6:46]

Please realize that here we see Yâhuwshúa` DENYING these people before the Father and His envoys because they DENIED Him. (Matt 10:32-33)  Believe it or not, some try to use this verse to also say that it means calling on His name won't work. This would directly contradict Matt 10:32-33 -

Therefore everyone, whosoever, shall profess Me before men, I will also profess him before My Father Who is in the heavens.

But whosoever shall deny Me before men; I will also deny him before My Father Who is in the heavens!

But notice that nowhere in those verses does He confirm that these folks who called "'Athonâ´y!" had ever called on the correct name of Yâhuwshúa`, nor that these had ever acknowledged that Yâhuwshúa` is Yâ-hwéh, discerning Who He is. He said they did not do the WILL OF THE FATHER. What is that?
Yâhuwchânân 6:40 defines the will of the Father which does qualify us to enter the Kingdom as being this:

Moreover, this is the will of My Father: that everyone who DISCERNS the Son and puts his trust in Him might possess endless life, and I shall raise him up during the Last Day.

So then, what does "calling on the name of Yâ-hwéh" mean? The proper interpretation of Yâhuw'Ël (Joel) 2:32 is given in Deeds (Acts) chapter 2, that immersing oneself in the name "Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`" is "calling on the name of Yâ-hwéh". Këph interpreted this in the spirit, saying that Yâhuwshúa` had raised from the dead and ascended to sit at the right hand of the Power, and that He was Who had poured out this gift of the spirit on the speakers in languages, to confirm that the 'Ël (Power) had made Him Yâ-hwéh. Therefore the logical course of action was to be immersed in the name of Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` to be freed from sins to receive the promise of the spirit, because THIS CONSTITUTED CALLING ON THE NAME OF YÂ-HWÉH!

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“But my Bible says this other name here in Matthew!”

Here we will respond to the most frequent initial Christian comeback to our proclamation:

FYI: EVERYWHERE the name "Jesus" appears in your establishment translation, it ORIGINALLY said His REAL name. Therefore in that verse you refer to, it actually said this:

21. "And look! She shall bring forth a Son, and you shall call His name YÂHUW-SHÚA` (Yâ-hwéh is deliverance/wealth), for He shall deliver His people from their sins!

[MattithYahuw 1:21]

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His name is "I am" according to Exodus 3:14”

I shall continue being that which I shall continue being” is the proper translation of ’é-hyéh ’ashér ’é-hyéh. It is past-future continuous. KJV simply translated it as “I AM THAT I AM” as if we should note it as being His name by the capitalization.  Some people who don’t like to read scripture in continuous chunks, reading it as isolated verses have alleged that this phrase is His name, not Yâ-hwéh.  This is an example of dissecting a line of scripture out of a continuous long story, isolating it out of context and assigning a private interpretation to it which contradicts the context from which it was extracted.  Read the passage and understand it yourself:

3:13 “...but Moshéh said to the Power, “look, I am who is going towards the sons of Yisrâ’ë´l and I shall say to them, ‘The Power of your fathers is Who sent me to you’, then they say to me, ‘What is His name?’ what do I say to them?” 14. And the Power said to Moshéh, “I shall continue being that which I shall continue being;” and He said, “thus you shall say to the sons of Yisrâ’ë´l, “I shall continue being is Who sent me to you,”” 15. and the Power said furthermore to Moshéh, “Thus you shall say to the sons of Yisrâ’ë´l, ‘Yâ-hwéh, the Power of your fathers: the Power of ’Avrâhâ´m, the Power of Yitschâ´q, and the Power of Ya`aqóv, is Who sent me to you; THIS is My name forever, and this is My memorial for generation to generation; 16. Go and you shall gather the elders of Yisrâ’ë´l and you shall say to them, “Yâ-hwéh, the Power of your fathers is Who appeared to me, the Power of ’Avrâhâ´m, Yitschâ´q, and Ya`aqóv, saying surely I have watched you and what is being done to you by Mitsráyim…

Now, the self-descriptive interjection “I shall continue being” refers to His being Yâ-hwéh and THAT being His name, NOT that the interjection itself is His name.  Yâ-hwéh simply responded to Moshéh that He felt it logical to clarify that Yâ-hwéh has always been and continues to be His name, and not that He began being called that at that point in time.  This being His intention is expressed in the entire dialogue following.  It is extremely myopic to expect that the next syllable out of His mouth is going to be His name.  And it is simply rebelliously foolish to use this isolated misinterpretation to contradict over 8,000 mentions in pre-advent scriptures of Yâ-hwéh being His name.

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Jesus is the English translation of Yâhuwshúa` and I speak English!”

This is the response of someone who generally has been coached to say this by their pastor, to whom they entrust all their research. This person is not examining the details of what they say. Many people are deceived by not understanding these basic concepts in linguistics. Thus, take this sheep to the drawing board and make them think for themselves by asking them questions like these:

"What is the meaning of the term "translation" to you?"

A translation is the rendering of the MEANING of a foreign term into our language. It's like a definition of a foreign word. The translation of Yâhuwshúa` is "Yâ-hwéh is wealth/ freedom!" That is the MEANING of His name in Hebrew.

Now, let's look at the term "Jesus". Does it mean "Yâ-hwéh is wealth/freedom!"? No. Is it a word with meaning in English? No. Thus we establish that it is not a translation of Yâhuwshúa`.

Now some Christians will tell you "Jesus is a transliteration of Yâhuwshúa`!" Ask these,

"What is a transliteration?"

A transliteration is a rendering of the SOUND of a foreign term into our alphabet using our language's rules of phonetics, in order to have the reader accurately pronounce it just as foreigners say it. In fact, "Yâhuwshúa`" is a very accurate transliteration of יהושע for English. Does "Jesus" even remotely resemble the sound produced by "Yâhuwshúa`"? Does "Jesus" thus sound like יהושע? Not at all. Thus we establish that "Jesus" is not a transliteration of Yâhuwshúa` יהושע.

So then what is "Jesus"? Its origins and formation by linguistic evolution is explained on the "Yâhuwshúa` is not Jesus" page (and the video). It is neither a translation nor a transliteration of Yâhuwshúa`, it is the end-product of a very long process of degeneration. Do you realize "Jesus" only retains one letter in common with Yâhuwshúa`'s name? and even that "u" sounds different! It is entirely a completely different name! It is not Yâhuwshúa`'s name. But in truth, it stopped being Yâhuwshúa`'s name as soon as the first alteration happened to it, in His sight. Yet "Jesus" is what the masses of English-speaking people have been deceived into believing and cherishing as if it were His name. It is truly a perversion of His name. Another term for "perversion" is a "VERSION". Thus we establish that "Jesus" is the most common English (per)version of Yâhuwshúa`'s name.

Now that we have defined these terms, let's state a rule which should be obvious and truly should be practiced especially whenever scriptures are translated:

A translation of a foreign term can and should be used with every word in scriptures EXCEPT a proper noun. A proper noun should be accurately transliterated.

Why? Because a proper noun is the name of a person, place, or thing, and a name does not change. This is how it should be, but sadly this rule is violated especially by those translating scriptures. How?

1. Scribes have taken some foreign terms in scripture which are NOT proper nouns and NOT translated them! They transliterated many Hebrew, Greek and even Aramaic words found in prior translations and forced readers to learn a foreign word, often redefining it conveniently according to their own doctrinal needs. Example – Greek baptismos which means "immersion" became sprinkling.

2. Scribes have taken some foreign proper names and translated them! Example – Këph's name which means "a piece of rock" became translated to Petros in Latin, then this got badly transliterated to Peter to become the English version. By this same token, we should not say our Savior's name is "Yâ-hwéh is wealth/freedom!", His name is Yâhuwshúa`.

In our Firstfruits' Purer Scriptures translation, we do heed this rule, and translate every word which is not a proper noun, and accurately transliterate all proper nouns. We do not heed any (per)versions to repeat them and continue to perpetuate the error. We hope it will help readers undo the damage done by the scribes of establishment versions. In the case of the name of Yâhuwshúa`, each one of our lives depends on our understanding what these rules are, lest we be deceived again by our foolish mercenary pastors who perpetuate the Lie for which they are predicators ("false prophets").

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“I don't feel right about those names you use, it makes my blood run cold!”

Basing ones' judgment of right or wrong on ones' feelings is unreliable.  Yet many do so, mistaking a gut-wrenching horror or guilt feeling for repulsion.

15. Because we are a sweet fragrance of the Anointed to the Mighty One within those being delivered and within those perishing:

16. To the perishing ones, a smell of death unto death, but to the others, a fragrance of life unto life; yet who is worthy for these things?

17. For we are not as the Many, making gain by corrupting the Word of Yâ-hwéh; instead, as it is in Truth!  Moreover, before the presence of the Mighty One within the Anointed, we speak it as it is from Yâ-hwéh!

[2 Qorinthíym 2:15-17]

Note: "sweet fragrance" is the same terms used in scriptures to describe the smell of burnt slaughter-offerings.  Have you ever smelled what steaks on the grill smell like?

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I'm a Gentile, I don't have to call Him by His Hebrew name.  That's only for Israel, and I am not Jewish.

This excuse is based on the false supposition that Yâ-hwéh would accept a different name to call on Yâhuwshúa` for every language. Yet read these scriptures which say thatYâ-hwéh has the same name for everyone:

Yâ-hwéh has the same name for everyone to call: Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` (Deeds of the Delegates 2: 21, 36-38)

¶ For about this, there is not a difference between a Yâhuwthíy or a Greek, for the same Yâ´hu, the Sovereign of all of them, is Shúa` (riches, deliverance) for all of those who invoke His name,

[Romans 10:12]

¶ But the Power of patient steadfastness and encouragement grant you the same opinion in one another concerning the Anointed Yâhuwshúa`:

In order that unanimously, in one language ye may honor Yâ-hwéh, and the Father of our Sovereign Yâhuwshúa` the Anointed.

[Romans 15:5-6]

¶ So I implore you, my brothers, about the name of our Sovereign Yâhuwshúa` the Anointed, that ye maintain the same Word for all, so there will be no schisms among you!  And be ye completely equipped within the same understanding and within the same knowledge!

[1 Qorinthiym 1:10]

"I am Yâ-hwéh, that is My name, and My Honor I shall not give to another, or My praise to the carved images!"

[Yshá`Yâhuw ("Isaiah") 42:8]

"20. (19) Yâhuwshúa` is a hidden name [Yshá`Yâhuw 8: 17, Proverbs 30: 4, Chanówkh 48: 2-7]; the Anointed is a revealed name for this reason: Yâhuwshúa` does not exist in any other language, but His name is always Yâhuwshúa` as He calls Himself [Romans 15: 5-6]Mâshíyach is also His name; in Aramaic it is Meshíyach, in Greek it is Xristós, etc.  Indeed, all the rest have that according to their own language.  The Në´tser [Branch] is revealed by what is hidden [Yâhuwchânâ´n 14: 21-23].  21. (20) The Anointed has everything within Himself – man, envoy, secrecy, and the Father."

The Glad Tidings of Philippos 20

These verses, a few out of very many, should be enough to trash the thought that He allows different names for different languages.  But there are many serious misconceptions contained in this statement "I'm a Gentile, I don't have to call Him by His Hebrew name.  That's only for Israel, and I am not Jewish" which serves only to blind Christians further. And that is the issue of WHO IS WHO?  If you don't know who's who in scripture prophecy, you cannot understand it.  Read about it at Who's who? Jews, Israel, Jacob, and Gentiles, what REALLY is "Replacement Theology"?

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No one knows His name, no one can know. Therefore you don't know.

... (!)

When you hear this rebuttal, try to not laugh. This is an argument not based on scripture nor research. This person is stating their frustration with his/her search, and convinced no one else can do better than their own failed attempt, and now preaches that others should also give up.

When encountering this person, take their hand kindly and bring him back to reality. Ask, 'Do you believe in scripture?' If they still haven't given up on that too, then ask 'Do you remember that there shall be 144,000 people who will have the Testimony of His name who shall enter alive into His Kingdom?' If not, show them Disclosure 14:1:

And I looked, and here is the Lamb,standing upon the Mount Tsiyyówn [Yâhuw’Ë´l 2: 32] and with Him a hundred forty-four thousand possessing His name and the name of His Father [[vwhy hwhy Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` ], written between their eyes!

By having His name Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` written between their eyes it means their minds have His name well-documented, and they're thinking about it. Here is Disclosure 12:13 -

For the dragon was angry at the wife, and went to make war against the remainder of her Seed: those who observe the commandments of Yâ-hwéh [1 Yâhuwchânâ´n 3: 23], and maintain the testimony of Yâhuwshúa`.

By one saying that nobody can know His name, one is contradicting these scriptures and denying that anyone shall be saved.

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“So who are you to say you have the right name?  What about the other variations of the name I've been seeing?”

Do not miss the mark!

Don't believe me because of who I am, you probably don't even know me, and certainly not enough to trust me.  Trust what you read here because it is scriptural, and I cite references to help you look it up.  To examine the Hebrew scriptures, one should know at least the Hebrew alphabet (Aramaic square script).  The reason I labor at this is to save you the trouble, but if you insist on proving these things for yourself, go ahead if it makes you stronger.  But don't claim that one has to know Hebrew in order to be saved, because His names are all you need to know of Hebrew to be saved. For the linguistic information proving we have the correct names please see the document included in the download and which we post online at Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`: why these are the correct names.

ZkharYâhu (Zechariah) 6:11-12 is a prediction of what the name of the Branch was going to be.  Yâhuwshúa` Ben-Yâhuwtsâdâ´q is what you will find there in the Hebrew if it were properly pointed as it is in some editions.  Ben-Yahuwtsadaq means "Son of Yâ-hwéh's Righteousness", a fitting name since the Father is His Righteousness.  The Masoretic texts have "Yehowshua` Ben Yehowtsadaq" since they didn't want anyone to say "Yâhuw" and "take the name in vain", since "Yâhuw" = "Yâ-hwéh" in a different verb tense.  Jewish scribes did this lying substitution in all names beginning in "Yâhuw".  Strong's Concordance fell for this Jewish scribal lie (Jer. 8:8-9), documenting it in their Hebrew dictionary in #3091.  Names which ended in "-Yâhuw" stayed intact since beginning readers would not read merely the suffix and violate their commandment.  [See what the REAL third commandment says!]  Examples are NetanYâhuw, EliyYâhuw, ZkharYâhu, Ysha`Yâhuw, etc.

The name "Yahushua" is acceptable because it accurately reproduces the original native pronunciation of Yâhuwshúa`, when the English rules of phonetics are applied.  This means that it is unacceptable if you are teaching it to a spanish-speaking person, to whom it would be "Iâjushúa".  "Yahushua" is not very useful if one tries to transcribe it back to Hebrew, however, but Yâhuwshúa` definitely is, and Yâhuwshúa` is written using the method the Strong's Concordance uses for transliteration (though they fall for the Masoretic altered version of the actual name).  This is why you will see the spirit of the Pure One inhabiting people who say Yahushua is Yâ-hwéh also.  Note that the Testimony for the

French would be written Yahouéh Yahouchoúa, and in

Bulgarian it would be written Яхуе' Яхушуа, and in

Afrikaans it would be written Ja-hwê Jahoesjoéa, and in

Twi (one of the languages in Ghana) it would be written Yawhuεh Yawhuhyuua, and in

Igbo (one of the languages in southern Nigeria), it would be written Yawe Yahushuwa, and in

Korean it would be written 야회 야후시우아, and in

Japanese やあをえ ヤフーシュウ和 and in

Vietnamese it would be Da-Huê Da Hu Su À,

but the main point is that all of these, though spelled differently, all would nevertheless sound THE SAME, or they would be faulty transliterations! And these would work to call on Him because it is pronounced the same as His true name, Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`!

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A relatively recent false name cast on the Anointed:

"Yahshua" is a false name, since "Yah" is an incomplete rendition of the name, and it is abundantly clear that the name prophesied in ZkharYâ´hu ("zechariah") 6:11-12 has a Waw letter within it.  Those who profess this name often spell the name without any vowel points in order to keep their assemblies in ignorance, since there is no way יהושע YHW Sh` can spell "Yahshua" (יהשע YH Sh`, a name which does not exist in scripture).  Are you someone in one of these groups who say this?  Challenge anyone in your assembly to spell it in Hebrew with vowel points (pointed Aramaic square script) for you.  Then when they can't, remember you read it here first!

But the reason that this false name “Yahshua” emerged was because recent truth-seekers seeking His true name fell in the trap of the “Yehuwthím” (Jews) who censored every correct form of His name, to be deceived to believe that “yah” would be a correct name for Yâ-hwéh, when the real correct form is Yâhu(w), not “yah”.  Documentation of this deception and more details are found in our study about Why Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` are the correct names.

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Perhaps the oldest false name cast on the Anointed:

By the same token, "Yeshua" is also a false name, since it cannot possibly be the name written in ZkharYâ´hu ("Zechariah") 6:11-12.  "Yeshua" is the nickname given to "Yehowshua`"'s by the racial Jews, since that scribal lie has no meaning itself in Hebrew.  It is this "Yeshua" nickname which was used by the Greeks to transliterate into Iesou/Iesous/Iesoun, the name used in the Greek NT.  This name contains no reference to the Father, and Yâhuwshúa` said He came by the name of His Father.  It, however, has secretly been designed as an acronym for a shameful Jewish conspiracy---LOOK!

The tribe for judgment being used for judging is spiritual Dâ´n, which is not listed in the tribes in Disclosure (Revelation) set to contribute 12,000 to the 144,000. The Jews are spiritual Dâ´n. Examine what Yâ-hwéh's blessing on Dâ´n through Ya`aqóv says in decoded scriptures in FPS in 1 Moshéh (“Genesis”) 49:16-18 (for cross-references, see FPS) and that it mentions TWO false names, this "Yeshua" AND "Iesus" (Jesus) -

Spiritual Dâ´n = “Yehuwthím”

  1. Dâ´n (Judge) is who shall minister judgment of the one not from his own people as if being of Yisrâ’ë´l, even the one tribe among the ones of Yisrâ’ë´l of the not a mighty one [~of Yehuwthâ´h (“Judas”)],
  2. And of Yisrâ’ë´l, Dâ´n shall be made the ominous serpent against Yisrâ’ë´l outside of The Way, lying in wait because outside from Yisrâ’ë´l is the worn-path, the one lending for interest1 also a supplanter2, “y-çuwç”, so of Yisrâ’ë´l, the rider without regard shall fall down, My Yisrâ’ë´l not belonging to the one is afterwards,
  3. of the One not Yëshúw`ah” I await, of Yâ-hwéh!

1 The second meaning of the active participle of Strong’s #05391, the first is “the one biting”, also befitting a snake.

2 We read the Masoretic’s עִקּבֵי־ס֔וּס as יֶסוּס עָקֵב , having this mean Strong’s #06120 “supplanter”, and the next term be a transliteration of the supplanter’s name.


Decoded computer analyzed Septuagint (LXX) scriptures show in Songs (Psalms) 14: 4 that these nonbelievers will give the name “Yâ-hwéh” to one who is not our Sovereign. And 14: 7 says “Y’shúw`ah(“salvation”) is not the ones, not a mighty one. This prediction is already being seen happening among Jewish leaders, and the papacy about their coming false anointed.

Perhaps one of the most famous pre-advent scriptures mentioning the Glad Tidings still recognizably is Yshá`Yâhuw ("Isaiah") 52: 7. Let's first look at a better translation of what's currently in the Jewish-altered Masoretic text:

"How beautiful are they upon the mountains, the feet of one bringing glad tidings, one proclaiming shalowm, one bringing glad tidings of good, one proclaiming Yëshúw`ah (salvation), one saying to Tsiyyown, "He rules, your Power""

Usually you see "salvation" translated to English. Look what happens when you think it's a proper noun, it becomes the false name of the impostor, a veritable Jewish proclamation of their false anointed. But now, let's look at decoded computer analyzed Septuagint (LXX) scriptures to see how this very same verse appears:

– As of Yâ-hwéh is the definite moment because Yisrâ’ë´l outside is not of sâtâ´n of the mountains transferring;

- as of Yâ-hwéh are the feet of one proclaiming glad tidings [being] the report of the shâlówm (peace, reconciliation, completeness);
- as of Yâ-hwéh is the One proclaiming glad tidings, good ones; because this One is audible, I shall make it of the One not [being] the “Yëshúw`ah(salvation) the ones are working, dictating to Tsiyyówn ‘He shall rule the ones working, without regard for the mighty one of ’aharón!’

"The ones working" is a decoded scripture reference to ones who are NOT in the Repose, who work false religion to set up the kingdom of the adversary. "Mountains" are kingdoms according to an envoy in Disclosure ("Revelation"). The first part of the verse expresses that because of Yisrael outside, which are believers not having His name (usually "Christians"), Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` will arrive (previous verse 52:6) because the adversary transfers the kingdoms all under himself, under his impostor personhood, but the Christians who aren't waters of satan are not going to want to transfer too. Waters of satan are innumerable emanations of satan which far outnumber Yisrael, and seek to sweep these away by peer pressure and "everybody is doing it" sheeple mentality. The second part of the verse is explained in Romans 10 where it is quoted, that the glad tidings cannot go out unless ones are sent by Him. And the third part is that the true Anointed Yahuwshua will be the One proclaiming good glad tidings (not the bad altered ones coming from the adversary's sources), and He will disclaim/deny the "Yeshua" lie which the ones NOT in the Repose are working to set up the Kingdom of the Adversary. Lucifer is latin for "light-bringer", which in hebrew is "'aharon" ("Aaron").

Therefore, according to this verse, we are among the ones Yâ-hwéh is sending out, because the real ones Yâ-hwéh sends are denying the false impostor anointed "Yeshua/Yëshúw`ah", and we say that Yâhuwshúa` the true Anointed One will govern all Yisrâ'ë´l, including those outside who still aren't in repose, the ones working, and He will do all this without regard for the mighty one of Lucifer/'aharón.

"Yeshua" (or Yeshu ישו) happens also to be a Jewish conspiracy to make the true name of Yâhuwshúa` forgotten! It was predicted in scriptures:

Songs ("Psalms") 41: 7. All of My haters, they whisper to each other together against Me, against Me they plan evil for Me,

8. "A word of worthlessness [a false name] is being cast on Him, and when He has lain down dead, He will never repeat an uprising!"

Consider the following information pearl gathered from a now nonexistent page ( though we did not have any affiliations to them, the information is invaluable:

The "Toldoth Yeshu", is a rabbinic anti-gospel document dating back to 400 CE, with clear linguistic connections to Matthew's ORIGINAL Hebrew gospel. This indicates that while full of added lies and blasphemy THAT "TOLDOT YESHU" USED THE HEBREW MATTHEW as its base text. The TOLDOT YESHU nevertheless is full of accusation and mockery as we nevertheless find some startling confirmations of John 17. ACCORDING TO "TOLDOT YESHU" OR THE TALES OF YESHU, Messiah's original name was [Yâhuwshúa`]. When He "became a heretic/lunatic", His name was changed to Yeshu. Yeshu is made up of yemach shemo[w] [w]ezichro- "May His name and memory be erased." The first three letters form yud,shen,[waw] or YSU. [Hebrew Gospel of Matthew p.207 quoting Babylonian Talmud Sanhedrin 43B.]This is why TRUE BELIEVERS who do not want to identify with the mockers of our Messiah, REFUSE AND SHOULD REFUSE THE BLASPHEMOUS TALMUDIC MONIKER OF YESHU OR YESHUA. It is not the Aramaic contraction, it is the devil's contraction and the name of mockery TO THIS DAY by unbelieving Judah!

The wicked said, "may His name and memory be erased"? Did you know this is found predicted of them in Proverbs 1: 12, but you wouldn't know it since the Masoretic scribes ERASED it, but they didn't manage to erase it from the Septuagint LXX? Here is Proverbs 1: 10-12, the parts restored from LXX are in italics:

my son, do not let irreverent men lead you astray, and do not consent, if errant ones might try to persuade you,

whenever they exhort you, saying, (11.) “Go with us, join the partnership of blood, (we will lie waiting in ambush for bloodshed, we will lie hidden for the Innocent without cause), then we will unjustly conceal for the earth the righteous Man!

Like Sh’ówl we will engulf the living One and (intact like the ones descending to the pit) so we may cause to cease His memory from the earth!

Yâ-hwéh has already responded to these in Songs 109, particularly see verse 13.

These names are lies, and the author of the Lie is ha-Satan, and his purpose in creating these "near-misses" for our consumption is as a "safety-net" to catch the lost sheep who stray too near the Truth.

But going off into right field, we have those who without a shred of scriptural evidence claim His name to be "Yahweh-shua".  These don't realize Yahuw = Yâ-hwéh, and can't believe that the name above all names could have been shared by the Anointed with anyone else.  But ZkharYâ´hu ("Zechariah") 6:11-12 says that this high priest had the name of the Branch already!  And the one commonly called "Joshua" (the son of Nun) also had this same name, Yâhuwshúa` [see Letter of Bar-Nâvíy 12:8-9].

Then we have those who say something close to Yâhuwshúa`, but transliterate it in a very strange way which doesn't follow any possible convention, "Yaohoushua" or something like that, and pronounce it rendering the H silent.  These deny the name "Yâ-hwéh" (Yahweh), and believe that it should be "Yaouhu" or other variations. They also wrongly allege that since elohíym is a pagan term meaning demons, they want to switch it for "ul". The hebrew correct term would be 'El but we speak English and it means Power.. Well, I'm glad I haven't heard from these in several years, and we hope they may have gone extinct. Good riddance if so! 

Yâ-hwéh is a name which is well backed up with linguistic evidence and historical epigraphic evidence.  There is textbook evidence that Yâ-hwéh follows the pattern of verb conjugation for a third person male singular imperfect Hophal pattern for weak verbs ending in H.  People who have heard it spoken have written about it, documenting as best as their Greek language permitted, that it is Yâ-hwéh.  See here an expert linguist explaining this in a letter to the editor of Biblical Archaeology Review.  I have written Yâ-hwéh here with a hyphen, Yâ-hwéh, because the first H is not supposed to be silent, and it is not there to be a phonetic modifier to the "a".  Whoever cares about accuracy and calling on the right name should consider this:
Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`: Why this is the correct name is a new study made from information compiled from linguists and scholars which proves the accuracy of the names we proclaim. It is ammo indispensable in this time of Satan sowing so many red-herring tares to try to confuse the elect. It is contained in the download also!

Anson Rainey's letter to BAR - An expert explains the linguistic and epigraphic evidence of the accuracy of the rendition of the Power' name, Yâ-hwéh.
Biblical Archaeology Review of Sept/Oct 1994


Why not rename Him?

First, you need to understand this concept: to give anything a new name, one must have AUTHORITY over it.

This is a concept which we still see today vestigially in these examples:

1) A husband renames his wife by his own last name.

2) Parents name their children.

3) Humans name their pet animals.

4) Kings rename their subjects with titles (e.g. "sir") or with new names.

5) Scientists name their names on their discoveries, e.g. taxonomists such as botanists name new species of plants by their own names, entomologists name new species of insects by their own names, etc.

6) the dirt-man was granted the authority and opportunity to name the animals, but never was asked to name the stars or the planets or the days of the week, months, or the envoys, though mankind has tried to do so.

In order to please Him, one ought to know His preferences, which are well-explained in many scriptures, as we have elaborated above in this lengthy page. In the case of pleasing people, it is simple to "put yourself in their shoes" in order to be more able to picture what might be pleasing or offensive. However, in the case of pleasing our Sovereign Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`, it is considerably more difficult to imagine, because His ways are purer than any mankind has walked, and to walk The Way of Yâ-hwéh, one must be in agreement with Him, and try to do His will. Yshá`Yâhuw 55: 8-9 says -

Because your ideas are not My ideas, nor are your ways My ways,
Declares Yâ-hwéh,
As much as the heavens are higher than the earth, thus My ways are higher than your ways, and My ideas higher than your ideas,

So this is what is wrong with the reasoning some people have, who think, "I wouldn't mind it if anyone called me by some different name, why would He mind it?"

But if you are one of these people who have thought this question, or if you encounter others which do, let's try to find the way for you to achieve EMPATHY with Him:

Do you like it when someone messes up your name? Perhaps you yourself might not mind when it's by accident, but what if it's being done on purpose? What if the false rendition of your name means something evil, accusing you to be evil? Would you like it then? What if the false name is actually a name of your worst enemy? Would you approve of it then? What if the evil one making up this name for you did so in order to steal all your credit everywhere, a true identity theft? Would you endorse and invest your honor into this false name then? What if all those who owe you are being persuaded that this false evil name of your worst enemy is really your name, so they give him credit for everything you've done? Would you surrender and give up and change your name? What if everyone owes you because you are everyone's Creator? What if you want only goodness for everyone and to purify your creation and you have attached the pardon and forgiveness for purification to your own name, for them to need to believe in it and be faithful to you to get it? Would you do this also by the name of your enemy?

All these things are happening in reality. Perhaps putting yourself "in His shoes" might help you to EMPATHIZE. But don't panic, because He knew well that this would happen and planned ahead for it, and uses this as a tool within His master plan. But remember these facts, to not consider renaming Him to be even a remote possibility:

1) No one anywhere has any bit of authority OVER Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` to be able to rename Him.

2) He has never altered His own name, nor honored a different name, only named Himself.

3) He has honored His own name and done all His great works throughout history to establish His name for Himself, including attaching all of His promises to us to His name.

4) His adversary is the real owner of the false names being falsely promoted as being His.

5) He is zealous for His name, but He is not helpless at all, it's His decision to use this to reveal Himself to those He chose to be loyal to have fidelity to Him, or harden those He chose to make an example of by judgment.

6) To profess His name consistently is evidence of fidelity to Him, whereas to profess a different name is to deny His name, and constitutes denying Him.

7) There is no logic to denying His name and preferring a Lie in its place. To do that constitutes loving something else more than Him.

Now that you know all this, why would you want to try to rename Him, or accept someone else's renaming Him?


Nevertheless, did Yâhuwshúa` say to become total scholars to distinguish between the Truth and the Lie?  He made it simple for us.  He said:

So beware of preachers of the Lie, who come towards you in sheep's robes, but are predatory wolves within!

By their fruits ye shall recognize them.  Do they gather a bunch of grapes from thorns?  Or figs from thistles?

Thus every good tree produces good fruit, but the corrupt tree produces bad fruit.

A good tree cannot produce evil fruits, nor a corrupt tree produce good fruits!

Every tree not producing good fruit is to be cut down and is thrown into the fire.

Surely then ye shall recognize them by their fruits!

[MattithYahuw 7:15-20]

By this, all shall recognize that ye are My pupils, if ye hold affectionate love for one another.

[Yahuwchanan "John" 13:35]

The one claiming to be in the Light, but hating his brother, is within the darkness until right now.

[1 Yahuwchanan "John" 2:9]

This love and the fruit of sound doctrines is being manifested by those believing in the true names, believing that Yâhuwshúa` is Yâ-hwéh.  This won't happen in the "safety-net" near-miss namers assemblies, especially because the author of the Lie wants to scare away prospecting Christians from searching any further for the Truth.

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